Donald Trump Says Dems ‘disparaged’ Covid-19 Vaccine While He Was President

Coronaviruses and their much-debated vaccinations have become a hot political topic among lawmakers, it appears. Every week, we hear about some new accusation that somehow relates to vaccination. This time, the remarks that made today’s headlines came from our former president. Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy in the United States was not his fault, according to former President Trump, who said he had ‘no option but to run for president again in 2024. According to Donald Trump, the fault lies in the hands of democrats regarding the vaccine hesitancy in American citizens.  He said it was “actually lines of people ” waiting to get vaccinated while Trump was president, but now it’s a “different circumstance” because he departs from office.

People lined up to take it when I was president; some people were hopeful in getting vaccinations, Trump recalls. The situation has changed, and it’s awful, he continued in an interview with a known media, Fox news. 

We have done a little fact check here for you. Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine had just obtained emergency approval from the US Food and Drug Administration when Mr. Trump took office, making it the first time Americans were able to get vaccinated against the virus. Moreover, half of the population is already immunized; therefore, it makes sense that there would be fewer queues.

Trump accuses Democrats of vaccine reluctance, a charge they deny

To add insult to his face, the former president bragged about his “falsely successful” reign while simultaneously criticizing Democratic leaders like Vice President Harris for earlier stating they would refuse to get immunized under Trump’s leadership. For much of 2020, Democrats feared that Trump could release a vaccine in a hurry in a way to try to win reelection. The first vaccinations in the United States were authorized months after the November election. People raced to acquire the vaccinations when they first became available, but e U.S. rollout has slowed dramatically since the spring, and vaccination rates remain low in many areas. Adults 18 and older are completely immunized in 65 percent of cases. 


A vaccination against COVID-19, according to Harris in October of last year, would be readily accepted if public health experts, notably Anthony Fauci, the government’s leading infectious disease specialist who now advises Vice President Biden, supported it. She claimed that Trump’s campaign for vaccines would not be enough to convince her to take one. 

“Of course, they(Kamala Harris)  famously said, ‘If Trump came up with it, I would never take it. They disparaged the vaccine, and now they wonder why people do not want to take it? In an interview with FOX News, Trump added the words ‘disgrace’ for the presently running American government. 

Biden is’ incompetent,’ and his administration is ‘divisive.’

These are the words of Donald Trump, and that’s what he thinks. He blamed Biden’s government for being ‘incompetent’ and said his administration was ‘divisive.’  In the words of trump- They keep telling everyone how they want to get together, to be inclusive, yet they’re not inclusive,..adding to the blame game he said- They are very, very dividing and divisive.’ 

A spokesperson for the Biden administration has claimed they were surprised by the opposition to the vaccination because it was authorized during a Republican government. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, ‘We didn’t anticipate that when there was a vaccine approved under a Republican president, that the Republican president would take, that there would be such vaccine hesitancy, and vehement opposition in some cases, from so many people of his party in this country. ‘We didn’t expect that,’ she said.

This month, Donald Trump boasted of having saved “millions of lives” by directing the launch of coronavirus vaccines 

While engaging in a talk show at John Fredericks show, a conservative show, he said that the vaccines do work and are effective. Adding to the same statement he boasted in his style- So here’s my thing, I think I have saved millions and millions of lives around the world. He ended with his administration’s acclamation of taking the right action and avoiding ‘another Spanish flu. However, at his event in Alabama last month, he was ridiculed for extolling vaccination effectiveness. I believe in your freedom. I do; you have to do what you have gotta do. Donald Trump spoke for the crowd adding, ” but I recommend that you should take the vaccines,’ Donald Trump remarked to the people, to which the throng responded with boos and hisses. He responded that you had got your freedom, and I happened to take the vaccine.

Many believe that despite his criticism of Democrats, Trump is not doing enough to promote vaccinations. In contrast to other politicians such as Senators Biden and Harris, who allowed television cameras to observe him being vaccinated, he did not do so. 

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