Which NFL Team Pulled The Most Clutch Win This Season?

The 2022 National Football League (NFL) season has been exciting, with many surprising wins and losses. In particular, a few teams managed to pull off some truly clutch performances that kept their fans on the edge of their seat. Beyond a doubt, the NFL season was undoubtedly made more exhilarating due to sports betting. With remarkable performances from teams around America every week and plenty of close matches, it resulted in an engrossing experience for everyone! With this in mind, sports betting has become an intrinsic element of football fandom nowadays – adding a layer of exhilaration and enthusiasm to what is already a remarkable sport. You can find at betting.us, a detailed guide about US sports betting.

This season, one NFL team emerged as the most clutch winner in the league.

The Philadelphia Eagles

In a seemingly inevitable result, the Philadelphia Eagles emerged victorious on Sunday against their opponents, the Indianapolis Colts. However, the Eagles’ victory only raised more questions than were previously asked.

The Eagles showed true grit and passion in pulling off an exciting victory, proving that any triumph in the NFL should be celebrated. It had been over a decade since the team last defeated their opponents when trailing by double digits entering the final quarter, against the New York Giants in 2010, as reported by CBS. On Sunday, Eagles fans experienced a ‘Miracle at the New Meadowlands’ when DeSean Jackson returned a punt in an unlikely fashion to secure their 17-16 win. It looked grim, with 10 points separating them from victory going into the fourth quarter, but they ultimately found success through sheer determination and luck!

With 1:20 to go on third-and-goal, Jalen Hurts drove the Eagles ahead with a stunning quarterback draw that blasted through an expansive opening in the middle. This marked the first time Philadelphia had taken control of the game all day.

After that crucial defensive stop, the game-clinching play was sealed by Brandon Graham with a monstrous sack on third down. Matt Ryan foolishly threw a check-down pass on fourth and 21 afterwards to end the contest for good. After an exceptional 8-0 start to the season, Philadelphia dodged their second loss in a week. While it’s certainly reassuring, there are still plenty of reasons for the Eagles to maintain some level of apprehension.

The Eagles faced a difficult battle against the Colts, whose leader was Jeff Saturday – an ex-high school coach and ESPN commentator. Unsurprisingly, Philadelphia could not progress the ball for most of their afternoon. The defence conceded a long touchdown drive at the start of the game, and Indianapolis maintained control throughout due to this decisive score.

It was a difficult game for the Eagles, as they had to contend with their shortened week after Monday night’s defeat by the Washington Commanders and their travel. However, they are much more skilled than the Colts. Unfortunately, this rarely manifested on-field due to a lack of focus or energy.

Despite a shaky start where Philadelphia allowed Washington to score with a lengthy drive, their defense against the run improved. However, last week’s game showed that it is still vulnerable. During their impressive eight-game winning streak, the offense was almost unstoppable – thanks in no small part to Hurts’ running ability. While he is incredibly talented on his feet, Philadelphia still needs more if they hope to keep up this level of success. If they want to get AJ Brown back on track, the Eagles must find a way. Maybe Dallas Goedert’s absence due to his injury caused by an illegal facemask that wasn’t penalized will be more damaging than anticipated for their offense.

Despite an unconvincing win over the Colts in Week 11, it’s important to remember that this team is still 9-1. While there are certainly some worries about their performance until they return to their earlier form, what will be remembered is simply that they won.

Now, let’s take a look at the triumphant teams from Week 11 of the NFL season:


Las Vegas Raiders:

Despite their current season not having the best of outcomes, it’s always wonderful to see a victory for Derek Carr, Davante Adams and Josh McDaniels’ Las Vegas Raiders.

Last week, after succumbing to yet another defeat, Carr stood at the podium fighting back tears. Yet now he can rejoice in his team’s victory against Denver Broncos as they snatched a 22-16 win in overtime!

McDaniels, the former Broncos head coach, must have been elated when his team scored that touchdown with only a minute left on the clock. After multiple losses in recent weeks, it seemed as though he was standing on very thin ice; however, this last-minute win likely saved him from further trouble.

