Spy X Family – Episode 22: Complete Recap and Review

Fiona starts Spy X Family episode 22 by gushing about how much she adores Loid. She is determined to take over Yor’s position as his wife. For their joint case, Fiona gives Loid a document.

They are accused of stealing Lady In The Sun, a picture, from Cavi Campbell. It was initially owned by Erik Zacharis who participated in the war’s end while serving in the military intelligence branch of the East. They think Erik owns a document known as The Zacharis Dossier, which might be filled with information that could rekindle the conflict.

There are rumors that the document contains details regarding East-West mass killings and human experiments on prisoners of war. Before the Eastern government is aware of the dossier’s existence, they want to get their hands on it.

Fiona claims that the picture is being held beneath Campbell’s residence. It’s claimed to be impossible to enter Campbell without creating a scene because of its strong security and connections to Public Safety.

However, Fiona informs Loid that she has a strategy to approach the vicinity. Meanwhile, we Segway toward an underground tennis court where a doubles match wraps up.

After losing money they wagered, a large portion of the crowd grumbles. Loid and Fiona arrive at the tournament in disguises and seem to be participating in the events. Fiona draws attention to the sponsorship provided by Campbell and the tennis tournament’s club organizers.

Business executives and organized crime figures gather at this illegal event to transfer large sums of money. It’s intended for professional players who have been recruited but anyone can play if they pay a fair admission price. The winner is given a piece from Campbell’s collection as a reward. Their best chance of stealing the picture is if they succeed in the competition.

Loid and Fiona participate in the activity as Twin and Nafalia Foney are married. They are up against a champion duo, which bothers Loid as he doesn’t have much expertise with Tennis.

The two tennis players approach Loid and Fiona and boast about their tremendous talent. As soon as the action starts, Loid scores many points, frightening the ex-pros. They’re shocked by Loid’s prowess and agree to aim their attacks toward Fiona. Loid commends Fiona for her accomplishments against the ex-pros.

Fiona believes that by showcasing her tennis prowess, Loid would forsake Yor and make Fiona, his new wife in time for Operation Strix. The battle closes with Loid and Fiona defeating the former tennis stars.

The professional’s performance has outraged the client who engaged them. Mr. Campbell faces a different customer who is confident that his squad will defeat Loid and Fiona.

He had given his team, the Boric pair, OSO-R doping drugs developed for the East-West competition. Loid and Fiona note the Boric pair’s Incredible Hulk-like bodies as the second round gets underway.

You’re wondering if Loid is playing tennis with Fiona since he told her he’d be competing in a competition as he, Anya, and Bond are playing tennis in the park.

Anya reads Yor’s mind as the thought of murdering Fiona strikes her. Yor is startled when Anya tells her not to worry and wonders if Anya heard what she was thinking. Anya turns the conversation to another way to avoid Yor learning her Esper powers.

Loid questions why they don’t look the same as they did in the first game while playing tennis. Fiona confirms that cheating is permitted at this tennis tournament and that these men must have taken some steroids.

The Boric brothers intimidate Loid, irritating Fiona. As the match comes to a close, it looks like Fiona’s rage helped her and Loid defeat the Boric team easily. The result astounded the client who engaged the Boric couple.

One of the men tells Mr. Campbell that he should be sweating bricks. Mr. Campbell doesn’t even notice him. The narrator speaks over various stills of Loid and Fiona winning their matches and moving on in the competition. A butler takes Fiona and Loid to their rooms to get ready for the championship match. Fiona wonders what Loid thinks of her effort in each game.

Loid obsesses over the fact that they’ll be competing against Mr. Campbell’s high school students, who have been trained in competitive tennis since they were very young.

According to Fiona, they shouldn’t worry about them because they will win. Fiona misinterprets Loid’s action as a show of affection, so he clutches her hand. But Loid warns her against going overboard because he knows numerous teammates who perished. After all, they lacked self-control.

Fiona notices a weird odor oozing its way into their chamber. If so, Loid wonders how the siblings could claim so many victories. When Loid tries to leave the room, the guards shut the door.

He feels it would be great to act as ordinary people anyway. He says they might attempt making things up to trick Campbell’s kids. To lessen the toxin’s effects, Loid advises that they cover their skin and climb up the lockers in the room.

He instructs Fiona to hold her breath. At the game, Mr. Campbell reveals to his coworkers that he gambled $10,000,000 on his kids to win while everyone else had backed Loid and Fiona. The children of Mr. Campbell intend to destroy Fiona and Loid and use the proceeds to get a new cruiser. The Campbells crush Loid and Fiona in their opening set because of their highly improved rackets.

As the second set gets underway, Loid and Fiona defeat the Campbells by three points. The son of Mr. Campbell instructs one of his men to use the court’s traps to destabilize Fiona. Loid tells Fiona to provide support as the episode concludes with Fiona telling him it’s best to tackle them together.

Episode Review

This Spy x Family chapter focused more on action and seriousness than on humor. Loid must stop this from happening since there is yet another unfavorable threat to preserving peace. This time, our main character teams up with Fiona rather than Handler.

While Fiona was a little too annoying last week, this chapter still features her search for Loid without making it the main focus. That is not to mean that Fiona has given up trying to win Loid over. I said it’s not on this week’s main agenda, which is nice. The decisive action and whiplashes in today’s Spy x Family episode will be adored by many viewers.

Some tennis matches are regrettably skipped through to get to the final match between Fiona and Loid and the Campbell kids. A fight between our duo and the Boric brothers would have been more entertaining, given the pharmacological augmentation they had gotten. The build-up to their fight was good, but the resolution wasn’t satisfying.

However, it’s beautiful to witness Yor’s ongoing concern for Loid’s bond with Fiona. It reveals a different side of Yor than I had anticipated in this series. Overall, the Spy x Family chapter was enjoyable. Since the promo for the following week shows Yor and Fiona reuniting, it will be interesting to watch what transpires following this tennis match.

We can only hope that Yor will convince Fiona of her rightful claim to be Loid’s wife in exchange for the success of Operation Strix.

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