Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2022: How Rich is the Gold Miner?

The American gold miner who made his fortune from finding gold, Parker Schnable can easily identify the best places to get quality gold. Ever since he started in the reality TV show “Gold Rush” and the spinoff “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail”, Parker Schnabel’s net worth has drawn the attention of the audiences. The journey of locating and collecting gold had built Parker Schnabel’s net worth.

Today, he is famously known as a reality TV star all thanks to his appearances in the show. After spending years showing the audiences the truth of the gold mining industry, what are the current updates on Parker Schnabel’s net worth? And how successful is he? We will talk about the details of Parker Schnabel’s life in this article.

Parker Schnabel Early life

Parents Roger and Nancy Schnabel had Parker Russell Schnabel on 22nd July 1994. He was born in the picturesque Haines, Alaska, and even has a brother named Payson. Parker’s interest in the mining industry started when he was only five years old. His grandfather, John Schnabel had a successful mining company named Big Nugget.

As a child, he used to visit the site and help his grandfather with mining work. It is said that Parker started handling all the heavy machinery even before he reached the height of touching pedals with his feet.

But he never wanted to leave his childhood behind to make the ultimate Parker Schnabel’s net worth. He went to high school even after being already famous and was a part of the varsity basketball team. Since he was an explorer and outdoorsy person, he wanted to pursue studying geology or mining in college. Parker Schnabel’s net worth was sufficient and he wanted to become a part of the family mining business. 

Parker Schnabel Career 

When Parker completed his graduation, he decided to manage the daily operations of his grandfather’s mine. His grandfather decided to step down from his year-old task of managing daily operations and it was a good start for Parker Schnabel’s net worth. It was Park who took charge of the miners and led them to locations where there are chances of finding a serious hold.

Initially, Parker decided to continue his education and attend college.

But things turned out differently since Parker decided to not attend college to find new opportunities and gold in the Yukon territory. For turning his goal into a possibility, he took the aid of the college trust funds that were reserved for him. Parker Schnabel’s net worth took a turn primarily when he started appearing in the Discovery Channel series “Gold Rush Alaska”. The show is more popularly known as “Gold Rush” and it first premiered in 2010.

The series used to show the process of mining, and in the first season, the troop of miners went to Porcupine Creek. He extended help to the miners and explained how they didn’t know anything about what they were supposed to do. The show ran for many seasons that eventually increased Parker Schnabel’s net worth. However, in the fourth season, he chooses to leave his family mine and build something of his own. Just into the first year of his mining business Parker was fortunate enough to find 1029 oz of gold during the mining operation.

Next, Parker Schnabel’s net worth kept multiplying since later he was in the reality television series “Gold Rush: The Dirt” which ran from 2012 to 2016. Another spinoff named “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” began next and he was also the producer of the three shows. If we have to go by number, Parker Schnabel’s net worth was unstoppable since, by 24, he had discovered and mined over 13 million dollars worth of gold that increased his business by manifolds.  Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2022

Parker Schnabel Personal Life 

Parker Schnabel’s net worth was sorted since childhood and so he only needed a loving personal life. The reality star started dating Ashley Youle who is an Australian veterinary nurse. You may have seen her in the show multiple times since she had accompanied Parker on his mining trip to Klondike.

But in 2018, the couple separated and Parker started dating the assistant producer of the show, Sheena Cowell. He doesn’t have a child but is the proud dad to his dog. Though he wants to have a family life, Parker is a workaholic individual whose number one priority is work.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth & Real Estate

Parker Schnabel’s net worth is $8 million which he gets from his mining career and TV appearances. Furthermore, Parker Schnabel’s net worth allowed him to splurge a huge amount on his $950 thousand dream mansion in Alaska having all the exclusive modern amenities. Parker Schnabel’s net worth gives him the means to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

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