Madmartigan in Willow Episode 6 Ending Explained: Keeping Airk in Immemorial City!

The fantasy adventure movie, which was directed by Ron Howard and executive produced by George Lucas of Star Wars, came out in 1988 and has remained a cult favorite ever since. Warwick Davis is cherished for playing the movie’s title character.

The number of people who are passionate about the film has increased over time, and many of them have expressed their desire for some sort of sequel. We might not have gotten another movie, but we did get something better: a TV show.

The sequel to the original, created by Jonathan Kasdan, started airing on Disney+ in November 2022 and welcomes back some well-known characters while introducing a fresh ensemble to a new generation of Willow fans.

Fans of the first film will probably be interested to see if Val Kilmer returns to play the famous swordsman Madmartigan. With Willow episode 6 welcoming Madmartigan back, we finally know. who performs Madmartigan in the Willow series, though?

Madmartigan in Willow Episode 6 Recap

In particular, Kit and Willow were taken hostage by trolls from the Bone Reaver camp in Episode 5. They were then kept apart from the rest of the gang and imprisoned in a spiky iron cell that hangs high above a potentially bottomless hole. Although I like the idiosyncratically posh voices of the trolls, their costumes and makeup could use some work.

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However, their lair, which I’m sure was brought to life by a computer, is exactly how you’d imagine trolls to live, complete with rickety wooden bridges, buckets on chains, magma fissures, and screams of torment. A chatty man with an eyepatch who initially claimed to be Madmartigan but is actually Christian Slater is imprisoned next to Kit and Willow.

His real name, as we soon discover, is Allagash, and he was a member of the hunting team that Madmartigan took with him when Queen Sorsha ordered him to locate the Kymerian Cuirass. Since he has been impersonating Val Kilmer for so long, it is obvious from his duplicity that Madmartigan will play some sort of role in this episode, if not entirely.

Madmartigan in Willow Episode 6 Ending Explained
Madmartigan in Willow Episode 6 Ending Explained

He does so in a sense at the conclusion, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Boorman’s account of Madmartigan’s treachery, according to Allagash, was technically accurate, but Boorman was the one who did it. Kit and Willow are forced to work with him to orchestrate an escape while Boorman, Graydon, Elora, Jade, and Scorpia try to organize a rescue.

Now, granted, a man pretending to be someone else while languishing in troll prison isn’t the most trustworthy. Boorman makes a comically unreliable leader as he tries to guide the group through passages he can’t remember while dodging trolls he didn’t actually kill. Keep in mind that he originally claimed to have “slaughtered” all the trolls during his escape from Skellig, which the flashbacks at the time proved he was lying about.

Because of her fear of heights as well as the fact that she and Cherlindrea’s Wand respond negatively to the boiling pools of the amber elixir that the Withered Crone has taught the crones to create in exchange for their services, Elora likewise struggles greatly with the surroundings.

The liquid appears to be the same chemical that was leaking out of Ballantine and Gradyon when they were in her control, and she is essentially keeping them all high on the substance so they comply with her orders. In other words, the items are essential to how the Crone does business.

Madmartigan in Willow Episode 6 Ending Explained

Willow, Kit, Jade, Boorman, Graydon, and Elora travel to a frozen lake in the last minutes of “Willow,” Episode 6. The Mines collapse once more as a result of Elora’s disorganized thoughts, and stalactite fragments fall onto the lake’s surface. But now for the problem. The lake’s surface cracks and regenerates, encasing anything that falls beneath it. And it all comes to pass.

Elora and Kit are arguing verbally when Kit stumbles into the water and becomes stranded. Everyone makes an effort to break the surface, but it is unsuccessful. When Elora discovers the wand, she allegedly saves Kit from drowning by using her magical abilities for good.

When Airk returns to Immemorial City, he realizes there is no way out since no matter which direction he turns, he always ends up where he began. Despite this, he commits a serious error. He sips from a well that contains orange liquid to relieve his thirst (because he has been traveling in circles for so long).

Yes, the orange liquid resembles the substances the trolls are creating, suggesting that Airk will eventually get corrupted and used as the Gales’ or the Crone’s pawn. A little while later, Lili, a girl, asks Airk whether he’s going to set her free.

The topic of choice that is brought up in front of Scorpia, Jade, Kit, and Elora is, in my opinion, the episode’s most intriguing part from a conceptual standpoint. Jade ultimately had to decide between the Bone Reavers and Kit in the case of Scorpia and Jade. Jade’s biological family is the Bone Reavers, but she adores Kit and was raised to be devoted to Queen Sorsha and Tir Asleen.

Jade has no recollection of Kael or Scorpia, and everything associated with Tir Asleen has created her very being. So, making a decision is difficult. But as Scorpia noted, the Bone Reavers and Tir Asleen cannot coexist, so Jade will eventually have to choose a decision. Maybe they can, too. The future? It’s a little complex in Kit and Elora’s situation.

Kit believes that Madmartigan has devoted a significant portion of his life to making sure Elora is secure. She also believes that her father is trying to find a long-term solution to Elora’s protection while he is imprisoned in some hellish dimension. Kit believes that Madmartigan has consistently put Elora ahead of Kit, and she despises her for it.

It is clear that Elora is not to fault for it as she did not choose this life. But perhaps by rescuing Kit from the lake, she will also prevent her misgivings about Elora and herself from drowning.

Madmartigan in Willow Episode 6 Trailer

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Last Lines

Released in 1988, this fantasy adventure film has been a cult classic ever since its release thanks to the efforts of George Lucas of Star Wars fame, who served as executive producer with director Ron Howard. Warwick Davis’s iconic performance as the film’s namesake has earned him a lot of praise.

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