Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

No matter what you sell, you cannot ignore the power of Facebook. With an audience of 2.32 billion monthly active users, the platform is a goldmine for small businesses looking to boost sales and grow. But due to its popularity, it can also be a little hard to get noticed on the platform.

You’ll need a great Facebook marketing strategy to attract and engage the right audience and stand out from the competition. Here are five Facebook marketing tips for small businesses that will ensure your marketing is highly effective.

Set Your Facebook Marketing Goals

Every marketing campaign should have a high return on investment. But you won’t be able to measure the ROI without clear marketing goals. Be clear if the campaign is geared towards brand awareness, lead generation, driving traffic, or customer service improvement. That way, you’ll create a campaign that aligns with your goals and be able to measure its effectiveness.

Optimize Your Business Page

Facebook algorithms have advanced, and you need to do more than create a business account to get noticed. You must choose a great template for your business page and use keywords to show up on Facebook search.

To optimize your business page, take advantage of the various features designed to help you achieve your marketing goals. For instance, an optimized charity page will prominently feature the “donate” button or links to external fundraisers. Visit the Page Settings tab to optimize your business account accordingly.

Diversify the Content You Post

Like a master chef, you have to serve different dishes to keep your audience glued. Post different types of content to attract and keep their attention. If you share too many blog posts, you’ll bore your audience and be punished by the Facebook algorithm. To achieve your marketing goals, you must share different types of content to boost engagement. You’ll need to share both educational and promotional content to avoid being too salesy.

Utilize Facebook Tools

Most businesses focus on content creation and forget some handy Facebook tools such as messenger and Augmented Reality (AR). These powerful but underutilized tools could help you achieve outstanding results with Facebook marketing.

Facebook Messenger is a great communication tool, especially when combined with chatbots. It becomes a virtual assistant that auto-responds to your audience and ramps up your customer service.

Augmented Reality, though slightly challenging to use, can help you create more engaging ads that encourage audience participation. Viewers watching AR-enhanced ads can virtually interact with products like makeup and wearables like glasses in their news feed. And AR isn’t just for fashion brands. For instance, if you sell vehicles, you can use AR to enable users to customize and personalize a dealers car, as KIA did with its Stinger.

Post Frequently

Slightly over 60 million business pages post around 55 million status updates and 350 million photos daily on Facebook. If you’re not careful, you can quickly lose your audience’s attention.

Although you don’t have to post daily, your posts should be frequent enough to ensure you stay on your fans’ minds and appeal to new people. Also, posting frequently positions your business as a reliable and experienced brand.

Be Strategic with Facebook Marketing to Maximize Returns

Facebook can offer a lot of value to your business and turn your target audience into paying customers. But its popularity and algorithms make it difficult for companies to get noticed. You have to be strategic to connect with your target audience and maximize investment returns.

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