Former Adviser Says Trump Let Thousands Die of COVID for No Reason: Big Statement Revealed

The coronavirus pandemic caused millions of deaths all around the world. Many of the people suffered directly from the disease but some suffered due to the isolation and many became the victim of chaos and panic situations. Hence the covid-19 brought all sorts of the worst-case scenarios for most of the people in the world. One thing that led many people towards death was the ignorance of the severity of the disease. It was not the case that only people with no or little awareness were taking the Coronavirus lightly and not adopting the proper precautions for safety but many prominent personalities exhibited ignorance in this matter. Among these, one of the high profile names is Donald Trump according to his Former Adviser.

Who is Dr Deborah Brix? What Was Her Purpose During Trump’s Administration?

Dr Deborah Brix was Trump’s former advisor and also a long-time public health official. She is an American physician and diplomat and has served as the Coronavirus response coordinator in the White House under the presidency of Donald Trump from the year 2020 – 2021.

What Exactly is Trump Being Accused of by the Former Advisor?

One of the former advisors of the 45th President released a statement that Trump could have handled the situation of the Coronavirus pandemic more effectively. According to her, Trump failed to prevent a lot of deaths because of his sheer ignorance and mismanagement. Trump’s former advisor, Dr Deborah Brix, in her interview on 12 and 13 October told the investigators with the House sub-committee on the covid 19 crises that if Trump had undertaken the right procedures then his administration could have prevented around 40 per cent of the deaths.

Dr Brix, the former advisor, commented that former president Donald Trump did not do as much as he could to prevent people from death. She had the same views regarding the White House. According to her, Trump did not take the measures that were critical in helping to increase awareness amongst people regarding the coronavirus. She also said that if certain restrictions were put in place at the right time then it could have sufficiently curbed down the spread of the deadly virus.

Former Adviser Says Trump Let Thousands Die of COVID for No Reason

In her own words, she believes if the administration had fully implemented the mask mandates, and reduced indoor dining getting people to collectively understand the danger linked to private home gathering with simultaneously increasing the testing, we probably could have decreased fatalities into the 30 per cent–less to 40 per cent–less range.

While working under former president Donald trump Dr Brix faced a lot of criticism for taking the right steps whenever needed during the pandemic. She was criticized as she debunked the false theory of the 45th president such as injecting people with disinfectant as the cure.

What do Other Personalities of Politics Have to Say Regarding Comments of Former Advisor About Donald Trump?

It has been reported that the chair of the subcommittee and third-ranking Rep. James Clyburn, in the house also agreed with the former advisor, Dr Brix comments on Trump’s poor performance in tackling the widespread coronavirus disease. According to him, Donald Trump was more inclined towards the political benefits rather than considering the health of his own people. He believed that Trump remained ignorant and refused to follow the required protocol and make people implement the advice that doctors were giving. Rep. James Clyburn released a statement saying :

“Brix’s interviews confirm that President Trump’s prioritization of politics, contempt for science, and refusal to follow the advice of public health experts undermined the nation’s ability to respond effectively to the coronavirus crisis.”

On the other hand, many people are inclined towards the former president’s side, among which is the spokesperson Liz Harington. According to him, the situation was much better when Donald Trump was president as compared to now. He said that the current government policies to tackle coronavirus have taken much more lives but the fake media is not covering that part.

All of this ongoing blaming of both parties on each other has resulted in no change and one thing is clear that people are still dying. Hope we all can work together and understand the importance of fighting the pandemic by properly following government protocols and saving our loved ones.

Hope everyone stays safe during these testing times.

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