Are Liquor Stores Open on Memorial Day?

Now that the holiday weekend has arrived, many people will have the opportunity to take a day off from work. On Monday, the United States will mark Memorial Day, which is a time to pay respect to those who have served in the armed forces in the past.

People take advantage of long weekends like this one to get caught up with one another and share a meal, which has led to an increase in the number of family gatherings that occur.

During the warm summer months, people who enjoy a refreshing beer or drink will, without a shadow of a doubt, be making a trip to the local liquor store in order to stock up on all of the necessary components.

It may be hard to know which stores are open and which are closed on any particular holiday, regardless of the nature of the holiday and whether or not it is one that is religious or national in character.

There is a possibility that more intimate shops will be closed on Memorial Day, in contrast to larger department stores like Target and Walmart. On the occasion of Memorial Day, Costco will join the ranks of the other companies that will be closed.

But what about the places that sell alcoholic beverages?

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Are any of the local liquor stores going to be open on Memorial Day?

Liquor stores’ holiday hours vary from state to state, unlike grocery stores. So if you find yourself in a state that prohibits the purchase of alcoholic beverages on Memorial Day, you may want to think ahead. However, according to Delish, the following states do not permit the operation of liquor stores:

  • Alabama – closed
  • Idaho – closed
  • Montana – closed
  • Utah – closed

There is a good chance that a liquor store will be open on Memorial Day if you don’t live in one of the states listed above. It’s possible, however, that if your local liquor store isn’t part of a major chain, it may close or adjust its hours for the holiday. To be safe, call your local liquor store ahead of time to confirm that it will be open on Monday.

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