Fourth Stimulus Check Updates: Social Security Increase, Medicare Enrollment, Child Tax Credit

Since the United States is facing a continuous rise in inflation, less job surplus, and a weakened supply chain, new research shows that the citizen’s maximum requirement of a stimulus check at the starting of the covid-19 pandemic perpetuates to struggle utmost.

Previous Three Stimulus Checks Critical for Lower Income Group

The previous three sessions of stimulus checks covering two presidencies were crucial for people with low income, as per the report Capital One Insights Center discovered but didn’t go far enough.

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Social Security Increase: More cash on the way for senior citizens

Millions of Americans will be getting more money soon in their pockets on Social Security.  The retired personnel will be getting benefits with an increment of 5.9 percent in 2022. That is the highest adjustment in cost-of-living in the last 4 decades approximately.

The benefits have been increasingly taking into consideration the continuous inflation over the years. The citizens are bound to pay higher prices even for their daily necessities like gas, food and along with that the problems related to the supply chain also contribute towards the rise in the cost of goods.

Fourth Stimulus Check Updates
Fourth Stimulus Check Updates

Gregory Acs, Vice president of income and benefits policy at the Urban Institute said that “I’m not sure the current political environment would support sending $2,000 or $3,000 checks to every person every year, but I do think there’s political will behind providing more benefits for families raising kids, especially when we saw how hard it is when you have to be home with the kids and homeschooling when that was necessary.”

Why will the cost-of-living adjustment on Social Security go up in 2022?

As per an estimate made on Wednesday by the Social Security Administration, the cost-of-Living adjustment commonly called COLA has been increased for the average retirees with an amount of $92 per month. It’s a strange break from a long pause in inflation that evident cost-of-living adjustments averaging just 1.65 percent per annum over the past decade.

With the rise, the anticipated average Social Security payment for retired personnel will amount to $1657 per month from next year. Typically, a couple’s benefits would increase from $154 to $2753 per month. 

A Tuition Reimbursement Program Offered by Texas Roadhouse and Bubba’s 33

The Associate State Director of AARP West Virginia, Tom Hunter said that “Any help we can provide, particularly for those living on a fixed income, is so crucial key at this moment in time,”

Social Security affects nearly one out of five Americans across the nation, which totals up to 70 million people.

Child Tax Credit

During a Friday event promoting the family and child care elements of his Build Back Better Agenda, President Joe Biden quipped that he “liked kids better than people.”

Joe Biden said “When I talked to all your folks out on the playground, as I joked, everybody knows I like kids better than people,” added “Fortunately, they’re like me. Maybe that’s why I like them.” 

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The next payments for the advance child tax credit are all set to go out later this week. From 15th September, the U.S. Treasury Department stated it has made more than 106 million payments throughout the three rounds of monthly payments till now, which totaled up to $46 billion.

Child Tax Credit Checks: Will they be made permanent?

The payments for the advance child tax credit have been sent to the families of more than 60 million eligible children and the department claimed the response can already be seen: Food scarcity among families with children fell by 24% following the issuance of the payments of the first month in July, as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The first half of the total advance child tax credit amount is decided to be paid every month on the 15th of every month, which began in July and will continue to be given till December. The second half of the payments can be claimed by the eligible families in 2022 after filing their tax returns for this year. 

IRS: Drought-Stricken Farmers, Ranchers Have More Time to Replace livestock

The fourth installment of the payment has been already sent on 15th October, Friday. The next two installments will be due on 15th November and 15th December. 

If some families are preferring to opt out of the advance monthly payments, then they can unenroll by the mentioned due date as per the IRS.

  • Payment Date: 15th November/ Opt-Out Due Date: 1st November
  • Payment Date: 15th December/ Opt-Out Due Date: 29th November

The Treasury Department has sent more than $450 billion straight to the families under the American Rescue Plan, claiming it’s helping citizens forbearing and coping up with their daily basic expenses like food, child daycare, and rent for their accommodation.

SSI and age-focused stimulus check

The Senior Citizens League has sent a letter to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and US Senate, requesting them to consider the age-focused stimulus.

“We’ve heard from thousands of them [seniors] who have exhausted their retirement savings, who have started eating just one meal a day, started cutting their pills in half because they can’t afford their prescription drugs, to list just a few of the drastic steps so many have had to take because of what inflation has done to them this year,” as written in the letter.

Element Finance raises $30M for the second fund to provide loans to startups

“Many have written to us that ‘our government has forgotten about us.’”

Medicare Enrollment

The Social Security checks from next year will be having one of the highest cost-of-living adjustments over the past 10 years with the rise by more than 6 percent but the Senior Citizens League claims that it is not enough. That is because, in return for the higher Social Security payment, the burden of higher tax rates would also fall on some seniors which will result in the surcharge to their Medicare Part B premiums.

Calls for a Fourth Stimulus Check

For many citizens, arranging the money for pending mortgage, utility bills, and credit card bills is a monthly chain of anxiety. The research discovered that in April of this year, 46 percent of lower earners claimed they would not have been able to meet their expenses if the stimulus money had not been provided.

