The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained: What is the Series About?

The Glory, the most recent Netflix drama from Song Hye Kyo, released season 1 on December 30. The first part of the gripping K-drama lived up to the anticipation. As viewers excitedly anticipate season 2 of The Glory in March, we are looking at the season 1 finale here.

The Glory on Netflix is a scorching revenge thriller that centers on the life of Dong Eun, a victim of school bullying, who seeks revenge on her bullies years later after taking a job as the teacher at the same elementary school where she was once bullied and where the perpetrator’s child now studies. The film stars Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Jung Sung Il, and Lim Ji Yeon.

The unpredictable nature of Song Hye Kyo’s Dong Eun, who never appears to lose her humanity while dedicating her entire life to bringing justice, keeps viewers fascinated by the plot. The Glory succeeds in executing the slow-burn K-drama cliche to perfection in addition to the thriller plot, making it the new go-to program for viewers to binge on.

The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained

The Glory season 1 finale demonstrated that some secrets should be revealed even if they have been kept too long. The perpetrator Yeon Jin stands in front of Dong Eun’s presented proof of their crimes after part 1, and her spouse Do Yeong enters. The discovery that another victim Sohee’s body is gone from the mortuary by Dong Eun’s future “partner in crime,” Yeo Jeong, as well as the concluding scene, shocked viewers more.

If Sohee’s body is missing, it could indicate that Dong Eun has played Myeong or that Yeon Jin has already used her influence to make the body disappear since Myeong intended to use Yeon Jin’s death as leverage in a blackmail scheme.

The Glory Plot Summary

When asking her companions to check the temperature of the hot iron she was using on Dong-body, Eun Park Yeon-jin did not bat an eye. She wasn’t sorry for anything she said, and she was nasty. Dong-eun was chastised by her and her companions for having the audacity to complain about the bullying.

On Dong-body, eun’s fire scars were visible. The entire school was aware of the gang’s abuse of her, but they remained silent. Because of her influential family, Park Yeon-jin knew how to escape any sticky circumstances. She delighted in watching her victims quiver and plead for forgiveness. She gained a sense of control and power through bullying.

Park Yeon-jin was the unofficial head of the group, but the others also lacked empathy. They also selected the company of those who could assist them in achieving their goals because they were either wealthy or desired to be rich folks. Therefore, when Moon Dong-eun had plans for getting back at Park Yeon-jin, she didn’t just want to ruin his life.

She also wanted to damage the lives of everyone else in the group, including the teacher who had dared to hit her for speaking up against the injustice From the moment Joo Yeo-Jeong started college, Dong-eun and she was destined to meet. Although they were always in one other’s presence, they didn’t meet until they ended up in the hospital.

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While Yeo-Jeong was carried to the hospital with minor injuries, Dong-eun passed out on the highway. Although Yeo-Jeong, a medical intern, offered to help Dong-eun before she left the hospital, she was eager to get out of there. She had burn marks on her hand, which he noted, and he subsequently discovered that she was anemic.

Yeo-Jeong was drawn to her enigmatic nature when he laid eyes on her. He brought her the medication, and their shared love of Go served as a point of connection. They began tutoring her and spent all their time playing Go outside under a tree. When Dong-eun stopped seeing him after passing the National Teacher Qualification Examination, Yeo-jeong found it challenging to move past these memories.

The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained
The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained

But fate always brought them together in the strangest of ways. Even though Dong-eun had always known it was a waste of time to fall in love, she found herself pulled to Yeo-Jeong. She had to decide to keep her distance from him, but if things had worked out differently, she wouldn’t have had to work hard to fall in love.

Moon Dong-eun did not decide to seek vengeance hastily. It had been on her mind and planned for about 20 years. She was aware of what each organization member was planning and only meant to act once she had enough information and evidence to bring them to justice.

She could not afford any gaps in her strategy since she knew that the individuals she was dealing with were deadly and would stop at nothing to stop her. The more she investigated the participants, the more contentious, damaging realities she discovered. She only needed to employ them at the appropriate time and location.

All the Death of The Glory Season 1

The homeroom teacher for Dong Eun, Mr. Kim, was murdered by his son in season one of The Glory, and Dong Eun’s bully, Myeong, was also killed. As the plot develops, Sohee and Myeong’s deaths are connected because one person may have been responsible for both deaths.

The Glory Season 1 Review

Song Hye Kyo’s performance in this episode is impressive; it is better than her work on her previous endeavor, Now We Are Breaking Up. I’m hoping that this will continue for the duration of the program. The bullying moments in K-dramas are the worst of all time, and this program takes it a step further.

Dong-desire eun’s for vengeance is understandable, but I don’t think she should involve Yeon-daughter jin’s in this. The fact that the adults were neglecting Dong-struggle eun’s for their selfish motives was likewise tragic and highly irritating. The instructor who hit her had better prepare for what Dong-eun had planned for him.

This program may be upsetting to people who have experienced bullying. Before beginning, ensure your mind is ready because this will be a theatrical experience.

When is The Glory Season 2 Airing?

Season 2 of The Glory will be available on Netflix in March 2023, so fans of season 1 won’t have to wait too long. Watch this space for additional drama developments.

What Can We Expect in the Glory Part Two?

The second installment of the series will premiere in March 2023. The narrative in this instance ends abruptly. After Do-Yeong discovers Yeon-secrets, Jin’s the two of them cross paths. On the other hand, Jae-Jun wants a place in the lives of Yeon-Jin and his biological daughter. Now that Hye-Jeong has completed her first task, Dong-Eun has chosen her as her next group ally.

Reporting Myeong-O missing to the police. We may anticipate that Dong-route Eun’s retribution will become much more difficult in part two. Of course, she now stands by the side of her executioner. Yeo-Jeong, her well-wisher and current doctor, is the person whom Dong-Eun confides.

It would be interesting to see what part Yeo-Jeong plays, especially given the background storyline of his father’s murder and the serial killer who wrote a letter to him from prison. Yeo-assistance Jeong’s would likely be very helpful for Dong-quest, Eun’s as she has only been able to exact revenge on her former homeroom teacher and Myeong-o thus far (indirectly).

The Official Trailer for Glory

You can see the trailer below:

Last Lines

Season 1 of Song Hye Kyo’s most recent Netflix drama, The Glory, premiered on the streaming service on December 30. First episode of this riveting K-drama lives up to the hype. While fans eagerly await the March premiere of season 2, we take a look back at the series finale of The Glory.

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