Tips for betting on the NHL

The NHL has returned to our television screens once again, with the 2021/22 season sure to exhilarate hockey fans once again with the very best talent that the sport has to offer. As the new season dawns, it is a course to look at the best tips available should you be placing any bets ahead of any upcoming fixtures.

Firstly, it is important to note that certain sectors across the US and Canada still prohibit the use of betting, particularly in sports, so be aware of the laws surrounding gambling in any areas that you currently take residence in.

That being said, the US has recently taken a more lenient approach to the gambling industry and some laws have been either abolished or relaxed in recent years, almost mimicking the laws that are accustomed to the UK audiences.

A number of US states now offer online sportsbooks that allow fans to participate in sports betting, some of these states include the country’s biggest and most competitive markets such as New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania among others.

In Canada, the major sectors are also slightly more relaxed with the laws involving sports betting as major states such as Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia now also allow wagering on sporting events to a certain extent.

As stated, the UK’s principles with regards to betting have always been more flexible than the US and Canadian laws, but with both countries now looking to ease on the illegalization of gambling in a number of states, it allows the extended audiences to enjoy the wider fundamentals available for a variety of gambling events available, with sport being a particular favorite amidst consumers.

Both the US and Canada have an abundance of sporting leagues available to partake in gambling activities, but possibly one of the most unanimously viewed sporting organizations from both countries is the NHL.

The Unique Betting Events Are Available in the NHL.

Since the competition’s establishment way back in 1917, the National Hockey League has long been the premier destination to catch the very best action and athletes from the withstanding yet physical sport that is ice hockey.

With the NHL being the most profoundly watched hockey league in the world, there a number of betting variations to select from that all offer a different range of gambling games towards its selective audiences.

  • Money Line:
  • Arguably the most common and most simple means when betting in sports, money line focuses on the spectacle of betting on one side to defeat their opponents with sportsbook stakes on the line dependent on the outcome.
  • Overall money line can give viewers a greater insight on who the odds-on favorites are for a game and issue accurate odds based on a team’s current standings or available names.
  • Over/Under:
  • A very accurate and convenient method when used to bet on NHL games as this strategy will often focus around the goalscoring abilities of both teams and particularly if both sides are offensive juggernauts who are capable of scoring multiple goals in a game.
  • This method would often depend on how the betting maker will determine the total value of goals that will be scored in a game.
  • Puck Line
  • Much like Over/under bets, Puck Line is a very frequently used method when betting on ice hockey games as this will depend on the potential number of goals scored by a chosen team that the consumer has selected.
  • Similar to football/soccer, hockey only tallies a goal by one point each time meaning games are not seen as being high-scoring affairs compared to other sports, making it easier to determine a potential outgoing result unless there is an extremely high scoring deficit between both sides.
  • Parlay Betting:
  • A betting method that is often only used for consumers who are willing to gamble a monumental amount of revenue on a game.
  • Sometimes the risk is well worth the reward, but this method is often the most cautious used by sporting fans and mainly only meant for those who have a bountiful of earnings to use on gambling.

Ahead of the 2021/22 NHL Season.

It’s officially the 105th season of NHL action and that means fans will already be clamoring to place their early predictions in motion for who they foresee lifting this year’s Stanley Cup.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have the possibility to complete a three-peat this season after defeating the Montreal Canadians in just five games in last season’s finals.

Russian All-Star and All-NHL goaltender, Andrei Vasilevskiy, was named as the Finals MVP as Tampa Bay breezed past their Atlantic Division rivals to win their third Stanley Cup in franchise history.

Should the Lighting win the Cup for a third consecutive year, they would become only the fourth franchise in league history to achieve this impressive feat but will likely face stiff competition from a number of league rivals.

Washington winger Alex Ovechkin will be looking to continue to carve his name further into the history books, with the three-time Hart memorial trophy winner looking to restate his case once again as one of the greatest wingers to ever lace up in the NHL.

The Edmonton Oilers will also be looking to win their first Stanley Cup since 1990 with the franchise housing the past two seasons MVPs in Center’s Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid who has since enjoyed his best campaign after being drafted first overall back in 2015.

Fans should also be aware of the latest rookies selected in this year’s draft class with the Buffalo Sabres selecting the defensive Canadian Owen Power from Michigan as well as all of the teams who had high first-round selections who could possibly help turn their franchise back into future championship contenders.

There is plenty to look forward to ahead of the new NHL season but should fan be considering placing any future bets on upcoming games, they should be sure to have great knowledge and background on the teams in question and whether they will be looking to become a future contender or are still in a long-lasting rebuilding phase.

Overall, the NHL is back, and we cannot wait to see who surprises us the most heading into the new season and who is capable of challenging for the 2022 Stanley Cup.

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