How Did Murphy Die at the End of “In the Dark” Season 4? Ending Explained

In the Dark, the controversial series finale of The CW’s “little crime drama that might,” ended on September 5. The startling In the Dark season 4 conclusion brought Murphy’s journey to a close after many turns and turns.

In the Dark follows the ups and downs of Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld), a blind lady who tries to look into the death of her close friend throughout four seasons. Her life and the lives of her closest friends and coworkers are completely upended as she digs deeper into the truth.

After the events of the third season finale, Murphy is in jail when the fourth and final season of In the Dark begins. Murphy finds herself amid trouble that never turns out the way you want it to as she fights to adjust to her new surroundings.

Murphy does not necessarily have a happy ending, even if she eventually goes to trial and strikes a bargain to serve as a CI for the police who had previously been trying to throw her in jail. What transpired in that breathtaking, full-circle series finale, then?

Does Max Perish in Season 4 of In the Dark?

Regrettably, yes, One of the worst choices the series has ever made is to have Max (Casey Deidrick) die in the penultimate episode of In the Dark. Max is shot as he flees in the elevator after freeing Murphy from the failed fundraiser scam.

Watching Murphy come to terms with what has happened and what was taken from her is heartbreaking.

In the Dark season 4 ending explained
In the Dark season, four ending are explained.

Josh (Theodore Bhat), despite not having fired the gun, is fully accountable for Max’s passing because he made a decision that tipped the entire operation off.

It’s horrible to see someone so dedicated to destroying Murphy’s life achieve just that. Max and Murphy were creating a life together after reaching a stable point. All of it vanished in a split second.

All viewers will undoubtedly experience the decision to kill Max differently, but if you watched the Veronica Mars revival on Hulu, you are already familiar with this suffering.

Once more, the protagonist appears to have a happy ending before abruptly losing it for… the sake of trauma? Max’s death wasn’t necessary for In the Dark to end on a therapeutic note for Murphy.

Does Murphy Kill Josh in Season 4 of In the Dark?

Speaking at Max’s burial, Murphy promises to find out who killed him and bring those responsible to justice (obviously, she thinks there were more people involved than simply the shooter).

Nobody can persuade her to back out of her commitment to getting square. She was devastated to lose the love of her life, furious, and determined to avenge Max’s death.

She gains a new sense of purpose after learning that Josh made the call that put him in the heart of their scheme and resulted in Max’s death—murdering Josh. For Murphy, that’s no big issue. He was due for it. He escaped when she broke into his flat in the middle of the night to kill him. She locates him at a Missouri cabin with Felix’s help (Morgan Krantz).

Josh comes close to escaping once more, but Murphy and Felix tie him up in the cabin. Felix tries to act as a middleman to prevent Murphy from killing someone, but Murphy can see through Josh’s phony attempts at remorse. Felix gives up and abandons Murphy in the cabin with the knife and her options. Despite a brief battle, Murphy stabs Josh three times to death.

She flings the knife inside the cabin, takes Pretzel, and goes to a neighboring convenience store to get dressed. After cleaning up and throwing her bloody garments in a dumpster, she finds Felix again. Felix questions why she’s now wearing tie-dye attire. We can all agree that he can infer what happened in the cabin after he departed.

In “In the Dark,” Does Murphy Go to Jail?

In the fourth season of In the Dark, Murphy technically enters prison. But she escapes punishment for killing Josh. (Whether she is discovered to have killed her adversary is up to the viewer.) As was already noted, Murphy doesn’t spend much time in jail in season 4 owing to complicated circumstances, including safety and health issues.

In “In the Dark,” Who Does Murphy End Up Dating?

Murphy eventually gets together with Max. After the rockiest of romances, she and her long-term, on-again, off-again boyfriend got engaged. She still loves Max despite his premature demise.

But in the end, she stays with Pretzel, the best dog you’ve ever met, and Felix, her ride-or-die best friend. Once more on the run, the three depart in a car into the rising sun and the vast unknown.

Final Lines

What did you think of In the Dark’s season finale? Do you think the series should have finished differently, or did you like how it concluded? Post your comments with your ideas!

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