Kissing booth Season 4: Everything we know so far

As a summer tradition, The Kissing Booth has now reached its third installment, and Netflix has affirmed that it will be released before the fall season. Netflix has released several movies and television shows during the world’s quarantine.

The Kissing Booth 2, a remake of Netflix’s western – super The Kissing Booth, was released last summer and was a big success. As a high school fair kissing booth, the film was so popular that it spawned two more films and a trilogy. Even before the release of Kissing Booth season 3, fans want to know about kissing booth season 4. Is it happening?

How will the story unfold in kissing booth season 4? Will Noah’s and Joey’s chemistry still spark or will there be a new boy in the town? All your questions are answered here! Let’s roll in!! 

Kissing Booth Season 4 Release date

It should be said that it’s too early to say stuff on this matter since we will have to wait for kissing booth season 3 to release only to give us further information regarding kissing booth season 4. Kissing Booth season 3 is set to release in August this year, if a fourth part is intended, it could be out somewhere in fall 2022.

The kissing booth franchise followed one year ago between its releases. Although, This is a pity, no. A fourth season will not be produced. As Jacob Elordi put it in a November 2020 interview with Vanity Fair, the third film will be “the last kiss.” 

Kissing Booth Season 4 Cast

The kissing booth is nothing without its prominent characters, so the good news is our old cool dudes will be seen in the kissing booth season 4. That being said, if Netflix is planning to add In some new lineup in the series for the extra crisp is a topic of some other day.

The protagonists of kissing booth season 4 include  Joey King portrays Rochelle “Elle” Evans, Joel Courtney portrays Lee Flynn, and Jacob Elordi portrays Noah Flynn in Kissing Booth. Her longtime connection with Noah’s brother is put at risk because of her love story with Noah, a kooky, premature blooming teen. 

Kissing booth Season 4 Plot

The Kissing Booth season 3 film series concludes with Elle breaking someone’s heart. As the brothers depart to different universities, the suspense from The Kissing Booth 2 prevails, and Elle will have to pick among Noah and Lee one last time. Illustrative of Elle’s Noah VS Lee conflict, the synopsis is brought up in conversation.

There has been speculation that the movie will center around Elle’s decision. It has been decided by the makers that this decision of Elle will be her final one, and the one she goes out with will be her ultimate love. 


All of the endings from the second season will be resolved in the third installment. According to the original description, the third film takes place during the summer before Elle (Joey King) starts college. Elle, on the other hand, has been accepted into Harvard and is hiding the truth from her boyfriend, Noah, as seen after The Kissing Booth 2.

Noah Flynn, played by Australian actor Jacob Elordi, is a Harvard student, whereas Elle’s best friend, Lee, is a Berkeley student. As a result, Elle finds herself at a fork in the road, having to choose between going to Harvard with her boyfriend or going to Berkeley with her best friend.

If, and only if, kissing booth season 4 happens, the story will revolve around Elle’s love affair. If Elle chooses Lee over Noah( that will be heartbreaking though), kissing booth season 4 might build up the story of Elle hooking up again with Noah. 

Again, these are all speculations as officially, kissing booth season 4 is canceled after Season 3. 

Kissing Booth season 4 is not happening- hope it’s a nightmare and we wake up to a bright positive morning

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