Iraqi Nab Isis Finance Chief’ With $5 Million Bounty on His Head

Recently as per the news, the Prime Minister of Iraq Mustafa al-Kadhimi declared that one of his top leaders of ISIS had been arrested on Monday. Al-Kadhimi in a recent post on Twitter said the previous head of the terrorist group Sami Jasim al-Jabari, was arrested along with the head of finance.

They both had been arrested in a third country, which was not mentioned by them, by intelligence forces of Iraq by considering it a difficult external mission. 

Has Sami Jasim al-Jaburi been arrested in Iraq?

Al-Jabari was born and brought to Iraq since the year 1973. He was even the head of the group and was believed to have killed the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdad. It was even said that he had remained near to the group’s recent commander in chief Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi.

Al-Jabari after that incident was called a terrorist by everyone and has been declared as one by the U.S. government. The government had even kept a reward of $5 million to be offered by the State Department if all the details about him has been provided to them which will eventually go on till he is arrested

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The government of Iraq treats al-Jabari as an important part of the organization of the terrorist. All-Jaburi after he had joined ISIS at the very beginning and had followed all the details since then from al Qaeda also had played an important role in forming the ISIS’ de-facto as they have taken control of a large part of the territory and additionally had covered the entire Iraq-Syria border within the time frame of 2014 and 2018.


The political analyst of Iraqis nab ISIS finance chief and the head of security Fadhil Abu Ragheef even said the CBS News that al-Jabari was a valuable part and a very honest deputy to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was the previous leader and had been a raid in killed in the U.S. in Syria in the year 2019.  

Iraq Arrests ISIS Deputy of finance and former head leader Sami Jasim al-Jabari

He was further detained by the U.S. forces in the year  2005 and had had then spent five years in prison under Iraq. After he has been released in the year  2011, al-Jaburi again joined al Qaeda who was situated in Iraq, however, in the year 2014, he had joined ISIS.

Abu Ragheef once had mentioned al-Jabari to take care of most of the terrorist group administration, along with its security and all the finance even much before he had risen to become the deputy and head of the finance for ISIS.

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Abu Ragheef said to CBS  News that after the ISIS territories were found and taken, al-Jabari had anyhow left the place and went to eastern Europe, but soon after he again came back to his place after he failed in taking his family to Europe as well.

According to a report by and an intelligence officer of Iraq said to the CBS News that the arrest of al-Jaburi’s will be an important lesson to all the gangs and this would send an important note to the remaining leaders of ISIS’ stating that the security forces of Iraq will put in their resources and will be able to search them no matter where they hide The officers from intelligence even said that the arrest of al-Jaburi’s will give a brief on how the funds of  ISIS is operated and who will be support for those funds all across the world. ISIS earlier had the power to control a total of one-third of Iraq and Syria, and then further on it used that power to plan and execute the attacks in  Europe.

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U.S. forces along with their competitors had planned on attacking the group to get their territory back in both the countries most probably in the year 2019, however, they are also having active groups in Iraq, Syria, and other places as well. The ISIS troop placed in Afghanistan is considered one of the most dangerous security concerns in that country and it acts the same both for Taliban rulers, the United States, or any other allies.

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