Gene Simmons sells Benedict Canyon for 16 million dollars

The popular musician Gene Simmons decided earlier that he wished to be in a band in mid-school after seeing girls scream at The Beatles. Simmons was a part of many bands before KISS. He found KISS in the 1970s and later followed interests in acting and fashion, and featured in Gene Simmons Family Jewels, the A&E reality show.

Simmons’s childhood

Gene Simmons’s mom started raising him alone, and the family carried on facing several problems like poverty. His mother used to work in a coffee shop and often left him to babysitters. Therefore, he became fluent in Hungarian, Turkish, Spanish, and Hebrew.

When he was just 8, he and his mon moved to New York to reside with their relatives. After their arrival, Simmons changed his name to Gene, as it was easier to say. He took his mom’s surname, Klein.

He became fluent in English by reading comics and watching television. Later, he went to the Hasidic theological seminary, yeshiva. He studied with complete enthusiasm when his mom worked at a button factory in Brooklyn.\

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After spending one year in the seminary, Simmons was sent to a public school in Jackson Heights. It was the time when he started developing an interest in Music.

Simmons accepts in Kiss and Make-up (his autobiography) that his musical interests came while watching The Beatles on TV.

After completing graduation, his bandmate and childhood buddy Steve Coronel introduced him to Stanley Eisen, later called Paul Stanley. Stanley Eisen decided to join their band named Wicked Lester.

Gene Simmons sells Benedict Canyon
Gene Simmons sells Benedict Canyon

The band started gaining some success on the nightclub circuit. However, it was not getting enough money, and to back his ambitions, Simmons held a brief stint as a 6th-grade teacher in Spanish Harlem, followed by working at the Puerto Rican Interagency Council.

During the 1970s, his group became very popular for their over-the-top stage antics. KISS developed a big cut after this. The fans of the band were called the KISS Army. They used to cheer them wearing the band’s uniform and make-up.

Though KISS was getting so much hype during that time, Simmons and his group wouldn’t get popular appeal until their live album Alive hit the stores. Alive laid the band’s first hit single, Rock and Roll All Nite. It was featured on the Billboard Top 40 charts, as well.

Inspiration from comic books and movies helped him

Simmons got a lot of inspiration from comics and horror movies in his children. Due to this, he recommended the band go through a bodily transformation, an all-black outfit, and putting on wild make-up.

After that, Simmons revealed that Black Bolt, the Marvel comic character, inspired his bat-wing decorated facial make-up, a look which he later named “The Demon.”

His Benedict Canyon mansion

Gene Simmons, past this year, said that he is done with California. He said: “it’s time for a quieter life. He mentioned that he is moving to Lake Tahoe.

Furthermore, Gene Simmons has officially sold his longtime house Benedict Canyon for 16 million dollars. Benedict Canyon has been there for three decades.

He had been buying the Benedict Canyon around since last year, originally offering it for 22 million dollars prior to trying to take benefit of the post-pandemic market. In March, he tried relisting it for 25 million dollars. The closing price is far wary of that amount, but yet considerably over the 1.3 million dollars, he paid for the house in 1986.\

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Back then, the land held a 3500 sq. ft. farmhouse that Simmons swiftly demolished, all for the 13400 sq. ft showplace that stands there at present.

The house is comprised of sturdy gates, a rambling driveway, and sweeping staircases which rise to the dramatic entrance. Within the property, there are 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and splendid spaces.

Gene Simmons placed in two KISS-themed souvenirs rooms during his stay but changed them while the house went on sale. He said that a family wants to settle in a house and not a KISS museum.

The façade of the house has a tennis court, and the backyard has a pool and a lawn. The lawn is encircled with courtyards and a lush backdrop.

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