Does Mike Holmes’ Daughter Sherry Holmes Have Brain Tumor?

Talented doesn’t begin to describe Mike Holmes. For all his accomplishments as a builder, businessman, investor and philanthropist, Mike Holmes is best known as a reality TV star. Mike, who has been on several home repair shows, is now the main attraction in Holmes Family Effect.

Mike Holmes Jr. and Sherry Holmes, two of his offspring, also star in the show. Mike’s daughter, Sherry Holmes, will take up more space in this essay than her father. This article delves into Sherry’s background, wealth, brain tumor and more.

Sherry Holmes – Mike Holmes’s Daughter

Mike’s daughter Sherry is the middle child of him and his ex-wife, Alexandra Lorex. Amanda is their firstborn and Mike Holmes Jr. is their third. As for Sherry’s parents, Mike and Alexandra are no longer together because they divorced a long time ago.

In recent years, the Holmes family may have amassed a substantial fortune, but this was not always the case. As a result of the recession, they experienced severe financial difficulties and Mile was ultimately forced to declare bankruptcy.

Sherry’s parents’ health continued to decline as their financial situation deteriorated and the couple ultimately decided to divorce due to the bankruptcy. Despite the divorce, the Holmes family still loves and respects one other very much. Sherry has a strong relationship with both her father and her mother.


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When Sherry was a young girl living in Toronto with her family, her father introduced her to the building and remodeling trade. For a long time, Sherry didn’t treat the building as anything other than a job. Sherry concluded that she might have a successful career in building over time.

As of this writing, Sherry has been in more than half a dozen television series and is deeply passionate about her career as a building contractor.

Has Sherry Holmes Been Diagnosed with a Brain Tumor?

Sherry Holmes has had to persevere through more than her share of adversity to reach this point in her life. Sherry allegedly had a brain tumor identified on a CT scan when she was a young child. The tumor was treatable because it was still in its benign phase (cancer). Sherry has made a full recovery as of this writing.

Is Sherry Holmes Still with Her Husband?

Sherry and Blake Steed have remained happily married. In December 2018, the couple tied the knot during their destination wedding in St. Lucia. Sherry shared the timeline of their relationship in an Instagram post commemorating their first year of marriage. Before they married, she said, they had been together for 5 years and friends for 8 years.

Is Sherry Holmes Still with Her Husband
Is Sherry Holmes Still with Her Husband

The 21st of April 2019 saw the arrival of Sherry and Blake’s first child, a baby girl. Cali Kay Holmes Steed is their firstborn’s name. On October 6, 2021, they had a new daughter, Oaklyn Summer Holmes Steed.

How Much Is Sherry Holmes Net Worth?

There are estimates that Sherry Holmes is worth less than $2 million, but her family is worth more than $30 million as of this writing. Sherry told Storeys that her father, Mike, “would do building projects with [them] on the weekends,” exposing her to the construction industry at a young age.

Sherry, like her brother, initially didn’t think she’d end up working in construction. Sherry’s career in television began on “Holmes on Homes,” where she worked as a production assistant. There, she discovered a passion for building and collaborating with other crew members.

Later, she was a massive help to the Art Department on series like Holmes Inspection, Holmes Makes It Right and Holmes Makes It Right: Retooled.

Holmes has Sherry’s back. Sherry’s life changed forever in New Orleans, where she worked on the reconstruction efforts after Hurricane Katrina. She quickly recognized that she could significantly impact the construction industry.

Sherry has even made guest appearances since 2013. Holmes Make It Right was the first film in which she acted. She has since made appearances on other iterations of the Holmes franchise, including Holmes: The Next Generation, Holmes Make it Right: Retooled, Holmes & Holmes, and Holmes Family Effect.

Although Sherry may have found her calling in the building industry, she has also worked in other fields. So far, she has experimented with hairstyling, makeup application, pottery, baking and welding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sherry Holmes’s age?

Sherry, who was born in 1987, will turn 35 in the year 2022. She has her birthday on June 21 every year.

What is Sherry Holmes’s height?

At 5 feet and 8 inches, Sherry Holmes is about average height.

Is Sherry Holmes on Instagram or Facebook?

Sherry has over 50,000 Instagram followers under the handle @sherryholmes. She also has social media accounts, including on Twitter and Facebook.


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