John Wall Will Remain With the Rockets for All 2021-22 Games. (Although Not Playing )

After a meeting with the Houston Rockets, the franchise and John Wall have finally decided to work together and find a new place for the five-time All-Star guard, as said by The Athletic.

Theis plan is finalized for the Wall to stay around the Rockets while they enter the training camp. This is seemed to start late this month, and no games have been planned to play by Houston this season. Wall is entering his second year in Houston after he had spent most of his career in Washington.

In a recent meeting which was conducted Wall and the Rockets, it was explained to Wall by Houston officials all the rules of the franchise and they wish to protect the veteran guard’s health.

The Rockets also said in the meeting that the team does not wish to hamper Wall’s fitness, and also agreed on the thought they do not wish to complicate his willingness to continue playing at a higher level.

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It was even showed that there are no other plans made on these 2  years and $91.7 million is still pending on Wall’s contract which also includes a $47.4 million option for players for the 2022-23 season.

Though not playing, John Wall to be with Rockets at all 2021-22 games

Wall will be starting his 12th NBA season. He and the Rockets had finally known that both the side are in different phases. Last season, approximately in 40 games Wall has scored an average of 20.6 points, 6.9 assists, 3.2 rebounds, and 32.2 minutes in each game. This showed how he re-established himself as a responsible lead guard after recovering from his knee and Achilles injuries.

John Wall Will Remain With the Rockets
John Wall Will Remain With the Rockets

Meanwhile, the Rockets, are gathering a talented young player of Christian Wood, the overall group consists of Jalen Green, All-RookieJae’Sean Tate, Kevin Porter Jr.,  and all others selected from the first round such as Alperen Şengün, Usman Garuba, and Josh Christopher, Other than them KJ Martin has also been selected for the rebuild of the Rockets.

Through various selections and free-agency moves which also included signing veterans, the Rockets have gathered a new group of a competitive, young roster.

Rockets, John Wall agree he won’t play as sides work together on trade

Houston’s front office was managed by the general manager Rafael Stone and has added more value and franchise items in recreating the memories of the James Harden trade. The Rockets had were seen having many discussions with free-agent in the marketplace within few days.

Houston had taken Wall and all the new pick from the Washington Wizards for last season’s training camp.

By an agreement mutually done among the members,  All-Star John Wall had agreed and will not be playing for the rebuilding Houston Rockets for the 2021-22 season.

But this doesn’t mean he is not going to leave any effect. Wall stays on Houston’s roster, and an annual media day on Monday just before the new beginning of training camp, he along with general manager Rafael Stonetogether addressed his new situation.

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According to the recent reports, both Wall and Stone agreed that he will still be a member of the team and a part of Houston’s sideline at practices and all the upcoming games.

Wall said in the interview that he is still a part of the fame and the Stone interjected saying he is not just a part but an important part of the game. Wall also said that he hadn’t decided on any preferred destinations and is willing to focus on the Rockets and their developing young core. He also said that his job is to be a supporter for all the players until something happens,y.

He then added nobody knows when it will happen. But his job is to guide the players as much as possible, and keep himself in shape, and prepare for all the challenges.


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