Exclusive 16 & Pregnant’s Josh Smith Talks Jennifer Del Rio’s Allegations and Disappearance

Fans of MTV’s Teen Mom series would probably recognize Jennifer Del Rio from an episode that aired in 2011 of 16 and Pregnant. The girl, who was 16 at the time, made an appearance on the program while pregnant with her then-boyfriend Josh Smith. Her episode followed Jenn as she coped with family conflict and prepared with twins. Josh proposed to the expectant mother before she gave birth, and she accepted.

Joshua Devan and Noah Matthew, Jenn’s sons, were born in October 2010. Drama ensued following her stint on the show since she ended her relationship with Josh because he was violent.

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What is Jennifer now doing? She married Luis Gutiérrez in 2013 and they had two additional kids, Sebastian, a son, and Annabella Cherie, a daughter. The mother-of-four is still blissfully married to Luis, and their family appears to be extremely happy, at least based on her active Instagram account.


Additionally, Jenn has a YouTube channel where she frequently publishes updates. Annabella’s first birthday is celebrated in her latest video, posted yesterday.

Despite no longer being on MTV, Jenn still has a solid fan base. In her latest video, she received comments such as, “She is so cute, crazy that she is one already,” and “Awe, she is so beautiful.” Another even wrote, “Hey girl, I’m watching your episode now it’s on tv, lol.”

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Josh Smith of 16 & Pregnant talks about Jennifer Del Rio’s claims and the recent disappearance

Josh Smith of 16 & Pregnant speaks exclusively about Jennifer Del Rio’s allegations and her sudden disappearance. Toby Hawks July 1, 2011, Josh Smith and Jennifer Del Rio’s twin twins Joshua and Noah are featured on Teen Mom 16 and Pregnant.

Josh Smith, the baby’s father, and Jennifer Del Rio of Riverview, Florida, have seen their fair share of turmoil, as anybody who has followed the girls of 16 and Pregnant this season knows. Their tale was presented in the second episode of the season, and it featured the now notorious moment in which Josh is imprisoned following a contentious fight with Jennifer about their twin twins, Joshua and Noah.

After the filming, the turmoil persisted as Josh and Jennifer each obtained restraining orders following numerous incidents, including one in which Josh’s nose was bloodied. We recently published a piece on the couple’s most recent episode, which involves a court order giving Josh weekend custody of his twin sons, which prompted Jennifer to take both kids and run away.

josh 16 and pregnant twins
josh 16 and pregnant twins

The details behind Jennifer’s most recent activities and the exact cause of the fights depicted in the episode have been the subject of much discussion and rumors on the internet. Thankfully, Josh was gracious enough to speak with us and provide his perspective on the events, clearing up any misunderstandings.

Taking things chronologically, I suppose we should start from the beginning. During the 16 and Pregnant Reunion Special with Dr. Drew (which you were not at – we’ll address that moment), Jennifer says that she and you were best friends and that you both “did everything together.” Is that pretty accurate?

Yes, Jennifer and I did everything every day for almost a year and a half.

On the show, Jennifer suggests that you were the one who changed, saying that before her getting pregnant, you were “a completely different person.” Was it you or her or both who changed once you found out she was expecting?

I think we both changed in our way. Something inside of Jennifer changed, not physically but mentally, and it took a toll on our relationship. We were focused on the kids and not each other, and we should have been there more for each other. However, I do take responsibility. I should have shown her more affection – but everything was new to me.

She also mentioned on the show that she took out a second restraining order after you allegedly said you would see her in jail and raped her. Did you say those things to her?

No. I never told her I would have her raped. Everyone needs to understand that Jennifer plays mind games and loves to have everyone feel sorry for her.

Speaking of the Reunion Special, why were you the only baby daddy not on the show? Were you not invited, or did you elect not to attend?

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MTV thought it was best that I wasn’t there, so they did not allow me to go. I wanted to, but I wasn’t allowed to. Instead, I was at home with my son Joshua.

During the scene on your episode where you and Jennifer get into a heated argument in the car, was there more to the story than what we saw?

Yes, there was more to that story – a lot more…

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