Element Finance raises $30M for the second fund to provide loans to startups

Following the third round of stimulus checks, the payment of $1400 under the American Rescue Plan, that neutralizing act got difficult for many people with low income. In August 2021, nearly one-third of low-earning people reported that they were bound to borrow money from their families and friends to keep up with their bill payments. 

The additional expense for child daycare made the struggle even more complex for many people with 50 percent of low earning people and 30 percent of people belonged to the middle-income group stating in August that they were left with two options only, one is to curb their working hours to look after children and another is giving up their jobs. This is in comparison with the 18 percent of the high-income group.


  1. My hrs been so drastically cut they went fr 28 hrs now to 16 hrs and I got to work two jobs now and the se indeed job I get about the same hrs there . I still can’t pay my bills . I think a fourth stimulus check would help now I don’t think it should be 2000 every person maybe 1000 for adults 600 up to three kids . I sure could use the extra help to get caught up on bills this year no Christmas at my house got to explain to my lil one somehow . I’m a single mom never had my hrs cut this bad just can’t believe it .

  2. Seniors like myself can not pay our bills because of everything is going up. I have trouble paying my bills an my son has been helping but he has a family to take care of an his money is tight also.

  3. […] Fourth Stimulus Check Updates: Social Security Increase, Medicare Enrollment, Child Tax Credit […]

  4. The government forgot about the people on social security, you giving out tax credit to children and family I understand you give me a tax credit to teachers and workers I understand but what happened to the people who are living on the social security on a fixed income how are we able to survive, but we’re not we’re drowning

  5. I am on Social Security, and I am having problems trying to keep my bills caught up.. While raising one of my grand daughters.. Whom I have had, since she was 2 weeks old.. She is 12 now, and is in the 7th grade.. I would love to see another round of Stimulus come out.. So need it right now

  6. What about SSD,that increase that you’re talking about is not going to help maybe you’ll be able to pay one bill with that, Medicare is going up which means the increase is nothing to us what about the other bills that we have the utilitys what about the rent that will go up. the food that has gone up ,on snap as a single person was getting $234 now they increase it to $250 they were giving us an extra $95 which was helping with our pantries but now we don’t even get that they keep giving up child tax credit what about us that have worked for our money and now we don’t even get anything for stimulus check. people having babies just so they can get these checks people are quitting their jobs just so they can get these checks. people like me that are sick and can’t get out and work do wants to work can’t even get any more money to help with the household bills I have credit card bills that need to be paid off I have medical needs that I have too, I’ve had 10 surgeries I’m incapable of working an I can’t borrow money because I can’t pay it back!

  7. I’m on SSDI I’m going to be 55 in December I have Medicare A&B will I be receiving a stimulus check? I haven’t seen any stimulus checks. I never had to do my taxes but I did the taxes for 2020 I was told that if I do that I should be able to get my stimulus checks I hope.

  8. All seems as a really good plan by the government but will become a reality. There are still a bunch of people that have children that have either lost their good paying jobs as a result of the pandemic that are struggling to make ends meet with mediocre jobs. The stimus is a huge help. Then there’s the seniors and seniors raising their grandchildren and great children. Its hard enough on just seniors let alone with a family.
    As our check get increases so does food and living daily expenses.
    Government please help us out.

  9. I am a single dad of a 14 yr old son i am looking for work every day i been unemployed since beginning of covid i have been scraping by with the pua unemployment and child tax break im gonna end up homeless and im so scared for son and in i need help sooo badly i dont know what to do i having panic attacks i cant pay bills or rent my landlord calls everyday threatening eviction what do i do or can i do. I will do anything i have to need to keep roof over my head for son and i..i have no family parants dead years ago pandemic ruind my life and i don’t know what to do .i get snap i have to recertify .im so scared of having no were to live a 4rth stimulus would help with rent i pray god everyday asking for answers and help please tell me is there anything i can do i put alot of applications for work online i get no responses back please help me

  10. It’s good that child tax credit is being given to family with kids, But what about us Senior Citizens we put in work to build this country up, I’m Retired Carpenter who shed blood & sweet in help building DC up to par Union Station, District Jail, Kennedy Center, Ronald Reagan Building, Federal Building of Investigation, Apartment 🏢 Buildings my 74 yr arms are weary & tired 😩 the cost of living is killing us Please look out for us Seniors we need help as well, THANK YOU !

  11. While i agree everyone needs the help, i dont agree with some of the ways our goverment decide who gets help. The extra unemployment helped many but at the same time turned many into not wanting to return back to work. I am disabled and would lobe to go to work. Instead i have to live on my ssi and disability. I get 808.ssi and 6.00 disability. Try living on that. The ssi and disability people NEED help to survive. Please dont forget us again. Thank you

