Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: All About The Show Review!

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8: Uk and Bu-yeon start Alchemy of Souls episode 8 still kissing. Jang-uk then gives her his appreciation and decides, in an effort to win Ho-approval, gyeong’s that they should try to break their pledge. He commits fully to marriage and pledges to be a good husband to her.

Another question is whether Ho-gyeong will consent to everything. This season has shown that the relationship between the two is chilly.

Jang-uk explains how he previously broke into Jinyowon using a portal that opened from the back of that soul-shifter warrior just before they part ways. As they split ways, he makes a pledge to go see her while sneaking in at night. As they say their goodbyes, more of Mu-memories deok’s start returning, though.

Talk about Bu-yeon and Jang-connections uk’s among those in Songrim. When Uk arrives, he is relieved that Yul will speak up and work with Lady Jin to change the course of events. To Uk’s annoyance, Park-jin urged him to stop by reminding him that he had previously advised giving up.

Knowing that Bu-yeon is Naksu and Mu-deok, Yul treats her harshly. Given his intentions, if they had left the palace, he warns her not to smile. He expresses to her his sympathy for her (Mu-deok). As she says this, she recollections her time spent with Yul as Mu-deok returns, and Bu-yeon mulls over the implications.

Despite wanting to remain with Jang-uk, Bu-yeon is afraid of what these real memories might entail. Yun-ok just so happens to be listening in as Yul assures her that he will watch over her from the wings and assist her if necessary. She breaks into the pharmacy and steals vials that can reveal the soul shifter mark in an effort to establish that she is Naksu.

While traveling to see Ho-gyeong, Yul stops to pay his respects to So-i. Ho-gyeong is informed by him that Naksu’s soul will depart shortly and that when it happens, Bu-yeon will successfully assume control of the body. Given that they have both received conflicting information, he advises Ho-gyeong to speak with Master Lee directly, but if she truly wants Bu-yeon to come back, she ought to permit her to wed Jang-uk.

The Crown Prince advises Jang-uk to head to the Fortress if he doesn’t want to fight him for the Gold Plaque. He can then hide behind Jin-mu in this fashion. This is a part of their strategy, and because the two have a loose partnership, things start to fall into place. As Uk resolves to stand up for what he believes in, Park-jin also pledges to remain by his side.

Yun-ok sprays Bu-yeon with the unique liquid while in the woods, and her eyes glow a brilliant blue. Her reflection can be seen in the water as she sets off independently. As a result, she experiences images of Mu-deok on her tragic last night before drowning in the lake. Regarding Yul, he chastises her and accuses her of taking his letter.

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8
Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8

Finally, Bu-yeon arrives to view the iconic tree, where additional flashbacks of the past are revealed. One by one, it all resurfaces when she eventually encounters a younger Bu-yeon, the rightful owner of the body. She notes that Naksu must soon depart from this body.

Bu-yeon tells Jang-uk that she saw exactly who she is and what happened to her when she returned to the palace. She has enough memory left over to reconstruct Mu-past. deok’s

She decides to leave Jang-uk because she feels too bad to stay with him. She tells Jang-uk through tears that she liked him more than he liked her and wants him to “turn the light back on” so that he can think properly. Jang-uk is horrified as she releases his hand and apologizes. As promised, Bu-yeon goes back to Jinyowon alone.

With no other option, Jang-uk gets ready to take over as General of the North Fortress with the intention of always defending Daeho. Additionally, he informs the King that Bu-yeon will not be accompanying him.

When Jang-uk arrives at Jinyoeon’s house, he expresses his admiration for her and discusses everything she has accomplished for him, demonstrating his deep affection for her. The two eventually part ways, with Jang-uk prepared to travel to the north, and he makes a commitment to return sooner than anticipated.

However, there is a last-minute magic spell that might bring Naksu and Jang-uk back together. Although Lee points out that this is forbidden magic—similar to the alchemy of souls—it would essentially allow Jang-uk to expel Bu-soul yeon’s and retain Naksu’s. Making that decision will be stressful and horrible for anyone, let alone Jang-uk.

The Crown Prince interrogates Jin-mu about the lake’s ritual and the covert group he is affiliated with. The Prince, who aspires to be as strong as Jang-uk, demands to know everything and pledges to give his mission his all. This is all part of Jin-plan mu’s survival in the face of turmoil. In the middle of this, the common people discover all those volcanic rocks in the lake, causing commotion and dissension across the village.

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Jin-yu brings Ho-gyeong in and informs her that the priestess dancing for the ceremony before tomorrow’s meeting will not be from Jinyowon because the Unanimous Assembly is approaching. Ho-gyeong is incensed. Jin-mu mentions how Ho-gyeong will look foolish if she tries to disagree with the ruling royal family and the Unanimous Assembly.

Bu-yeon leaves in the morning with the other mages after recalling how deadly Jin-mu is, particularly the iconic bells from the previous episode that changed the course of the war in episode 20.

Anyway, Jin-mu is planning to take down the Jinyowon plaque because Ho-strength gyeong’s is waning and her hair is beginning to grey. Jin-mu questions their strength as Bu-yeon, Cho-Yeon, and the other mages arrive along with the black turtle as they continue to speak.

Bu-yeon stands up and declares that she is deserving, willing to pit her supernatural prowess against his best. He also notes that Jinyowon still has strength and that she is more than capable of protecting the plaque.

Bu-assignment, yeon’s however, is risky because it requires her to throw the plaque into Gwisu and then return it in a day. She plans to do this for the benefit of Jinyowon and is confident that she can bring it back in the allowed time, despite the fact that there are wraiths inside that could kill her.

Bu-yepn makes the decision to move on, but she does so while holding the black turtle because it has previously brought her luck. When she enters the portal, she is in an unfamiliar setting. Wraiths start to circle her as she follows the turtle along the beach and into the woodland. In addition, she discovers skeletal remains and a bright orb.

The wraiths appear when Bu-yeon reaches out for them and begin pursuing her. Jang-uk materializes out of thin air and slays the wraith. Jang-uk turns to face Bu-yeon and remarks, “Those marks in your eyes.” Identify yourself.

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8 Review

Naturally, Jang-uk intervenes at the crucial moment to save Bu-yeon from the wraiths. This season, hasn’t this been a common occurrence? Suddenly stepping in and saving the day is Jang-uk.

Just before the last week, we received the required break apart, and the numerous subplots keep moving forward. This time around, though, there aren’t many notable features, despite the incredibly steamy and passionate kiss that begins this chapter, which is undoubtedly a highlight!

Given the abrupt, last-minute introduction of a spell to expel Bu-yeon, it does appear that Jang-uk and Mu-deok will have a happy ending after all. But it’s unclear whether Jang-uk will follow through on that or not. The double bill for the following week seems like it will be fantastic.

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8 Trailer

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