Sen. Joe Manchin Has Decided Red Lines on the Child Tax Credit in Democrats’ Trillion-Dollar Bill

Sen. Joe Manchin has decided to draw red lines for the much-debated, controversial Democrats’ trillion-dollar bill, this time it’s about the expansion of child tax credit provision in the bill. Joe Manchin informed the White House that the bill must include that child tax credit needs to have “established work” criteria and the income limit of the family must be in the range of $60,000. If these points are added to it, then only he will vote for the bill. 

However, experts say that if those demands are fulfilled, they will weaken the child tax credit. The entire point of this program is to help working families. Both Sen. Krysten Sinema and Manchin think that the price tag of this bill is too high. 

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Child Tax Credit and Trillion-Dollar Bill

However, it appears that progressives and moderates are not in agreement on the scaled-back version of the child tax credit provision of the bill. Manchin had already said that the child tax credit needs more work requirements. He also wants to put a cap on the income of families that can benefit from it.   

He told the media that he supports the child tax credit and wants to help the children, but he wants the right people to get the benefit of it. The President launched a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill a few months back to help the families, where they receive up to $3,600 a year. The funds directly go to their accounts. He also signaled that he is supportive of a $450 billion initiative to help subsidize daycare along with a free universal preschool for all. However, he wants a tighter income cap for the initiative.   

Child Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit

The senator wants his demands to be met if democrats want his vote for the bill. If all 50 senators support it, the bill reaches Biden’s desk. 

Democrats have launched the Clean Electricity Payment Program, which is their method of tackling climate change and is likely to be removed from this package. Because Manchin has opposed it. Since many progressives consider it as their central agenda, his opposition has infuriated them. 

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Manchin also said last month that the Hyde Amendment must be a part of this spending bill if they want him to vote for it. This amendment orders Medicaid and other federal programs to not fund abortion. 

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