  12. congress there are very needy americans do to this pandemic it has caused such hardship ,we the people are struggling bad! we need help ! with a 4th stimless check ,, do you know what it’s like to struggle ?? most of you congress people don’t know what it’s like to struggle worrying where the extra money is coming from to pay bills due to the rising cost of electricity , Gas, Water , americans who have low income to just little income struggle day to day just to get by ,, try doing that congress ! it’s sad can’t live life without the worries of how we’re going to pay bills put food on the table and have other things needed for everyday life ,,Try that Congress you have no idea how this feels nor how to live the way us low to no income people !!! so congress sit back put you and your family in our shoes what if this was you and your family struggling and having to worry everyday how your going to make everyday ends meet ! not a good feeling at all!! so Congress we Need Help !!! There is A Very Much Needed 4th Stimless That would be a great help to all the americans who are seriously struggling !! So Please Take in consideration That all Americans Need Help !! after all we americans are one of you the only thing that is different is you congress people don’t know what it is to struggle !!! So i’m asking please don’t leave the poor out !! the poor is just as inportent as the rich !! us poor need to be able to survive also ,, God Expects you to feed and support the poor as the rich we are all suppose to be equal , but in this life the poor is the last that is thought of !!! we the american are asking for your help !! i hope you all take in consideration to help the Needy american after all that what congress and our government is suppose to do !!!

  13. Hello. I’m a 72 year old senior, I’m on SSI. Very Thankful for a raise on our SSI Checks, although We will be taxed, our Rent will go way up. Our Electricity will go higher no matter how we try to do the right thing by using lots of warm clothing Blankets we have made. Food is Sky high, Especially lots of Seniors have to be on a special diet due to health problems Which we cannot afford. Medications prices are raised co pays come out if our pockets. We have to decide to use cheat dish soap to wash dishes wash our clothes. Which will break our skin out.Not a good feeling. Forget about us getting enough gas to get to Doctors, To go to get groceries , I hold my breath Praying I won’t run out of gas to n from theses places. Yes a raise on our checks will help. We have other bills we cannot afford to pay. When we don’t want to be late or not pay I feel we need Another Stimulus check to help us get to stop doing without necessary products we are in need for also like anyone else.. This Pandemic is not over it will be a long time if ever over. We need to keep safe wear mask, be able to buy disinfectant to keep viruses away. We don’t need wants unnecessary things we need to get help to get our car payments taken care of . To help with repairs to our cars..Which most of us drive on bald tires. To buy the products to keep us safe and other safe. We need help too. Many Blessings to all. Thank you for listening to me. Mrs.. Margaret Lauren’s.

  14. While it’s great there’ll be a raise in next year’s Social Security Payments, Seniors are stranded THIS YEAR! Therefore we need one more Stimulus Check – just for Seniors THIS year to patch them through until next year’s raise.

  15. My husband and I are retired after working over 65 years. We receive SSI and a little retirement fund. Trying to keep up with groceries, prescriptions, premiums for Medicare, etc we are tapped out. Why don’t we get additional assistance? We worked all are lives, I retired when I was 70, just so we could have affordable health care. We put our daughter through college, paid ourselves, no student loans and took loans from 401 K, Everyone has been hit hard from Covid, we understand that. How can Congress drag their feet and not help us, we are baby boomers my generation worked hard for our country, because that was what our parents instilled in us, no free ride. Not asking for hand out, just what we should have coming to us. Can

  16. I’m 61 .and been on ssi since I was 34 .I have been struggling all my life. And been homeless twice .I eat once a day .the day I get Mt ssi check that same day I’m broke .n I’m in debt so badly. I don’t know how much longer I can take this struggling everyday

  17. I’ve had to ask for help from friends and family as well,,, and having a vehicle makes it worse because I have to have insurance etc

  18. In Theory it show that Bidden loves kids more, but who in real life and time support for the kids? An Adult does and some of us are Disable and we depend on Social Security as well so where does the help come from for us? Do the math Bidden and whom ever go along with making the world go around, we as Social Security people who wait month to month needs another round of stimulus checks to help us as well! Everything has gone up and might I add are steady rising day to day. Bottom line is we need more help Politicians so help the people a LITTLE MORE MONEY FROM MONTH TO MONTH STARTING NEXT YEAR IS NOT THE ANSWER FOR US PEOPLE, WE ARE CALLING FOR HELP TODAY NOT NEXT YEAR.

  19. Please send me a 4th check I cant pay my bills and have momey got grocery and gas. The seniors need help now we should not have to worry till January

  20. So me being a social security disability i will loose either way it goes at age 50,live with people who take advantage of me with every way they can!I give up,I see no help or no way out of the mental abuse&past mental abuse&stuck living in their home because i don’t have a vehicle nor money to buy one,so I will miss important dr visits like diabetic appts&eye appts&many many more,can’t even get a ride to get my dentures,so yea I have been forgotten completely. I have united health care, 48 dr visits all used so now what..kidneys are constantly hurting, due to A1C levels &diabetes..I have no hope from my state family,or anyone who really has the answers to help me..stuck..even getting food stamps it don’t last&$750 a month disability i can’t make it in this life..I feel totally helpless..nobody cares about anyone anymore,can’t walk or fly to the grocery stores or dr.appointments..God bless

  21. I am writing this because I received one child check back in July my of the checks I did not receive I do not know what’s going on should I receive a letter or something they don’t give it to me no more or what. I did not receive August check a September check and October check I did not receive

  22. Being a senior citizen. Our checks do not cover everything, medicine, food and gas leaves very little. Utilities are going up so we are either hot or cold, this is to keep the bills from going up. We have the same bills as everyone else, only difference is our income doesn’t meet our needs. I understand you want to help the ones with children but we need help also

  23. I am writing this because I did I receive my 4 stimulus check they sent me a letter saying it wasn’t my check account I had to feel a form out to me because it did not match my check account they want they made a mistake on my account did not match the other check account it been since May 24th I have not heard

  24. Senior citizens are paying higher prices for groceries and meds too, not just families with children. Plus now they say that winter natural gas prices will increase, so that wipes out any Social security increase. Seniors are definitely the forgotten ones in this country. The country that we helped to build!