The Broncos could not obtain the crucial first down, yet Carr stepped up and launched a long pass to Josh Jacobs, which ultimately allowed them to equalize with seconds remaining. Then in overtime, Adams was left alone without warning, and he effortlessly made an effortless 35-yard touchdown catch – sealing the win.

This season has been tough, and many are speculating on Las Vegas’ future. However, a win will bring a momentary break from all of the uncertainties by giving the Raiders a much-needed reprieve.

Cincinnati Bengals

With Ja’Marr Chase sidelined due to a hip injury, the Cincinnati Bengals were searching for someone to step into his shoes. Thankfully, Tee Higgins answered their call with an impressive performance that showcased why he deserves some of the spotlights.

On Sunday, Higgins was undoubtedly the key to the Bengals’ 37-30 victory over their vehement rivals – the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Joe Burrow found a reliable target in Higgins, racking up 355 passing yards and distributing the ball to nine catches. On an unremarkable day for defense and running, Higgins impressively snagged 148 receiving yards from those passes alone.

Despite the Bengals having a 6-4 record, they are still in contention for the AFC North division title. Fortunately, with Chase about to return soon, Cincinnati will have an added boost of confidence as Higgins continues to perform at his peak, which he proved in Sunday’s game.

Houston Texans

As the Houston Texans’ season continues to spiral downward, their prospects of obtaining the first draft pick are growing increasingly brighter. Currently, at 1-8-1, they are on track for a coveted spot at the top of the NFL’s 2023 Draft. Sunday’s disastrous pick-six thrown by Davis Mills serves as a testament to the fact that he isn’t Houston’s answer at quarterback. Thankfully, there are several talented QBs in next year’s draft who can help address this issue.

Unfortunately, Houston fans would certainly appreciate it if their team had a bit of an edge; however, they experienced the opposite when the Houston squad crumbled in a 23-10 loss to Washington Commanders. At the half, Houston was down 20-0 in their own stadium with just 5 total yards. It seemed like they knew this game was out of reach and resigned themselves to defeat. Fortunately for them, it won’t threaten their chances of earning the first overall pick if they continue getting blown out.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills were faced with some major obstacles this past week. On top of several players falling ill, an unprecedented snowstorm caused their home game against the Cleveland Browns to be moved to Detroit. Saturday’s departure from Buffalo seemed nearly impossible; however, the team successfully made it all the way to Michigan in spite of these unexpected issues.

From the outset, it appeared as if the Bills would be no match for the Browns. They were trailing 7-0 and had just suffered two consecutive losses – not a promising start. Nonetheless, their fortunes changed when they began to play more cohesively. The defense shined, and the offense ran like a well-oiled machine, with Josh Allen making some incredible plays. The Bills made it out on top, winning 31-23, despite having to weather through a few alarming moments along their journey.

After facing the Detroit Lions (4-6) on Thanksgiving, if the Bills manage to secure two wins in this back-to-back match-up, they should be feeling quite optimistic.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens should have no trouble prevailing over the Carolina Panthers on their home turf. It would be a shock if they could not defeat an inconsequential opponent with Baker Mayfield back at quarterback for the Panthers.

Despite a shaky start, the Ravens managed to pull off an impressive 13-3 victory. It wasn’t until late in the fourth quarter that they broke away with a 6-3 lead, and then Lamar Jackson sealed their success with his rushing touchdown. It was nothing short of remarkable.

The Ravens’ defense deserves recognition for its impressive performance, despite the Panthers having a lacklustre offense. Unfortunately, however, when it was their turn to have possession of the ball, there were no major plays executed by either team – but overall this still resulted in a victory for Baltimore and so we should be content with that result. Nevertheless, one cannot help wishing they had witnessed an even better display from the Ravens throughout.


With just a few weeks left in the season, it is clear that the Houston Texans will need help to make any significant improvements. Despite having some talented players on their roster, they have been plagued by poor decision-making and lacklustre performance. They must focus on strengthening their team chemistry and fixing their weaknesses to turn things around. Hopefully, this can be done in time for next year’s draft, where they will have an opportunity to select promising new talent. In the meantime, fans can only hope that the Buffalo Bills can continue finding success on the field, even under difficult circumstances. And as for the Baltimore Ravens, we wish them all the best against Carolina this week – let’s hope they can pull off another great victory!

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