What is RTP and Why Should You Know About It?

When playing any game, it pays to understand all of its different phrases and terms. These will help quickly familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and make decision-making easier.

This also applies to online casino games. One of the terms that you must learn is RTP.

If you have ever browsed through lists of online casino games, you will have come across the term “RTP.” It is usually listed as a percentage.

The concept of RTP can seem confusing at the beginning. However, understanding it will help you be more strategic and confident in the games you pick.

What is RTP?

RTP is an abbreviation for Return to Player percentage. It is an indication of the rewards a player can expect to win.

The higher the RTP, the more money the online game is programmed to give back to players.

When playing games like slot machines, the RTP will help you understand your chances of winning. Additionally, it gives an idea of the rewards.

If the value is 90%, you will likely lose 10% of the money you gamble. However, if played right, you can strategically use it to win more often.

Online casino games are trying their best to match the excitement of real-life games. That spurs many online operators to keep RTP levels close to the same as real-life casinos.

Today, you may even find better rates online than in a brick-and-mortar casino. This is one of the brilliant advantages to playing casino games online.

Another feature that online games have that real-life games don’t are the bonuses. These bonuses are included in the RTP and securing it can result in a big payout.

Almost all online slots feature a bonus capacity. This can be extra games, lucky dips, spin wheels, or free spins.

There are many casino games, but playing them all is not a viable way to find the best option for you. Looking for popular guides and lists is a way better way to get started.

Try to rank games by popularity as well as RTP. Most of the games will be found on both lists. To help you identify the top slot sites, consider these suggestions from Slots.info.

What is Variance?

A high RTP doesn’t necessarily mean you have an increased chance of a big win. When discussing a game’s potential, Variance, another mathematical indicator comes into play.

Variance decides the significance of the swings. A high variance means your game will work like a lottery – it will swing more often but to fewer players.

A low variance will offer smaller wins but on a more regular basis. Variance is what makes games fun.

If Variance works in your way, you may enjoy a huge profit. A day like that can see the casino end up in the red. There are many examples of massive wins bankrupting a casino.

Use RTP when choosing a game

Playing is always better and more fun when you are winning. That’s why it is a smarter decision to use RTP values as your guide to finding the right game.

There is a strong correlation between RTP numbers and game popularity. It is simple. People like games with a higher RTP.

Practical uses of RTP

Are you still confused about the workings of RTP? If so, let’s take a look at the practical example given below.

This example assumes a slot machine has a 100% RTP. This would mean the casino will break even on this particular machine. After about a year of use, the machine would have given back all the money spent by players.

However, each player will probably have a much different experience from another player. Will a player get all his money back? Probably not.

But if a player is lucky, he will win back his money plus another player’s money too.

The RTP doesn’t mean a lot over a few games. A player could have an individual RTP of over 140% at the end of the day. But, if enough rounds are played, this number will definitely even out.

What is the average RTP?

Generally, reputable casino operators set an RTP of between 94 to 97%. 96% is most often the designated value and it ensures the operator will profit from the game.

The RTP of any game will be noted in the help section or FAQs although there are rare exceptions to it. For example, games licensed in Curacao aren’t required to disclose the RTP.

The bottom line? Always opt for games with higher RTPs as those games are programmed to give you higher returns. However, don’t assume that will land you a huge win as Variance plays a key role too.

Usually, RTP does not have to be your defining factor when choosing a game. That being said, we recommend you don’t play games below 95%.

Most casino operators create games with a fixed RTP.

In some cases, operators have a set scale that varies depending on the market. Some will require more headroom in markets with high taxes. But, there are moments where lower values are used just because of greed.

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