  25. President Joe Biden and congress need to lower the age for retirees that retire at the age of 62 , so they can also be eligible for Medicare . I know a lot of those that have retired at 62 years of age and have health issues and really need some insurance but can’t afford it.

  26. President Joe Biden and congress need to lower the age for retirees that retire at the age of 62 , so they can also be eligible for Medicare . I know a lot of those that have retired at 62 years of age and have health issues and really need some insurance but can’t afford it.

  27. Is there going to be fourth stimulus check sent out to Americans or what is going on because ohio needs more money to not just the states that they have sent the money to

  28. What is really sad is I’ve had my grandson since February of 2020,I have not received any stimulus money for him, he has been forgotten by the government while his Aunt Jennifer Jordan has received all of his payments because she has guardianship yet my grandson has had to do with out, yes the State of Illinois knows he has been living with me for almost 2 years and even sent his pebt card for his food to her,no she hasn’t gave nothing to him and yes I have reported it to the IRS AND THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, yet have they been any help, that’s what is sad..

  29. I need more help because I am recovering from surgery of histerrictma and have to do a colon surgery suppose at the end of this month I do babysitting but haven’t been able to because of the surgery’s and my rent is 1300.00 a month and my social security is 1400.00 a month I could use the help

  30. I think single on ssi should get a fourth stimulus check in October to. I am struggling to pay all of my bill most of them are health coverage bill.

  31. And then there’s people like me. Recent widower, can’t work, does not receive S.S, already raised 2 great boys that are productive members of society but below the retirement age and I know I’m not the only one out there, but there’s no one to raise awareness for us! I’m struggling so much that I lost my place to live and I don’t have friends or family to loan me money that I would be able to pay back anyway. I’m literally drowning and have nobody to save me. The depression alone is enough to make it very hard to keep, keeping on.

  32. EVERYONE needs help not just people with small children i take care of my autistic son who cant do for himself why cant i get extra money for him instead od the government giving it to people who dont do right with it in the first place

  33. Why only do you put a age on who get help when some us disable people have a hard time living on 800.00 a month you try living on that …I was born with this… It’s not my fault

  34. We need the fourth check our funds have run out .we cant aford three meals a day no more snacks fewer vitamins given up some medecines that we need.So please help us.

  35. With the cost of gas and food going up,plus the drug prices seniors can’t catch a break. It seems noone gives a crsp about the b a by boomers anymore. Republicans only look out for the rich and my fellow democrats only care about children. Why can’t we get a permanent stimulus payment like Canada seems to be getting maybe its ti.e to change allegiance.

  36. Do you have a be on social security to receive any money I’m going to be 56 and unemploy and trying to get a job just wanted to ask.

  37. Being a senior citizen is not good. You would think that when you become a senior citizen things would be much better but they are not. Living off a set income is hard I mean really there is no or not enough money to live on. Making ends meet is really hard and having a job when your in your 70″s is a must if you are going to survive.

  38. My name is Adell Riley I Am A disabled individual since 2001. I am 59 years old . I have Heart and Lung disease, diabetes high blood pressure, sleep apnea,ibs. I can’t get around Good my income is 784 dollar’s a Month. I need help immediately with electric,rent, personal hygiene and among other things .I live at 113 Montana drive Tupelo Mississippi 3880!.

  39. I am a senior getting SS after I pay my bills I have about 200 dollar’s to live on the rest of the month. This raise that we are getting not knowing how much medicare is going up isn’t going to help us seniors. It seems like everyone else is getting help and we seniors were forgotten. We need help to. I get only 20 dollars in snap benefits.

  40. I think our senior citizens should get a stimulus check after all that worked hard for there money and took care of us growing up .so that deserve it so that can have real food to eat and not cat or dog food to eat .and have a place to live we did growing up.thank you

  41. Some of us that are on Social Security benefits are without lights and water because of lack of funds for our bills and excetera on the verge of getting kicked out because people who had unemployment got all kinds of money while we stayed at nothing and everything that we’ve given to us in the stimulus checks were paid out as soon as we got it and back up again already because the cost of living so y’all forgot about as people on Social Security and like I said some of us are doing without whites water Exedra almost on the verge of being homeless if not already so what about us

