Jimmy Conway Cause of Death: Who Is He And Life In Prison?

A notorious former Italian-American gangster, Jimmy Conway has created havoc during his time. If you have watched the film “Goodfellas,” you will know who Jimmy Conway is. But Jimmy Conway cause of death has raised a lot of questions since many believe that the gangster is still alive. He was such a prominent figure in the world of crime that it is hard for anyone to believe Jimmy Conway cause of death. That’s why the rumors about Jimmy being healthy and alive are popular even today. So, what are the truth and Jimmy Conway cause of death?

Who is Jimmy Conway?

Jimmy Conway whose real name is James Burke is also known as Jimmy The Gent. He had an association with the infamous Lucchese crime family with the Paul Cicero gang, a wanted Italian-American Mafia Group. His mother was Irish and gave birth to James on 5th July 1931. The gangster started living in foster homes when he was just two years old.

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He started selling alcohol, and illegal drugs and also became a hitman at the age of 16. Jimmy dominated the mafia world from the 70s to the 90s. If you remember the “Lufthansa Heist ” that happened in 1979, it was one of the craziest money making heists that America has seen ever. In fact, many participants were ultimately dead after this. It was said that Jimmy was the one who killed most of the participants.

 The gangster had an Irish descent so he wouldn’t have entered the American mafia gang without the help of Paul Cicero. He started by working under several territories for Paul who controlled many locations. But soon he climbed his way up. Jimmy went forward to hire Henry Hill along with Tommy DeVito to be a part of the sub crew. However, Jimmy was a very generous man, he gave huge tips to the waiter, doorman, and more. There were people who loved him and so, they were trying to find Jimmy Conway cause of death as that was a huge deal for them.

Jimmy Conway Life in Prison: What is Jimmy Conway Cause of Death?

At first, Jim was strictly under parole restriction when he got involved in the Boston College scandal. However, he violated the restrictions in 1982 and got arrested. This led him to get a sentence of life in prison. Soon, Jimmy got diagnosed with cancer. So, Jimmy Conway’s cause of death was cancer and he died on 13th April 1996. The gangster was taken to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center located in Buffalo. 

jimmy Conway Cause Of Death
Jimmy Conway Cause Of Death

Jimmy Conway cause of death was investigated after he was found dead since he was eligible for parole on 11th March 2004. So, doubts were there that there was foul play that contributed to Jimmy Conway’s cause of death. But later it was proven that it was cancer that took his life.

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However, after his death, a 2001 television film named “The Big Heist” was released that even detailed Jimmy Conway’s cause of death and his life in crime. Much later, the FBI along with the NYPD did find out proof of several human remains in the home where he used to live. In 2014, there was another documentary that had like 30 episodes. It is “Playing for the Mob” and the same actor, Ray Liotta who was Henry Hill in the cult classic “Goodfellas” is the narrator.

Even after decades, everyone is interested to know Jimmy Conway’s cause of death and more about the gangster’s life. From murders to illegal business, Jimmy is a man that history will remember. Today, his life story is popular among youngsters as well.

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