Elona Holmes 2: What we know so far in 2021 

Enola Holmes is getting ready for a new trip, and her famous older brother accompanies her. Netflix has officially revealed that a sequel to Enola Holmes is in the works. Millie Bobby Brown is reprising her role as the eponymous girl, and Henry Cavill is reprising as Sherlock Holmes.

Millie Bobby Brown, the brilliant young movie star who plays the titular character in Enola Holmes, has performed a significant role in transforming women into WOMEN OF THE CENTURY! With some spectacular, edge-of-your-seat action scenes, all of which are perfectly coordinated and corroborated by Daniel Pemberton’s score. 

The plot moves seamlessly, with scenes flawlessly blending into one another. Some of the moments are incredibly beautiful as well—this is going to sound cringy, but I sobbed at the end. It’s fantastic in terms of romance. In short, Elona Holmes is insanely heartwarming, and we hope Elona Holmes 2 serves the same purpose. 

Elona Holmes 2 Release date

Enola Holmes 2 has yet to be given a premiere date, which is to be expected. Even now, we’re not sure when production will begin. We can count on the film appearing with the new movie releases in 2021 because I don’t believe most films can have that rapid turnaround right now. Thus the earliest we can receive it is probably 2022. However, because nothing has been proved, it’s a waiting game until someone indicates that the filming has been started. 

Elona Holmes 2 Cast

We don’t know much about the new film yet, such as what it’ll be about or when it’ll be available on Netflix, but we do know that several of the main characters are returning. We will see Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill resume their roles as Enola and Sherlock Holmes, respectively, and filmmaker Harry Bradbeer and writer Jack Thorne. Legendary Pictures will produce the new film “in collaboration with Netflix.”

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Elona Holmes 2 Plot

The first film in the franchise introduces fans to Enola Holmes, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’ younger sister, who lives with their mother, Eudora, in late-nineteenth-century England. Enola wakes up on her 16th birthday to find her mother missing, with just birthday gifts left behind, after being homeschooled her entire childhood by her mother. The latter taught her to be an independent, analytical young woman. Later in the movie, when Sherlock and Mycroft arrive to transfer Enola to finishing school, Enola discovers a hidden message in her mother’s flower cards and flees, boarding a train disguised as a man. She encounters Viscount Tewkesbury on the train, who has also run his estate but is unaware that an assassin, Lanthorn, is attempting to kill him. Enola narrowly avoids the assassination of Tewkesbury.

A shocking revelation awaits when Enola discovers that her mother is a member of a militant suffragette group after discovering bombs in a safe house, according to Eudoria’s clues. Enola resolves to find more about Viscount Tewkesbury by visiting his family’s manor after escaping Linthorn for the second time. Enola bids Tewkesbury farewell and returns to London, reading a note in a newspaper intended for her only to discover it was a set-up by Sherlock and Mycroft. Sherlock offers to Mycroft that he takes on the role of Enola’s guardian, and he notices a clue from Enola but decides not to hunt for her. Enola returns to her room to discover Eudoria there waiting for her. She says that she had to leave to assist the suffragettes and that she was impressed by the woman Enola had become, but that it was time for her to withdraw.


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Netflix hasn’t announced what Enola will be up to in Enola Holmes 2, but the books on which the films are based give us a fairly decent idea. If Enola Holmes 2 follows the events in Springer’s second book in the series, The Case of the Left-Handed Lady, we might expect to see Enola discover a hidden collection of charcoal drawings belonging to Lady Cecily, a young woman who has suddenly vanished without a trace. While avoiding capture by her brother Sherlock, Enola will embark on a quest to locate and save this missing girl without revealing her true identity.

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