Is Oliver Tree Dating? Who Is Her Love Life?

An American singer, record producer, and comedian, Oliver Tree Nickell was born on June 29, 1993. Tree, a native Santa Cruz resident whose song “When I’m Down” went viral in 2017, signed with Atlantic Records and released his first studio album, Ugly Is Beautiful, in 2020.

His 2021 single “Life Goes On” became even more popular, with over 400 million Spotify streams to this day. On February 18, 2022, he dropped his second studio album, Cowboy Tears.

Who Is Oliver Tree Dating?

The details of Oliver Tree’s exes and relationships are sketchy at best. It’s not hard to guess who Oliver is seeing at any given time, but keeping track of all his flings, dates, and breakups may be a hassle. How well-hidden celebrity lives still were in 2022.

When it comes to jobs, no one has ever hired Oliver Tree. On average, men wait 90 days and women wait 134 days before saying “I love you” to their partners for the first time in a relationship, but over 40% of males say it in the first month. No, he’s childless.

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A Tiktok Of Oliver And Delphine Kissing

In the opening shot, Oliver Tree is shown sitting at a vanity mirror with his back on the camera. The singer’s smash single Miss You was released with a music video on October 28. As he faces the camera, he instantly adopts a shocked, gaping expression.

Is Oliver Tree Dating
Is Oliver Tree Dating

The 29-year-old is pictured sporting pink cat-ear headphones and a pink gaming console. The camera then pans to capture Oliver’s reaction. Belle Delphine walks in through the entrance, all up in a pink wig, shirt, and cat ears. The camera focuses on her mouth as she licks her teeth suggestively and then cuts to a close-up of Oliver doing the same.

Fans React To Oliver Tree’s Tiktok

Some fans are naturally perplexed by the video and its description, which have garnered many responses. People speculate whether this indicates a romantic relationship between Oliver and Belle or whether Oliver paid Belle to appear in the film.

A user on TikTok asked, “What the hell is going on?” In the words of another, “I want to know how many homies paid her just for that.” One Instagram user wrote: “I’m yelling, crying, puking on the floor. I don’t know what to say at the moment. I never thought I’d see something like this in my lifetime.”

Who Has Oliver Tree dated?

Some details regarding Oliver Tree’s exes and lovers from the past remain unknown. Finding out who Oliver is seeing is typically not difficult, but keeping up with his affairs, hookups, and breakups is another story. Even in 2022, we are constantly impressed by the secrecy maintained by our favorite celebrities.

Oliver Tree is a virgin to marriage. Around 40% of males declare “I love you” to their spouse within the first month, while the average for men is 90 days and the standard for women is 134 days, according to surveys. Sadly, he is childless.

Oliver Tree Early Life

Originally named Oliver Tree Nickell, Oliver Tree entered the world on June 29, 1993, in Santa Cruz, California. He started showing off his musical talent at a young age, starting piano lessons at age three and composing an album at age 6. In the future, he joined the ska band Irony, where he played guitar.

High school student Tree became interested in DJing after discovering electronic and hip-hop music. He has also produced dubstep music and performed at festivals under the alias Kryph, and he has recorded with the rap group Mindfuck. At 17, Tree was already opening concerts for big names like Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator.

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Oliver Tree Career Beginnings

Tree’s solo music career began in earnest in 2010. His songs were initially published independently, but he signed with R&S Records in 2011. Tree’s first EP, “Demons,” was released in 2013. This came after a brief sabbatical during which he attended CalArts to study music technology. Splitting Branches, his independent record, came out the same year.

Three years later, Tree appeared on “Last Call with Carson Daly” alongside DJ and rapper Getter for their first broadcast performance. Tree’s most significant breakthrough came when his song “When I’m Down” went viral and became an internet sensation.

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