Tulsa King Episode 8 Ending Explained: What Did Caolan Waltrip Intend to Do?

Dwight Manfredi wants to remodel Mitch’s pub and open a casino there in order to launder money and generate more revenue, as seen in the previous episode of “Tulsa King.” Following the murder of Pete Invernizzi by his son, Chickie, the hothead was adamant that Dwight Manfredi must be eliminated at any cost.

The Macadam gang had declared all-out war on the former capo’s amateur band since Dwight and Caolan Waltrip couldn’t agree. Let’s see what the eighth episode ofTulsa King has in store for us and what measures Dwight takes to defend his subjects and empire.

Tulsa King Episode 8 Ending Explained

Chickie made his intentions quite apparent to the other clan members during Pete Invernizzi’s funeral. He declared that Dwight needed to be killed at any cost and accused him of insulting the family. Some voiced their disapproval and informed Chickie that what he was doing was wrong and that Pete would never have wanted that for Dwight.

Tulsa King Episode 8 Ending Explained
Tulsa King Episode 8 Ending Explained

But Chickie was in no mood to consider any disagreement, so he ensured that any dissent was met with hatred. Caolan Waltrip was gone from the Macadam gang’s hideout, where the ATF had performed a raid. Waltrip was waiting for the right time to murder Dwight Manfredi while he was hiding. Waltrip tried to have Dwight arrested using his connections with the neighborhood police force.

He got in touch with the same police officers who, on his orders, had earlier detained Tyson. Manfredi was to be imprisoned so that Waltrip might find him and put an end to his tale there. The police said they could not carry out their threat because they lacked any evidence linking Dwight to the crime. Waltrip was not disturbed by their possessions or lack thereof.

He merely demanded that they took Dwight into custody and threatened to kill them if they failed. Given that Waltrip would not allow them to live in peace if they did not take action, the police officers decided to take a gamble. They went to arrest Dwight in the hope that he would be intimidated, but instead, Dwight just advised them to reconsider their plans if they wanted to survive.

Dwight drove off in his automobile while the police officers watched helplessly. Jimmy had second thoughts about partnering with Dwight in the gaming industry and allowing him to use his name. Working with Dwight had its rewards and drawbacks, Bodhi explained to Jimmy. Despite the mess the man had gotten him into, according to Bodhi, he had a talent for inventing money out of thin air.

After being convinced, Jimmy decided to take a chance and make a deal with Dwight. Dwight said he didn’t want to fight any longer when Chickie contacted him. Chickie addressed Dwight as “uncle” to convey his respect. He claimed that Dwight was the sole survivor of his father, and he didn’t like the other families to profit from the circumstance.

He declared that he wished to put an end to their hostility. Chickie proclaimed that he was ready to see Dwight and demonstrate their unity to everyone. Chickie Invernizzi was waiting for the right moment to surprise Dwight and put an end to his tale; he had no intention of calling a truce.

Stacy had gone to the Macadam Gang’s cave to find out what Caolan Waltrip had done with Roxy Harrington. Waltrip said that he was under no obligation to respond to any inquiries and completely disregarded the cops. As the leader of the Macadam gang had enormous quantities of black money concealed in his home, Stacy had now persuaded the ATF that they had sufficient reason to perform a raid and arrest Waltrip.

Waltrip wasn’t there when they performed the raid, though. Stacy went to see Dwight and informed him of the attack and that Waltrip and Robbie Trucotte were the subjects of an arrest warrant. She instructed Dwight to end the argument and let Waltrip remain in his current location.

The fact that Dwight had gone on a date with Margaret Devereaux made Stacy envious. When Waltrip and Robbie suddenly appeared and opened fire on Stacy and Dwight, they were still trying to catch up. Stacy stood in the way of their plan to murder Dwight, and she was shot. Waltrip rode off on his bike as the cops arrived and apprehended Dwight.

We will presumably learn whether Dwight is successful in tracking down Waltrip and exacting his retribution in the eighth episode of “Tulsa King” or not. Stacy has a chance of surviving her injuries, but she would undoubtedly be out of the game. Because Chickie never intended to address the issues in the first place, her arrival in Tulsa would put Dwight’s life in peril. The future episodes will be exciting to watch as the drama plays out since Dwight’s life and everything he has built will be on the line.

Dwight Plans To Open A Casino

Tyson, Bodhi, and other students were studying how to shoot because Manfredi wanted them to be ready in case Waltrip’s men attacked them or if they had to fight the Macadam gang. Grace accused Dwight of upending their lives and said nothing would have happened if he hadn’t arrived in Tulsa.

Dwight was also rational, and he acknowledged that his actions had negatively impacted the lives of innocent people. Grace, who didn’t want anything to do with Dwight’s business, was on the one hand, while Tyson, who couldn’t wait to join the mafia and live the life he had always dreamed of, was on the other.

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Tyson’s father often cautioned him about the repercussions, but it did not affect him, and he continued to do what he wanted. According to Mark, the hardest thing for a parent is to see their child go in the wrong direction while powerless to stop them. When Mark had his children and could witness them suffering harm in front of him, he said to Tyson. Then he would truly understand how a parent felt.

Because Mark was a sane person, he was aware that his kid was becoming more and more interested in the glamorous lifestyle of a mobster. Tyson was unaware that beneath all the showmanship there was a continual worry of passing away at any time.

Dwight, Bodhi, and Mitch approached Jimmy about launching a casino. They assured him that his involvement in the venture would be kept a secret thanks to an anonymous trust structure. That implied that Jimmy would be protected from various potential legal issues while still being able to benefit.

As their tavern was located on Cherokee property, Mitch and Dwight had planned to approach the authorities to get a native American exemption. As he realized that he couldn’t rely on his amateur gang members to combat the Macadam gang, Dwight also asked Jimmy if he could set up some adamant individuals.

Tulsa King Episode 8 Trailer 

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Last Lines

Tulsa King may be remembered as Sylvester Stallone’s final film performance. The 76-year-old American actor has provided iconic performances in film classics like Rocky and Rambo, and he has pleased audiences in recent works like Creed and The Expendables. And here he is, in his first truly significant television role.

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