Citrus Season 2 Release Date Status, Trailer Cast & Plot

Citrus is a horribly misinterpreted series; a narrative with far more depth and nuance than gossip would suggest. People have been quick to dismiss any portion of the tale as a means of arbitrarily wringing out some exploitative lesbian act since the show first aired, rather than considering the purpose it serves in the narrative.

On the surface, ‘Citrus’ appears to be an anime about an obsessive lesbian relationship, which is a prominent idea in adult anime nowadays. However, most individuals fail to go far beyond its simple idea and miss out on what it has to provide. While it contains scenes depicting assaults, lesbian voyeurism is not a violent film.

Citrus, on the other hand, is a fantastic anime in general. Citrus is worth watching because of the fascinating plot, their building feelings, and the tenderness that ensues when they finally meet up. Viewers who tuned in for the first season are now clamoring for a second. Let’s see what the creators have left in the citrus season 2 basket for us to take. 

Citrus season 2 Release date

citrus season 2 has yet to get an official release date. We can anticipate its delivery in the summer of 2022, but not later. The first season was released three years ago, and the creators usually don’t take extended intervals between seasons. Citrus also received a mixed reception from the general population, with numerous nasty comments. The studio in question, Studio Passione, is also known for publishing one-season anime, which raises the likelihood that the anime will not be renewed for a second season. There is always a potential that the anime will be renewed if enough individuals support it.


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Citrus season 2 Cast 

We will likely see the same characters in citrus season 2 whenever it breathes life. 

  • Ayana Taketatsu expresses yuzu Aihara
  • Minami Tsuda voices mei Aihara
  • Yukiyo Fujii gives voice to Harumi Taniguchi
  • Shiori Izawa conveys matsuri Mizusawa
  • Yurika Kubo mouthpieces Himeko Momokino
  • Ikumi Hayama communicates kayo Maruta
  • Hisako Kanemoto reflects Sara Tachibana
  • Rei Matsuzaki representatives Nina Tachibana
  • Tomoaki Maeno mouthpieces shō Aihara
  • Kana Ueda choices ume Aihara
  • Kinryū Arimoto utters mei’s Grandfather
  • Reiko Suzuki wails Mineko Fuji
  • Shō Nogami communicates Amamiya
  • Haruka Yamazaki spokes about kana
  • Yuka Ōtsubo asserts Manami

Citrus season 2 Plot

Citrus has an intriguing if a little contentious, narrative. It captures the essence of Yuzu and Mei, two girls who fell madly in love while attending an all-girls school. They met as outsiders at first, only to discover that they are step-sisters afterward. Love triangles and other romantic complications abound throughout Yuzu and Mei’s romance.

Mei finally ventured to inform Yuzu about her genuine sentiments near the end of season one. Yuzu’s inability to reply honestly made their friendship uneasy. If Citrus is approved for season 2, we may anticipate seeing more unpleasant interactions between Mei and Yuzu as they strive to sort out their emotions and libido. 

Season 1 concluded with the fourth volume of the source manga series, so season two could start up where it left off. The entire manga series consists of ten volumes, providing us with six more to read. Citrus’ original manga series ended in October 2018. However, the new source material for the famous Japanese Yuri has been developed. 

Citrus Plus, a roll manga book by mangaka Saburouta, was launched in November 2019. Citrus Plus was a smashing success! With conceivable source materials usable, fans are favorable that a citrus season 2 of the anime adaptation will be published in the future.


  1. I really like the anime, Citrus, but it felt unfinished. I read the Manga before I saw the anime and I feel like fans should know the whole story and it would be awesome to have a second season.


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