NBC’s Maria Shriver Sparks Outrage After Asking ‘How It Is Possible’ Rittenhouse Walked Out of Court a Freeman 

EXCLUSIVE: Yesterday, i.e., on Monday, November 22, 2021, the NBC anchor Maria Shriver shared her views on social media by tweeting a message regarding the court’s decision on Kyle Rittenhouse’s case on Friday.

As it is known already that the case was about after shooting and killing two people and injuring a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the August 2020 demonstrations after the death of Jacob Blake, Rittenhouse was found not guilty and innocent on Friday afternoon on five charges, including uncontrolled murder. 

Maria Shriver’s Point of View

The judge and court officials listened and observed the entire trial of Friday, November 20, 2021, very carefully and vigilantly. Hence, there is no chance that Kyle Rittenhouse would have walked out of court like a free man without any interrogation and that easily.

Also, the actual prime suspect was caught too through Kyle Rittenhouse’s testimony, so there was no point in charging Kyle Rittenhouse and considering him a culprit when it was proved in the court that he was not one. 

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Whilst, to Maria Shriver, this matter does not seem as straightforward as it appears to be. She is not satisfied with the judge and juries’ decision.

Additionally, she added the statements of numerous other famous social media personalities who shared their thoughts over this case, stating that Kyle Rittenhouse was supposed to be charged; he was falsely defending himself.

Maria shared further her views saying that it is tough for her to accept this court decision which is quite a lot confusing for her since she believes that how can Kyle Rittenhouse was not indicted for anything at all, which makes her completely speechless. 

Rittenhouse walked

Maria stated further that someone armed with weapons had killed people; he walked out of the court so simply; how is that even possible? Continuing her comment more, she challenged the court decision and asked the judge and jury to clarify on which basis they had taken this decision. 

Some Criticism on Maria Shriver’s Claim

It is not that all people support Maria Shriver’s claim; somewhat, the remaining are opposing it too, saying that she lacks a good understanding of the whole case.

To mention a few, one of the news reporters, Stephen Gutowski noted in his statement that Maria was not following the case details at all; otherwise, there was no valid reason for challenging the court’s decision. 

Protesters Trace the Route Rittenhouse Took in Kenosha

The list of Kyle Rittenhouse’s supporters and defenders is vast, which includes Nicholas Sandmann too. Hence, he was also accused immediately by people for something he never did.

He understands that what Kyle Rittenhouse must have gone through during this entire period began from the imposition of charges to court trials and then finally getting free again. In support of Kyle Rittenhouse, he stated that Kyle Rittenhouse was tagged as a “white supremacist” and “domestic terrorist” without even knowing his side of the story in the same manner as I was tagged as a “racist”.

He stated further that the people who are criticizing the court decision never gave Kyle Rittenhouse and me the chance to prove ourselves correct as they have self-assumed already in their minds that we were the culprits.

The primary source of criticism was the media, who kept blaming me and are blaming Kyle Rittenhouse now without any shame and reluctance as he is an easy target for them about whom they can depict or say anything. 

Nicholas Sandmann has shared a strong and valid point in front of everyone, which should be considered by those who are still challenging the court decision, including Maria Shriver.

Now, Maria needs to think again regarding the whole case and then judge the court’s decision and pass any comments over it since the court would have indeed taken the correct decision keeping in mind all the evidence, self-defenses, and testimonies. 

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