  42. Again I have to ask people on social security or doing without lights water some even their homes already is not yet on the verge of and how about our cost of any other kind of living toiletries and just like that we can afford because all of our check is gone already to just a portion of our bills we can’t even pay because our bill succeed. What about us why weren’t you anybody thinking about us when they were giving all this money son and toy people who are still called unemployed ask people we’ve been on Social Security it’s how we live I mean we have no other way what about us we going to our checks are supposed to be going up for next year but that’s not helping us frightened now I am personally on the verge of losing my home I have no lights no water because why because my light bill exceeded my check by two times it’s a man so I was supposed to be the pay my rent some of my lights etcetera so did my water build up and my lights are steadily going to time so you can imagine the bill cuz I’m not put it this way too much Bill cost me $1,300 which my check is only seven 9 so you do the math my rent is 350 my water was 324 so I mean how does that help us that one time check was gone in 2 months of my my light bill now what am I supposed to do between now and the time our check goes up because I’m almost on the verge of being on the streets just like so many other people on Social Security it’s not already you know how hard it is to be with no lights in the water

  43. I’m tired if hearing about the child tax money what about us seniors that are in too bad if health to work! I had to leave my job because of health issues but I worked through the pandemic as long as I could! I just left my job in September of 2021 because I couldn’t work any more because of heart issues and other health problems. But we have people that are not working and poping out more babies just so they can get a stimulas check. What about those seniors that have worked all our lives! We are paying for their stimulus check but no one cares about us. This is a disgrace to the seniors of this country! Biden you are truly evil!!!

    • Agree with this totally Carol. The sad thing we have to remember and realize is that we have made these politicians powerful and very wealthy, they have already gotten everything they want and need!! Why in the world would they lift a finger to help us when there’s nothing else they need from us. I wrote a very long editorial type response to this article. If you’re of a mind, please read it and SEE WHAT IT IS SAYING!! I think you might agree with much of it and maybe even some knew ways to think about our predicament in this country!!!

  44. I myself, I get a very small SS Check in the amount of $261.00 a month, now with the 5..9% increase next year that doesn’t get me much, now does it..
    If it wasn’t for my small pension I would really be hurting. I live paycheck to paycheck. So I would hope to see some small Stimulus package for the poor people, like myself and so many more hurting out in our United States of America. I know we as a country are so far in debt, Our debt sealing is at an unbelievable amount. But the Viruses we are all dealing with has caused our country to Suffer. So this has put All Americans except the Rich get by just fine and that passes me off. Hey I wish I was so fortunate to be rich
    I would make sure everyone in our State would get a 4th Stimulus check no questions asked. Anyway I Hope and Pray for the State of Washington who are down and out that somehow get a 4th Stimulus package.
    Thank You

  45. 4th. Stimulas for seniors must be soon or the out come will be a little to late for most seniors!..
    What does it take to see the reality of struggling seniors trying to live on fixed retirement or Social Security in these days of grocery inflation, high prescription charges, gas prices.
    Seniors need help NOW!..


  47. We’re in desperate need of a 4th. Stimulus Check, especially for the people that are unable to work. I also believe that the president should love the seniors just as much as he lovés the little ones. We all néed help!!!!!!!!!

  48. I have a hard time trying to get section 8. Waiting any day. Not sure hows it gonna ever get done
    Me being able to afford rent carpayment. Utility bills. Life insurance car insurance etc. I live off of 929.00 a month not to mention my scripts. And they cut my fs to 31 dollars a month. So only wont be eating not getting my bills pd. I can’t work or please believe i would.

  49. All though the stimulus checks and child tax credit are a valuable help it is still not enough!
    I am a disabled senior and I struggle daily with out rageious utility payments and going to food banks we need more help.

  50. I’m 60 yrs. Old n terrified that I want b able 2 get a decent burial because I cannot afford life – insurance.

  51. People on SSI nees to be at or at least 25% above poverty level to deal with the inflation and also recieve the COLA raise not one or the other but Both just to aurvive on more than 1 meal a day and be able afford thwir prescription medications that Medicaid alone doesnt pay

  52. Let’s just continually stay in low income jobs so we can continually be poor and continually complain about people who made a decision not to be on low income and put their asses to work at a higher income employer.

    Nobody needs fast food restaurants, they’re killing us. We need more farmers, that didn’t kill us, it kept us healthy and made us strong. Keep creating weaker and weaker generations. Soon there’ll be nothing but apathy. Stupid shit.

  53. Seniors on social security and ppl on SSDI are not making ends meet (FACT) and need help just as much as family’s with children but a lot of us seem forgotten about!

  54. I’m a senior citizen and worked 58 years and wages were low now that I’m on SSI I barely survive Parents receive money for they’re children and illegal immigrants receive welfare, housing, food stamps and they should be sent back home and use these funds to give each senior citizens a check for $1,400.00 ! It would be nice to have money to pay for utilities and medications and Food !

  55. I’m on Social Security after part B is taken off I get $891.00 a month . I’m handicapped and watch my grandkids while my daughter works . I do not get paid for babysitting 8 to 10 hrs a day . I’m the one who watch my grandkids when there is no school like many other grandparents for no pay . I am 66 yrs old and low income . I feel is seniors that are low income should receive a stimulus we may not work at a regular job anymore, but I work hard and give lots of love to my grandkids everyday . I pick up after them and make sure they get fed food not junk . Our President needs to think about how he could live on what I do . My husband worked hard but the most he ever made was $11.34 an hour . Yes lots of people made more money . But us low income seniors sure could use a stimulus to help us pay our bills .

