The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 2: Is it Officially Renewed? Everything You Need To Know!

The fans of Duke of Death are eagerly waiting for the next season. Their expectations are very high from season 2. Duke of Death season 1 was concluded while Duke decided to marry Alice. The action of Duke made her mother really surprised.

Yes, The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 2 is officially renewed. The second season teaser is out. The second part is expected to come next year, but no official date has been announced. There will be 12 episodes in the season of Duke of Death, like season 1.

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The reviews of the first season of The Duke of Death and His Maid were pretty good. It was surprising that the show sales did not get a great lift that got it up onto the Oricon Top 30.

The plot, story, and characters

In the last episode of Duke of Death season 1, Duke, at last, spends some great moments at the family estate after getting expelled to his mansion in the forests. He goes to the garden along with Viola, where he was cursed by the witch a long time back.

While he lastly talks to his mom, she gives Duke a request to break his curse by spring. If he fails, Walter (Duke’s younger brother) will be the successor. The decision of Duke’s mother might seem to be harsh. However, she doesn’t have any other option since Duke’s father suffers from a terminal disease.

Fascinatingly, Bocchan makes use of the chance to tell what he feels for Alice and says that he’ll marry her. But, while his mom does agree with his choice, Bocchan gets filled with anger. After this, he tells Alice what took place at the family estate but promises to marry her irrespective of her mom’s disapproval.

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The show enthusiasts might have assumed what would be going to happen in the second season of Duke of Death. The Duke will start a more persistent search for a remedy of the curse. Since Walter realizes that he has an opportunity to be the successor, he’ll plot to force Bocchan to step down from his position.

Duke of Death
Duke of Death

In the meantime, Duke and Alice will get more close to each other. In addition, Cuff and Zain realize way over the couple about curses. Thus, it’s expected that they’ll, finally, play an active part in finding the remedy.

Why did Sharon curse Duke?

There might be some reason behind Sharon cursing Duke. Those who have seen the first season say that Sharon was encouraged by a desire to impose sadness on Duke’s mom. Regardless of her Ladyship’s affection for the witch, Duke’s mom is not a nice woman. It is just a hypothesis at this moment.

Daleth told the Duke that the witch who cursed him is not anymore, increasing the likelihood of Sharon, who reportedly used to be with witches and was probably a witch herself, as a possible alternative.

Duke losing his memory

Duke is unable to recall most of the events that have happened in his life. However, he remembers the smoothness of the witch’s bosom on his back to Viola. It was the last time when he felt touched. We might not enjoy the satisfaction of watching the Duke finding the cure, but watching him with Alice is also satisfactory.

While Alice started to become anxious that their many socio-economic classes may create a problem, Alice and Duke had a tough time. She loves the Duke and doesn’t want him to be disowned because of her.

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When Duke visited her mom, he made his point very clear. Duke loves Alice, who was with him as if his curse did not exist after his mom uninhibited him at a distant estate and forgot about him. The Duke believes that they would have been dead if it were not for Alice, and he, at last, stood for his mom, screaming his situation.

The Cast

Clifford Chain as The Duke

Kayli Mills as Viola

Sarah Wiedenheft as Cuff

Kristen McGuire as Alice

Kent Williams as Rob

Ricco Fajardo as Zain

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