Dexter Season 9: Release date, Cast, Plot and Trailer 

Dexter season 9  is set to premiere in 2021, and it has become one of the highly desired programs of the year. Dexter has evolved significantly in a generation, but Dexter will remain, Dexter, as usual. Dexter will come roaring back, no matter how pumped you are. Dexter, a crime drama, will pick up where we ended out. Since Michael’s exile as a lumberjack, the fans’ only hope has been for positive events to happen to him.

When the Dexter season 9 comeback was revealed in 2020, it caught everyone off guard, and now fans are eagerly anticipating Dexter’s future phase. Your favorite mass murderer, as well as his sister Deb Morgan, will return for the mini-series. There are a few things we already know about the Dexter revival, from casting news to the likely release date to the plot.

Dexter Season 9 Release date

Dexter first aired on Showtime 15 years ago and lasted for eight seasons before coming to an end in 2013 with a series finale that left many questions unanswered. Now, in 2021, Hall, original showrunner Clyde Phillips, and executive producer/director Macros Siega could well team up for Dexter season 9: New Blood, which will air live on Showtime on Sunday, Nov. 7 at 9 p.m. ET and will have 10 episodes. 

Dexter Season 9 cast

We are going to see all the prominent existing characters again in Dexter season 9. Of course, Michael C. Hall will tell his story as Dexter, while Jennifer Carpenter will continue her position as Debra Morgan, Dexter’s sister, despite her character’s demise at the series conclusion of Season 8. Clancy Brown, who will represent Kurt Caldwell, the main antagonist, should return to the show. Angela, the police commissioner in Iron Lake, will be played by Julia Jones. Her daughter will be portrayed by Johnny Sequoyah.

We will also welcome several new members such as Teddy, a newcomer policeman, who will be played by David Madoff, as well as other new characters comprising Oscar Wahlberg, Alano Miller, Jack Alcott, and Jamie Chung.

Dexter Season 9 plot

After a decade, Dexter Morgan mysteriously expired in the center of Hurricane Laura, the renewal finds the protagonist now living through an alternative identity in a world apart from Miami- according to a synopsis provided to The Hollywood Reporter. Season 8 was full of unforgettable moments. After faking his death, Dexter went on to life as a lumberjack. Dexter cremated his sibling, Deb, at sea since she was suffering from her living. So Dexter season 9 will tell the story of the aftermath of that incident.

Phillips remarked in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter’s TV’s Top 5 podcast: “We essentially have to begin over from the beginning… By the time this airs, ten or more years will have passed, and the show will reflect that. When it comes to the show’s conclusion, it will bear no similarity to the original. It’s a fantastic chance to write a sequel.”

“We’re not trying to deceive the viewer and say, ‘Whoops, that was all a dream,” Phillips said of the season 8 finale, which saw Dexter leave Miami to live an isolated life as a lumberjack in the small fictional town of Iron Lake, New York. What happened in the first eight years of my life happened in the first eight years of my life.”

Dexter Season 9 Trailer

In July 2021, Dexter season 9: New Blood’s first centric new teaser trailer was released to the public. Dexter Morgan appears to be chatting to a psychologist in the teaser about how he “went away” to break free his monsters. Dexter recounts over through the promo video how he cheap knockoffs his way of living and refuses to acknowledge his instincts to murder while operating in what seems to be a gun and knife shop in a comparatively tiny, withdrawn city. 

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Let’s all rejoice at the same time because Dexter Season 9 is about to be released- more blood, guts, and glory await. 

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