  56. The seniors really hurting are the ones who draw less than 1500.00 a month. When they paid in S.S it was the right amount for the time. So when they started drawing it was from that era. Same as the people who draw over 2000.00 a month it’s based on this time. But cost of living for the people who draw less than 1500.00 a month really takes its toll on them. Like rent in lots of places is 1200.00 a month plus utilities. Older pay left over maybe 300 new pay maybe 800 lots of difference in pay we all get same % of raise the older people can still get caught up most people I know draw 1000 a month the highest I know draws 1260 a month they do without a lot of food and medicine because no money for it. Pay in people’s age from 70 years and up suffer because hourly wage was not very good when they were working. But how can these people from the past older years catch up with what people draw now. That would sure help a lot to these people. You have not ideal I know some people that draws 2500 a month we would be rich at that amount. Thank you for taking my input

  57. In my opinion everyone should get a 4th stimulus check including single ppl many Americans are still struggling not eating right now sleeping right worrying about the rent because its backed up

  58. What our government doesn’t understand is our social security depends on income! If you say the average person on social security is getting at least $92.00 more a month you would be wrong ! I only make 674.00 a month and that’s poverty level so please don’t try to snowball the people! I’m sure they will have an excuse they always do! Just admit our government doesn’t give a rats ass about us old people!

  59. Im not understanding why has the government left out people’s thats disabled and only gets 800 a month as if we’re not struggling, we are struggling the most and its sad we can’t get any help and has been left out or forgotten about 😞

    • Its sad we can’t get any help for you the government, rent is high along with everything else, WE REALLY NEEDS HELP, A FOURTH STIMULUS CHECK NEEDS TO GO OUT FOR SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENTS.


  61. The gouverment has forgotten soc. Sec.and ssi and all of the people who are on a fixed income yet pay out to foster parents who are receiving payments from the state that most children never see.

  62. Families with 75k for individuals and couples over 100k should not need the help. With SS, SSD, and SSI are lucky to get an average of 1200.00 a month. That is an weekly income of $300. Even those only making a minimum wage are making at least $200 more a week. Then all SS recipients have to pay spin downs, or fall in the donut hole that makes their money dip down to maybe $200 / $300 less. This was paid in to all SS by us. Where is this money going? Biden loves kids but dislikes Adults. Esp. The older ones. How messed up is that? We are struggling to even come close to surviving each day. Can someone help me to understand why we are not worth another stimulus check but people UE were able to be given so much more than the pay they would have earned if they were working? I would have been able to at least pay all my bills without struggling. Do we deserve to be living this far down in poverty?

  63. Older seniors need an extra check each month just like the child act. Lots of seniors
    draw below 1300.00 a month that’s what a lot of rent is here unless they live in a really bad part of Phoenix. With utilities, food and meds it’s hard to make it if you can’t work any at all to make some money. People on social security now make over 2000.00 a month they get same raise as poor seniors older seniors need lots of HELP please it’s so sad wish these politicians would try to live on 1200 a month. They would see what’s going on. Give the seniors what you give the illegals but that will never happen. Remember God sad charity begins at home first. When will that happen here.

  64. We all could use the money especially if you are caring for your grandchildren it’s hard we live on fix income if you could please help us out I mean everyone in the world
    Thank you

