Chainsaw Man Episode 13 Release Date: Where to Watch the Show?

Chainsaw Man Episode 13 Release Date: The most recent episode of this anime’s current season was highly unbelievable. Therefore, many Chainsaw Man fans have been searching for the upcoming Chainsaw Man Episode 13 Release Date. Because of this, the show’s viewers are eager for the release of a new episode.

You can find out about the most recent Chainsaw Man Episode 13 Release Date, where to watch this anime online, how many overall episodes, updates on the second season, primary casts, and other relevant information on this page. Without further ado, let’s find out when it will be released.

Chainsaw Man is a current Japanese anime series based on the well-known manga series of the same name. The series’ directors are Masato Nakazono and Ry Nakayama.  The story of this anime is about “Following a betrayal, a young man left for the dead is reborn as a powerful devil-human hybrid after merging with his pet devil and is soon enlisted into an organization dedicated to hunting devils.”

On October 12, 2022, its debut episode aired, and anime fans adored it. Fans of Chainsaw Man are curious about when Chainsaw Man Episode 13 will be released after watching the most recent episode. To get the precise release date, keep reading this page.

Chainsaw Man Episode 13 Release Date

There won’t be a Chainsaw Man Episode 13 Release Date, sadly. This anime’s first season is over, meaning there are no more episodes left to watch in this season.

Chainsaw Man Episode 13 Speculation

Episode 13 of Chainsaw Man won’t be available the following week because season 1 is over. The studio has not yet renewed the anime’s second season, and no statement has been made. It would be unlikely for MAPPA to extend the anime for another run anytime soon given that it has topped the charts this season.

Recap of Episode 12

All goes black as Ghost Devil chokes Aki to death. Himeno only requests that he smoke one cigarette while she looks at him with puppy eyes. Younger Aki concedes and teases her for attempting to convince a child to smoke.

Chainsaw Man Episode 13 Release Date
Chainsaw Man Episode 13 Release Date

She returns it, offering to keep it for the time when he’s an adult and needs a comfort item. The Ghost Devil is hunched over and on his knees in front of a panting Aki. As she opens her hand to discover a cigarette with the words “Easy retribution!” written on it, Himeno gives Aki one last gift before he departs to exact revenge on her.

He takes a deep breath and approaches his adversary, his own senpai’s devil. The Ghost Devil employs dread instead of eyes because he lacks eyes. As Aki comes here, she is completely unaware of him, so he can go fearlessly and stand on the same devil that was choking him two minutes earlier while slicing it open.

When Sawatari attempts to summon the Snake once more, Kobeni is waiting for her behind her with a knife in her neck. While asking Kobeni why she continues to work in this deplorable division of Public Safety, Aki spares her life. She still hasn’t received her bonus.

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When a swarm of zombies burst through the elevator doors as Denji and Power are chilling inside, Power decides that this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate her new abilities and hands Denji back. Denji, who keeps his hand poised over his Pochita trigger because he’s had enough of her BS, would like to remain in the elevator.

Standing at the door with sideburns and everything, the Katana man. To retain his little humanity, he tries to reason with Denji about the situation. Unfortunately, there is none for him. Chainsaws and Katanas fly through the wall, crashing into train tracks and roofs. As Katana Man creates space, Denji is lowered to the train floor.

He repeatedly employs his one-shot samurai maneuver that causes Denji to lose an arm, signaling that it is time to quit playing around. He requests one last apology from the armless Denji because he is unable to continue fighting.

The crazed half-devil, who runs towards Denji while claiming to have his chainsaw head still, proves that there is no conscious version of Denji who is incapable of fighting. Denji repeats Kishibe, who says that a beast should never believe what a hunter says, as the Katana Man splits in half, displaying Denji’s chainsaw leg as his mad armless self.

The now-tied-to-a-train Katana Man hears Denji reveal his new rival. Aki enters at just the right time and receives an invitation to the competition. As the group’s only member who follows the rules and is sane, he emphasizes how pointless it is and why Himeno wouldn’t want it. He pulls out the cigarette once more, and it only takes him ten seconds to express interest.

They alternately kick Katana Man’s balls; whoever causes him to scream the loudest wins. Makima is watching as crows soar above, and Himeno looks down from the clouds, undoubtedly laughing at Katana Man’s requiem.

Makima says that they have acquired 1.4 kilograms of the flesh of the Gun Demon and that their aggregate 6.4-kilogram pile of meat has begun to move in the direction of the devil. As a possible breach of the Gun Devil’s pact, Sawatari met her demise when the Snake killed her while confined.

Denji repeatedly sees a door at the end of a dark alley in his dreams. Pochita’s voice on the other end warns a young Denji not to enter the door under any circumstances, and the scene ends there, leaving us hanging.

Main Characters of Chainsaw Man

  • Denji / Chainsaw Man
  • Asa Mitaka
  • Control Devil
  • Yoru / War Devil
  • Fami / Famine Devil
  • Death Devil

Updates about Chainsaw Man Season 2

This anime’s second season has not yet been renewed as of yet. Once the anime is renewed for a second season, we’ll keep you informed. For the time being, you can read its manga volumes and watch earlier anime episodes.

Total Episode Count

Twelve episodes made up Chainsaw Man’s first season. We’ll inform you if this anime’s current season receives additional episodes. Therefore, save this website to your favorites and often return to stay up to date.

Where to Watch Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man’s initial television network is TNX (TV Tokyo). You can also watch this anime online on several sites, such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services. These platforms might not have this anime available depending on where you live. Check to see if it’s accessible in your area by doing so.

Chainsaw Man Episode 13 Trailer

You can see the trailer below:

Last Lines

Online fans of MAPPA’s Chainsaw Man anime have been counting the days until its release for weeks. Does Chainsaw Man live up to the hype? The “He’s just like me, fr fr” Denji meme has been shared online so often that I’ve lost track. My want to watch an animated adaptation of it has increased significantly.

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