Employers Are ‘Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Job Seekers Bcoz of Workers Shortage

What Is This All About?

Today, on 17th November 2021, it has been revealed that the indication of a shortage of workers has surfaced from “help wanted” signs in shop windows which depicts a total number of American citizens of approximately 4.4 million who left their jobs in September.

It is such a distressing and pitiful situation for the companies and corporations that they are desperately looking for employees but unfortunately are failing to hire any one of them due to the shortage and inadequacy of the workers.

What Techniques Employers Are Planning to Use to Gain Workers and Reduce Worker Shortage

 According to employers the conventional methods of attracting new employees, such as an increment in salary are not that much efficient. From one of the renowned job advertising company’s CEO’s point-of-view: one of the things that draw workers more than anything else is teleworking. Progressively, job seekers are getting what they want.

Whilst, the founder and CEO of ZipRecruiter, Ian Siegel, stated that: “It was a difficult process for employers. Previously, we assumed that all the workers were reluctant to go back to work because they were afraid of getting sick, or they did not have childcare or were getting incentive checks, or they did not have to pay their mortgages. All are now gone. One of the reasons we were talking about. 

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Despite trying everything the workers still did not return. Additionally, by the statistical data, apart from the number of people who left their jobs just two months ago, there are still almost 10.4 million vacancies left.

Despite the rise in the hirings, with five lakh and thirty-one thousand workers who have been added to US payrolls in October, still, the country’s national labor force is three million workers behind from its initial level before the pandemic.

To add the facts further, the economists predicted before this year that the economy would add a million jobs per month. Perhaps, so far, the workforce involvement rate is the lowest level that has been achieved up till now since 1977. 

Worker shortage

Furthermore, to support the above-mentioned facts and analysis, Ian Siegel stated that: “The response from employers has been to effectively roll out the red carpet for job seekers.

They are pulling out at every stop they can think of. They are raising wages. They are offering an increasing number of interest-bearing jobs. They are offering flexible schedules. They are offering entry-level job seekers the opportunity to get into and pay for college.” 

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It is now being assumed that the main essence and key element of the tactic to draw workers is to offer the option to work remotely to suitable candidates.

During the covid period, people have discovered a brand-new and pleasing way to live. It is the very first advantage employers offer over ZipRecruiter. Two years back, less than two percent of jobs mentioned were of remote work. Now more than ten percent of jobs mention working remotely.

It is being observed that the firms that offer remote opportunities have the most success in hiring. 

Siegel believes that the market would rise and return to its pre-pandemic level in about a year. People who choose not to work and live on savings should realize that their savings would sooner or later run out.

The U.S. personal savings rate fell to its lowest post-pandemic level of 7.5 percent in September, the latest month for which data is available. 

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It is an undeniable fact that not every job can be done remotely. Whereas Ian Siegel mentioned that: “About sixty percent of jobs nationwide require employees to work in person. Those dynamics were good for workers and good for ZipRecruiter, which recently reported more than double its third-quarter sales.

It is a golden age to be a job seeker. You have never seen employers struggle so hard to get your attention.” Well, Siegel is indeed totally correct because it has never happened in history that the employers are pleading with the workers and workforce to join their companies.

After all, the worker shortage level has increased so rapidly, all due to the pandemic. Now, it all depends on the workers and employees how are they going to take this “invitation” as and what would be their response in reply to those “help wanted” posters. 

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