  65. This is a very long, yet eye opening editorial type piece that I hope the disenchanted with our nation, and it’s politics, and elite, wealthy, political leaders who are supposed to be working for us, yet keep getting richer while we remain in poverty. I want those of you who this opening paragraph makes consider that something in here might be true and real about the state of this union, I might see or learn a new way to see something or think about something that could help clear the blinders away from my eyes that have been forced to wear and not see sometimes the brutal disservice being done to us citizens by these chosen leaders. SO IF YOU’RE INCLINED AND IMPOVERISHED, LIKE MOST OF US, READ THIS, IT’S ONLY MYTHOUGHTS ON WHAT, HOW AND WHY OUR PROTECTORS ARE THROWING US UNDER THE BUS!! IF ANY OF THIS HELPS YOU IN ANY WAY OR IT HELPS YOU TO SEE SOMETHING MORE CLEARLY, I WILL BE HAPPY TO ACCEPT ANY AND ALL DONATIONS OF $1 OR MORE TO START A CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE THINGS I HAVE SPOKEN OF IN THIS WRITING.LOL
    Yes, the raise in Social Security will avail to nothing as it will help very few citizens, if any at all. Once the increase has been initiated for the COLA increase, the Medicare premiums will go up, as they have many times before, to cancel any real raise in monthly income. If that doesn’t take the majority, or all, of the increase inflation will gobble up any amount not recupperated through our government with the Medicare premiums going through the roof. The promise by Biden during his, obviously lying, campaign for the office he now holds concerning the seniors and their situation with Social Security was supposed to be a $200 increase across the board monthly for S.S. recipients along with an adjoining increase of about 10% of current monthly incomes to match inflation and expenses accrued through the covid pandemic!!! What the hell happened there, I’ll tell you what happened, he got your votes so now he doesn’t remember you or any promises made during his fight for the presidency!!! I for one am sick and tired of these so-called servants of the people, WHAT A JOKE, getting rich by holding office and taking what should go to the citizens for themselves and throwing us to the trash!!! And it’s not just one party, it’s anyone who wears the moniker of politician!!! We the people Hava allowed this travesty of government to take place and now it’s too late to stop it from continuing, we have allowed the government to gain so much power and control over us, the real decision makers of this nation, that we can never regain our power or influence over the powers that be. Look at how we have tried to threaten them by not electing them, has that done any good?, NO!! Because these politicians are already set financially for several lifetimes, so they don’t care if you elect them, they know that there’s 10 more for each of them waiting in the wings with fresh faces but all the same old lies, just waiting to take the places of the already elite and play the exact same con that’s been perpetuated for decades against the citizens of what was once a proud and powerful nation, that has sunk to the depths of being nothing more than a place for thieves, terrorists, and con men to pull the wool over our eyes, telling us they’re doing something for us while all along taking for themselves what is supposed to belong to the citizens and making us beg and plea for the scraps of food they throw on the floor to us that their dogs turned their noses up at and telling us how grateful to them we should be. I’m sick of being involved with brainwashed that use our public school systems to shove their false doctrines down our children’s throats so they believe, even after growing up and witnessing the corruption that is the very heart of this political system, that this government puts the citizens first and foremost, that the generations following walk around like jackasses wearing blinders allowing them to only see one way that is considered right, and that way us the governments way. Our future braintrust relies on these brainwashed individuals for nothing more than to keep those in power powerful and those with material wealth and riches to keep it and gain even more at the cost of our poverty. The people who have lived, worked, voted, and been abused and misused for over the last 100 or so, give or take, should be ashamed to call themselves anything but puppets and pawns to the ruling elite of this country because the plain and simple truth of the matter is that we the citizens of this nation had the ability and power to put a stop to the corruption, dishonesty, and power grabbing that has led us to this precise point where we now find ourselves, under the heel of a tyrannical, terroristic, egotistical chain of leadership that holds power over us as easily and with as much putrid disdain towards us that this government has always done to any and all peoples they had no respect or any feelings of mutual equality towards, this government has put us, the people they are supposed to be working for and protecting in the same liking as they once did, the Africans, whom they enslaved and treated worse than a murderer even, as long as their skin color matched, the Native Americans who had no chance of ever possessing what they already owned, living on their natural birth lands, trading as equals with the newcomers to their homelands, the hope for peace without the price of slavery or war, living the lives they had lived thousands of years before white men ever walked this continent. The reality that these proud people had to face after falling for the give of the white man is no more different from the ramifications that we now face at the hands of the people we allowed to rule over us as the atrocities faced by our brothers and sisters of only a different color skin covering the identical skeletal structure, organs, cells, and color of blood that runs through all our veins alike. Our leaders realize that they ate either running out of other races or ethnic groups that they can enslave and control, or that they no longer possess the technical superiority to be able to overtake and rule another nation without the cost of retaliation being too great a risk to their own survival they had to find a much easier conquest, so as they knew the contempt with which their elite rule looked down with disregard at the impoverished masses that they had created while reaping the harvest of all, for themselves they saw there groveling before them the next most logical and easily the most docile victims they would ever find, for they have already done the hard work of breaking the will of the people by keeping their emotionally, physically, psychologically and cognitively underdeveloped beings in the same place they are used to being that it couldn’t be any easier to brutalized and victimize a society that they have already taken complete control over and voluntarily at that. This new created, made race was custom programmed from children to follow and believe that the ruling power were always looking out for there best interests as a society and not once questioning why, if my best interests are being served, do I remain in poverty no matter the effort I put forth and with little or no effort the elite, ruling body stays in the lavished of luxury and no matter the extravagance of the lifestyle they lead, their fortunes never seem to grow smaller but the more they spend on luxuries and making their existence as unexhausting and exhilarating to a point of disbelief by others, their fortunes seem to multiply with no noticeable source of growth!! I hope this gets out in the public eye and is read by as many as possible as to get this sense of struggle that’s taking place here and now, yet many are wearing those blinders tight and proud, not seeing past the veil being held up to deceive them into not recognizing the inequality that we are being forced to be a party to while the powers that be laugh at our fate that they won’t let us see or understand they created and captured us in this reality that is our personal prisons which have caged our thoughts and minds not allowing any truth to filter through the cloak we are kept behind. Please people, read this, think about the words and what they ate trying to do for you and your minds, unlock the cell door, free your minds to see the reality of what is, not what the powerful want you to think it is!!! READ READ READ READ

  66. How about disabled senior citizens/widows getting there SSI check cut due to receiving the widows CK raising their 28yr old child due to ptsd/and accute mental health issues along with seizure disorders .His check was dismissed due to missing appointment because of his acrophobia. Never have money for extras , eat 1 meal daily, need heat clothes shoes . Whères our assistance.

