The False Claim That ‘Hundreds’ Died in the Astroworld Festival Tragedy

The hyped Astroworld concert in Houston took a turn for the absolute worst when a catastrophic crowd surge left 9 people dead with hundreds injured. The infamous rapper, Travis Scott, reportedly kept on with his performance even after seeing an ambulance in the crowd and receiving news of people suffocating near the stage.

Although the investigation is underway, the star is in deep waters with people appalled at his nonchalance regarding safety concerns as he continued his performance despite receiving news of people passing out near the stage. 

The Tragic Event Leaves People Disturbed and Angry

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The Astroworld tragedy has troubled people all over the world and as the events gain traction on social media, more and more people are sharing what they feel about this festival’s tragic turn of events. Lawsuits are lining up against Travis Scott and Live Nation as people are approaching firms.

The authorities are yet to investigate what went wrong. Mostly, families are concerned with the incompetence of the concerned security management at the concert and why Travis’s performance couldn’t be stopped in time compromising the safety of all the attendees.

The deadly crowd surge has cost 9 people their lives and the pain stretches far beyond those who just passed away as their families will struggle with the accident, grieving over losing a cherished one in such an unfortunate affair. The more you think about it the more disturbing it gets.

It’s hard to imagine the loss of the families of the deceased. 

Astroworld Festival tragedy

Hundreds of People Die at Astroworld Festival Claims Social Media

The Astroworld Festival in Houston on November 5 resulted in the immediate death of 8 people who dreadfully lost their lives as the crowd compressed on itself when a massive number of people started moving towards the stage. Hundreds from the crowd were injured and rushed to the ER.

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The total count of fatalities has risen to 9 since a 22-year-old young girl who was injured and admitted to the hospital passed away on November 10th.

These are the facts as confirmed by authorities but people are stringing their conclusions. Social media post claiming the Houston news to be hiding the truth has gone viral on the internet receiving 7400 likes in the past six days.

The posts are alleging the local news is lying about the death count tally and instead of just 8, hundreds have lost their lives. As per USA Today, the tragedy resulted because of a crowd surge that started way before Travis’s performance.

People were so tightly packed that it was difficult to breathe and the poor management proved to be of no help. 

Houston mayor Sylvester Turner reported to CNN that the investigation will take time. It could probably take a few weeks if not more. He however confirmed that the death toll is lower than the “hundreds” being claimed by social media posts.

Are the “Hundreds Die Claim” Fact or False?

The post is based on the recollection of an unidentified emergency room nurse who was working the ER shift the night of the Astroworld concert.

The text in the tweeted image says that the ER nurse witnessed a dozen kids in their 20’s die because of a cardiac situation and several other calls were going in the emergency room with a similar situation.

Michele Arnold who is a spokesperson at the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences which performs autopsies also confirmed eight deaths associated with the Astroworld tragedy on Nov 11.

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From the current understanding of the happenings, it is highly unlikely that hundreds of deaths were hidden from public view. It has been confirmed by officials and authorities that the official death toll is 9 with several other people who are injured but not dead.

The institute of forensic sciences is leading the effort in recording the official death count and their claims are more trustworthy than a few random viral internet posts. The tragedy has deeply saddened everyone to the core and the misinformation is creating more anxiety around the situation.

Further wait as the investigation concludes in a few weeks will reveal what transpired the crowd surge resulting in this huge loss. 

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