Gabriel Iglesias Wife: Why Does He Keep His Love Life Private?

American comedian and actor Gabriel Jess Iglesias, better known by his stage name Fluffy. A series of stand-up specials, including I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy, have been produced by him for networks including Comedy Central and streaming services like Netflix.

He has starred in the Netflix comedy series Mr. Iglesias, appeared as Tobias in the first Magic Mike film (2012) and its sequel (2015), and voiced Speedy Gonzales in the animated film Space Jam: A New Legacy. On Comedy Central he hosted the show Stand Up Revolution, while on Fuse he hosted Fluffy’s Food Adventures. Iglesias was one of the world’s highest-paid comedians in 2018.

Gabriel Iglesias Early Life

Gabriel Iglesias was the youngest of six children and was born in San Diego, California, in 1976. As a child, he frequently relocated, living in Riverside, Corona, Santa Ana, Baldwin Park, and Compton before settling in Long Beach.

Gabriel Iglesias Wife
Gabriel Iglesias Wife

Gabriel Iglesias Career

According to the comedian’s bio, Gabriel Iglesias broke into comedy after quitting a stable career in the cell phone business, much to his family’s dismay. In 2000, he got his big break when he and future Nickelodeon stars Nick Cannon and Amanda Bynes made cameo appearances on the kids’ comedy sketch show All That.

In 2007, he voiced a Mexican family on an episode of Family Guy and identical twins on Disney’s The Emperor’s New School for Television. His next big break came on the fourth season of the stand-up comedy reality series Last Comic Standing when he made it to the final eight before being eliminated for bringing a cell phone on set.

Comedic Central aired Gabriel Iglesias in 2009, and in 2009, they released his DVD, titled I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy. Iglesias hosted the three-season stand-up showcase Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution on the network two years later.

With the help of his comedy fame, Gabriel Iglesias was able to launch a respectable acting career, appearing in films like Magic Mike and A Haunted House 2 and television shows like My Wife and Kids, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, and Modern Family.

Does Gabriel Lglesias Have A wife?

Despite being 44 years old, Gabriel Iglesias has never been married. Since Gabriel prefers to keep his personal life under wraps, we don’t know if he is available or not. Different sources say he’s secretly dating someone or that he’s still single after his latest breakup. Now that he’s single for the summer, he plans to devote his time to work and his dogs.

Who is Claudia Valdez?

Claudia Valdez is an actress best known for the 2010 movie Monsters, though she doesn’t seem to have performed in any large productions since. Not much is known about her personal life, other than the fact she was in a long-term relationship with Gabriel. Her son Frankie was born before she met Gabriel – his father is unknown to the public.

Gabriel Iglesias Keeps His Love Life Private

Due to the star’s diligent efforts to maintain his privacy, information on Iglesias’ personal life is sparse. There is no way to know for sure if he is seeing anyone or not. It appears that the 45-year-old comedian is currently single. And it seems unlikely that he’s ever tied the knot.

He suffered a breakdown in 2017 after years of performing nonstop. I was burned out buddy, 20 years of the same thing with no breaks,” he remarked in an interview with Billboard magazine in 2018. I realized that I had stopped being imaginative. It had evolved into labor. It didn’t help that I wasn’t spending enough time at home.

We can only imagine the impact this has had on his personal life. Additionally, Iglesias disclosed that he had a drinking issue that was harming his family and friends. I certainly wasn’t imbibing in an attempt to fit in with my peers.

I drank because I was so tired all I wanted to do was sleep, he admitted to the magazine. I drank because I was under a lot of stress and that only made things worse. I was simply becoming careless and making rash choices. I wasn’t the greatest family member or performer on the road.

He Previously Dated Claudia Valdez

Iglesias explained when he knew he had to make a change during an interview with Billboard. “When I hit the floor, I thought, ‘Oh, God, what am I doing with myself?'” I mean, I have cars and money, but am I truly content? I’ve got a kid back at home who’s got everything he could want, except for the presence of his father.

Gabriel Iglesias Wife
Gabriel Iglesias Wife

The child in question was the son of Iglesias’s ex-girlfriend, whose identity he chose not to reveal in the story. She was reportedly a woman named Claudia Valdez, and the couple had been together for quite some time, according to an interview published in the year 2020 issue of People magazine.

However, an distraught Iglesias told the crowd during a 2019 benefit event that they had split up and that he was taking some time to focus on himself. Iglesias still keeps in touch with Frankie, Valdez’s kid, whom he has helped raise from an early age.

They are still very close, and taking care of Frankie is one of his top concerns, as stated in the interview with People. It’s not the first time Iglesias has called him “my kid.” So, even if the romance between him and that girl fizzled out, the bond between him and his parents appears to have stayed strong. We’re relieved to learn that the generous comedian still has this life-affirming link. And we want him the opportunity to discover love when the moment is perfect.

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