  67. HELP…my sons are 18 and 22.They are autistic.Since no one thought that feeding older children isnt on SSI only because Mom can’t work.Then Mom can’t eat so her sons can!!!


  68. I am76 my husband died in 2006. I am alone had to forclose on a house that my husband andI got to raise our 2 kids no savings we left our home and I moved into a small studio apartment my daughter was a single mom raising her son my Life has been hard since my husband died having to quit my job at Albertsons having so much health problems 2 open heart surgery a knee replacement and nowDiabetes and on a cpap machine Ihave2 grandkids that I want to see grow up. I takesomuch medicine My xdaughterinlaw’s mother would help out a lot she was a year older than me but she just died last Wednesday I miss her so much she would help me by making dinners spend time going over to her house and sitting outside her backyard I would do her laundry and ironing and she would pay me this would help with by groceries and paying on my medicine and hospital bills. My rent is 855.00 a month it’s cheap here because my doctors are right here thenbetween bills medicine andgroceries I’m left with $55.00 I my checking account till my s.s. Check comes. It’s the4thwednesday of each month. I don’t need to complain I just want to not depend on other people it would help having another stimulus check and a little more on my check each month Thanks for letting me vent. Dorothy Reeves

  69. Mr. Biden,
    Please give us seniors a stimulus check I make 800.00 per month and have to borrow money each month for food and bills .The power and water companies are shutting my utilities off and I just am exhausted from trying to get help.

  70. Thank you for letting us get our voices heard. I truly feel that nobody cares about us seniors anymore where as the cola being raised it won’t help it hurts me because theny rent will raise ,my food stamps drop and everything else goes up so it makes it even harder on me

  71. I hear about the retirees but about the disabled. I can’t not afford to pay my credit card because my rent went up from $74 to $425. And thats Section 8. Apparently its bevause I have extra rooms for my grandkids when they stay with me for the summer. Which they both caught the in Aug and me Nov of 2020. This is a strain on me. Person with medical issues like anxiety high blood pressure restless leg syndrome which makes my life full of tremors. Please what can I do. Help me!

  72. What the political people, and those that get a check each week, don’t understand is. Seniors might be getting a raise. It won’t do a bit of good. Because Medicare is going up, rent goes up. Light bill, water all comes from one check a month. Which is less than a labor worker makes in a week.
    Now where is the seniors going to come up , bills are all we know. It wasn’t that way when we were younger.

  73. Please give us a check before the first of the year. Can’t make ends meet now There will be no way.i can.make it till January

  74. We all need help I am 65 and wife 63 we have to live 1200 a month now we some food stamps. Help us I can’t work no more. My wife can’t work no more. Thank you. Mr Otis fuson

  75. We the people of the United States, for we do need you all’s help and that’s for real,I my self do need you all’s help, seeing a doctor and a dentist also a spine doctor and a Cancer Doctor or a Cancer Foundation. Alcus. Thanks

  76. Social Security gives us a raise but we never see it,because when you live in a low income housing complex they raise your rent,and also our food stamps go down so we never even see it before its gone on raising our rent this is so sad for a lot of low income people like me

  77. I believe the American people need another 1400, cost of living is going up higher and there is still a pandemic when those who have shot are dying and still getting sick. Virginia and other states need to be shut down until its really under control.

  78. Raising the ss to six precent will not be enough, because every time there is a cost of living raise. The cost living and insurance go up about the same amount as the same six percent that is being paid. If you could stop the cost of living from going up and let the peoples catch up from this covid ,then yes, we will be able to have extra and start back saving again. I also think that working single parent should be able to get food stamps to feed there school age kids. Especially, when the state refused to make the father pay child support. Because the child live in a differents state .Thanks for listening.

  79. Until now I haven’t get my 2 nd and 3rd stimulus checks. When and how can I get my 2nd and 3rd checks wil I’ll still getting it ?

  80. Ssi and retired adults need another stimulus check as they don’t get that big of checks to barely live on as it I’m behind on gas and electric and car insurance and my tags for my car and can’t seem to catch on ssi

  81. How long will it take before we get our fourth stimulus check for people who are on SSI and SSDI is it going to be anytime soon

  82. I am on SSI ihad to back to work too try and pay my bills still can’t pay for my rent at times it’s so hard trying to leaved offf what I get on SSI be why want me.see this we the ld people’s need hello as well as the child tax law . Why can’t we get. A check too help pay for all we can.

  83. I’m on SSI I have 3 grandkids lm raising done got evicted and draw 660 a month so how I’m I suppost to get another place to live

  84. I truly think this is pretty freaking sad that the President Joe Bidin isn’t looking at Senior citizens, But only at family with children,, KEEP in mind without this family, There wouldn’t be GRAND PARENTS TO WHERE THESE FAMILY WOULD’VE HAD CHILDREN, BUT ONCE AGAIN SERIOUSLY SENIOR CITIZEN ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TOTEM POLE …….PRESIDENT JOE BIDIN NOW THAT’S PRETTY FREAKING SAD !!!!!!

  85. why does age matter for ssi people on stimulus check. i cant work and cost of living is high, my rent is $724.00, for a one bedroom apartment thats to much.


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