Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Just Ruined One of the Biggest Investing Abbreviations Ever

The five Big Tech giants, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google are known in funding circles just as FAANG for years. That was until Thursday when Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg diverted his inner meta. 

Who Founded the Acronym Facing?

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The FAANG investing acronym was formed in 2013 by the founder of TheStreet (full disclosure, my former boss who also created the term “Cloud Kings”), Jim Cramer. It was appealing as hell as well as fact to create for the companies it depicted. 

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Just for a while thinking of fang on a mad dog and it’s no different from all the five tech giants ripping the throats of minor companies over the spectrum. And due to that intensity moving to jaw-dropping surplus in almost every quarter other than Amazon on Thursday night, fang also indicated the intense scale of the share prices of all the five tech bulls.

As an investment, FAANG has simply performed and put efforts enormously best among well-known investing culture and fiscally speaking. 

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Facebook Has a Boosted by 163 Percent in the Last Five Years

The NYSE FANG Index, which monitors specifically the growth of these companies, has regenerated an excellent 455 percent in the last five years. Facebook, which is the very first name in the investing acronym, has managed to gain an incredible 163 percent in five years.

Combinedly, all of the five FAANG shares have seen an average rise of an amazing 322 percent in the last five years. Well, that is impressive enough, but now all the investing fun here is over from now on as a result of the decision taken by Zuckerberg. 

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On 1st December, it is confirmed that Facebook will make the change of its name to Metaverse officially. New ticker symbol: MVRS.

Therefore, pull up yourselves to move in the era of MAANG. We expect it will prove to be as money-spinning as FAANG.

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