Nothing About This Is Normal: RNC Payments to Trump Attorneys Irk Gop Officials

The Republican National Committee paid the lawyers working for Trump $121,670. A former esteemed official of the party referred to this as not normal.

This payment to the law firm that represents the previously elected President Donald Trump is objectionable. The current and former members of the GOP have raised questions about where the priorities of the party stand. This move has undoubtedly made the officials skeptical and irritated. The point to be noted is that it is a very crucial time considering the nearing elections. The officials have raised concerns about the party’s ability to stand on neutral grounds.

The Attorneys who were paid:

The attorneys Fischetti and Malgieri have received separate payments. The total combined amount paid to them is $121,670. This was first listed in the latest filing to the Federal Election Commission, reported on Monday.

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Ronal Fischetti, who is the partner of the firm based in New York, was first hired by the Organization of Trump last April. The decision was made while the investigations of the financial practices were going on. District Attorney of Manhattan Cyrus Vance Jr. and Letitia James, State Attorney General, was investigating this matter.

RNC Payments to Trump
RNC Payments to Trump

An RNC spokesperson said in the defense of these payments that they are “entirely appropriate”. The party is assisting Trump to fight against the continuous attacks on him. This is why these payments for “legal expenses” were approved.

Few of the officials also questioned this decision while speaking with CNN. They want an answer that why the party would assist a billionaire financially, who has a history of using the political committees to cover legal costs for him. 

The Statements from various former and current RNC Officials:

“This is not normal. Nothing about this is normal, especially since he is not only a former President but a billionaire”, said a former RNC official. The official raised concerns about how this action relates to the assistance of Republicans in 2022 or the preparation for the primary 2024.

Bill Palatucci, thinking back to the close and tight election competition, said that the party could have used these resources then, as we were in the middle of a literal “combat”.

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It is notable that although Donald Trump helps the party to raise money, he is most likely to run for President, so it is going to be hard to maintain a distance. This equation between the party and Trump has been called “a hostage situation” by one of the RNC officials.

He pointed out that Trump could literally destroy the GOP if he makes the decision of leaving or starts to encourage the supporters that they stop their contributions. It is highly risky, especially if the RNC stops footing his legal bills. So, it is clear that the party needs him.

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Whatever may be the reasons, some party officials have defended the action while some have many questions to ask. Priorities and neutrality are among the main concerns of all. Some are irked, and they expressed their disappointment. The party has softly refused to take any questions or make any statement about the upcoming elections. When Trump is most likely to stand for the elections, it would be a very interesting sight. Only time holds the answer for all these unanswered questions.


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