Meghan Ory Pregnant While Filming Chesapeake Shores, Expecting Third Child!

Meghan Ory is a TV and movie actress from Canada. She was born on August 20, 1982. She is best known for playing Red Riding Hood/Ruby on Once Upon a Time, which airs on ABC. She also played Riley Neal in the short-lived CBS drama Intelligence. Ory plays the role of Abby O’Brien in the Hallmark family drama Chesapeake Shores.

How old is Meghan Ory?

Canadian-born Meghan Ory, now 38 years old, entered the world on August 20, 1982. She was born to her proud parents, Nathan E. Ory and Bonnie Ory. Meghan is a mixed (Ashkenazi Jewish) Canadian citizen. Jesse Ory, her brother, is a medical professional.

She started attending Royal Oak Middle School and discovered her passion for performing around that time. Furthermore, she was honored with the school’s Fine Arts Award for Acting. She continued her education at Claremont High School. Ory has been vague about the institution of higher education she attended.

Meghan Ory Pregnant
Meghan Ory Pregnant

Who Is Meghan Ory?

Canada’s own Meghan Ory stars on screen and on the small screen. Once Upon a Time, an ABC fantasy series, made her a household name for her portrayal of Red Riding Hood/Ruby. She also portrayed Riley Neal in the canceled CBS drama Intelligence.

Meghan Ory’s current TV gig is on the Hallmark Channel’s family drama Chesapeake Shores, where she plays the role of Abby O’Brien. Victoria, British Columbia, is the place of her birth. She got her to start performing on stage.

Is Meghan Ory Pregnant?

Lots of people think Meghan Ory might be expecting a child. However, we cannot confirm or deny its veracity. She has clues that suggest she might be pregnant. In the caption of a photo she shared, Meghan wrote, “#set #acting like I’m not going to throw up.”

They already had two children under her care. Her actions haven’t changed, yet many people still think she’s expecting a child.

Is Meghan Ory Pregnant With Third Child?

During the filming of Chesapeake Shores, Meghan Ory broke the news that she was expecting a child. In pictures she published on Instagram on July 2, 2022, she discussed the challenges she had to overcome during the sixth season.

Meghan Ory Pregnant
Meghan Ory Pregnant

So, does this information suggest that the actress will have child number three? Her supporters, who appear to be ecstatic at the good news, have been thanking her, and some of them have given her the thumbs up for her resilience.

During the production of the sixth season of Chesapeake Shores, the actress, who was already a mother to one child, became pregnant with her second child, as was reported by People. During filming, Meghan said that she had been experiencing severe morning sickness due to her pregnancy. A problem that makes it difficult for a person to consume food or liquids led to the weight loss of a 39-year-old actress who was pregnant at the time. The condition also caused the pregnant woman to experience nausea and vomiting.

In any case, the actress appears to have made the most of her available resources to deal with the predicament. The actress also posted another picture on her Instagram account on May 2 with the message “#onset #acting like I’m not going to barf.”

In addition, some of her followers expressed their skepticism about her pregnancy in the comments section before she made the announcement.

Was Meghan Ory Pregnant While Filming Chesapeake Shores?

What Meghan Ory went through while filming the series finale of Chesapeake Shores has been made public. During the show’s production, she reveals that she experienced two separate health scares when she was pregnant and decided to go public with her story.

Meghan Ory Pregnant
Meghan Ory Pregnant

Persistent vomiting and nausea, as well as dehydration and dizziness, are symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness. She thanked “our incredible cast and crew for bearing with me as I tried not to throw up on anyone.”

Meghan Ory Husband

In 2008, Meghan Ory tied the knot with John Reardon. They met while working as Merlin’s apprentices and eventually married each other. John is an actor and collegiate football player. John’s acting career began on the Showcase series Continuum in the role of Greg Cameron in 2015.

In the 2019 season of the Canadian TV sitcom Hudson & Rex, John Reardon reprised his role as Detective Charlie Hudson. On the 30th of July 1975, John was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He attended Dublin’s Lir Academy of Dramatic Art for his education.

Meghan Ory’s Married Life With Her Husband

Meghan Ory, an actress, is married to fellow actor John Reardon. While filming the 2006 Hallmark Channel original movie Merlin’s Apprentice, Meghan first met John. It didn’t take long for them to become a couple after their initial encounter. A couple who had been dating for two years eventually tied the knot.

Meghan Ory Pregnant
Meghan Ory Pregnant

How Many Kids Does Meghan Ory Have?

John Reardon and Meghan Ory currently have two children of their own to care for. In May 2018, the actress became a mother for the first time to a baby boy. She and her husband John welcomed a girl into the world in October 2019, making this the couple’s second child. While their son is already four years, their daughter will soon turn three.

Being kind and attentive parents, Meghan and John have never been fans of disclosing personal information about their children publicly. Although they do not yet know their children’s names, the pair appears to be good parents who enjoy spending time with their offspring.


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