Big Scarr Responds To Gucci Mane Funeral Donation Evidence

The controversy about how much Gucci Mane paid for Big Scarr’s burial arrangements is still being discussed online. The $20,000 Guwop delivered to the funeral home for the Memphis rapper’s funeral, according to Scarr’s sister, was insufficient.

Big Scarr’s sister, Alexandra Woods, posted a message on Instagram on Monday (January 9) in response to Gucci Mane’s wife sharing evidence that the 1017 Global CEO spent $10,000 on Scarr’s funeral expenses and an additional $10,000 on flowers.

In an apparent response to Keyshia Ka’oir’s evidence, Woods said on Live, “That 10K ain’t help with nothing but obituaries and flowers, boo.” “My sibling is worth over $10,000.” She said, “Gucci sent $10,000. “And someone from a different team.

Big Scarr
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In the end, it cost $20,000. And the blossoms are not coming. I could care less what anyone says. In any case, the funeral is being covered. That pathetic sum of money. Because of this, we said he wasn’t helpful. That was insufficient. Overall, it cost $60K to bury my brother.”

On Sunday, Big Scarr associate Quezz Ruthless and other family members started to criticize Gucci Mane online, which set off the drama (January 8). In an Instagram Live video, Quezz asserted, “Those folks contacted your phone to ask whether you were going to pay for the funeral, but you blocked them.”

“That is not true. That’s not really about God. That is not right. Your attempt to appear sincere. You mentioned some “Love Live him” in your post on Scarr. You have nothing to do.” You won’t be getting those chains back, said Quezz. “The chains are not available. You cannot possibly be giving them chains. No way can happen.

Please, hurry up. You’re drunk, buddy. Suppose we were going to let that go? No. It’s done now. You performed. And we don’t need your cash to cover the cost of his funeral. Either way, he would be laid to rest.

Simply put, you are expected to be his CEO. And while you were meant to be this, that, and the other, you lied. How can you possibly feel yourself?”

In a Facebook post, Alexandra appeared to support Quezz’s allegations regarding the chains. She is shown in the image sporting one of the 1017 chains. “BRING IT BACK IN BLOOD! I GOT TS #LLSTANK FUCK THE RAP GAME FROM MY BROTHER, “She wrote in the post’s caption.

The claims were halted by Gucci Mane’s crew and his wife, Keyshia Ka’oir Davis. An Atlanta rapper’s representative told XXL: “It’s false what is being said here. Gucci Mane gave the burial home a direct payment of $20,000 for Scarr’s funeral.”

Ka’oir later revealed receipts from an Instagram post that showed a total of $20,000 had been delivered to the Memphis funeral parlor N.J. Ford & Sons Funeral.

Big Scarr passed away on December 22, 2022, at the age of 22, after supposedly accidentally overdosing on drugs.

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