U.s Top General Secretly Called China Over Fears Trump Could Spark War: Just In The News 

Because he was worried about Donald Trump’s final weeks as president, his general did something amusing. U.S. top general secretly called his Chinese counterparts in fears that Trump could attack Chinese territory after the capitol riots. 

The U.S. commander-in-chief phoned his Chinese counterpart twice to reassure him that the two countries wouldn’t go to war at once. On Tuesday, a senior defense official confirmed what had been reported in a forthcoming book called ‘peril.’ Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, unified General Li Zuocheng of China’s People’s Liberation Army that America would not crush the Chinese military. As a result, one call was made on Oct. 30, 2020, four days before Trump’s re-election. In 2021, the second call was made on Jan. 8, just two days after supporters of the outgoing president staged a protest at the U.S. Capitol in favor of the outgoing president. Assuming the reports are genuine, Trump suggested Milley should be prosecuted for treason.

What was in those calls?

“General Lii, I wanna assure you that our government is stable and everything is gonna be OK- U.S. top general secretly happened to say the same according to the book ‘Peril.’ The mentioned assert was a part of the first call. “We are not gonna attack or conduct any kinetic operations against China, and if we are going to attack, I am gonna call you ahead of time, he shockingly added.  Milley ended his conversation by saying, “It is not gonna be a surprise!

 To assuage Chinese concerns about the events of Jan. 6, the second call was made to calm their nerves. But according to the book, I wasn’t as readily reassured, even when Milley assured him: “We are 100 percent stable.”. It’s all good. Democracies, on the other hand, maybe careless.” Reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa said in “Peril” that Milley even promised Li he would notify his counterpart in the case of an American assault. According to the Associated Press, the news organization’s staff obtained a copy of the book. The Washington Post broke the news of the book’s upcoming release on Tuesday, revealing the first details. 

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In both instances, Milley’s message was one of comfort to Li, according to the official from the Defense Department. Milley allegedly informed Li that he would contact him first, but the official questioned that. As a result, the chairman made it clear that the United States would not attack China without any notice abruptly. No matter if it’s via diplomatic, administrative, or military routes.

China wasn’t the only one who got a secret call

Milley also met with military commanders from the United Kingdom, Russia, and Pakistan in the days following the riots on Jan. 6th. “Several” additional counterparts were mentioned in a January readout of the talks, with similar words of reassurance that the United States administration is strong and in charge.

Actions should be taken immediately against Millie- in the words of Trump

On Tuesday, Trump fired back, calling Milley a “dumbass” and maintaining that he had never contemplated invading China in the first place. If the claim is accurate, though, then he believes he will be tried for TREASON. When his Chinese colleague contacted him, he did so behind the President’s back, informing them of his intention to notify them of an impending attack. Donald Trump suggested that “immediate action” should be taken against Milley. U.S. top general secretly calling outside territory over ‘fears’ shouldn’t be tolerated. 

General Secretly
General Secretly

In a phone discussion with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Jan. 8, Milley agreed that the president’s mental health had deteriorated since the election, authorities said. Milley’s conversation with Pelosi was verified by officials in January and again on Tuesday. According to the sources, the two discussed the long-standing precautions for a nuclear strike.

“He’s crazy…You know he’s crazy”

Milley was appointed to the highest military job by Republican Trump in 2018, but he started disparaging him, as he has other officials and former workers, after failing the November election to Democrat Biden and leaving the White House on January 20. During that same meeting, Mr. Milley told U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the country’s nuclear weapons were safe. According to a conversation transcript acquired by the writers, Ms. Pelosi labeled Mr. Trump “crazy,” to which Mr. Milley agreed. 

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Afterward, Mr. Milley phoned the military chiefs and CIA Director Gina Haspel and warned them to be vigilant and on their toes. In part, Milley’s second contact with Beijing was spurred by a Jan. 8 phone chat with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who reportedly questioned the general what protections were in place to prevent an “unstable president” from initiating a nuclear war, according to the recorded telephone transcript. I agree with you on everything-That is what the general said in the phone transcript between them. “He’s crazy…You know he’s crazy,” Nancy Pelosi jerked on a call with Millie. 


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