IShowSpeed is Alive and Well, Shooting Rumors Exposed

A video of IShowSpeed being arrested while he was live streaming went viral on social media, and some people thought he had been shot. But these stories are not true. He is still alive and well.

Over the years, the YouTuber’s number of followers has grown by showing live streams of him playing different games online. He was also banned from YouTube not too long ago. Now, a video of him with the police that went viral seems to have gotten him into trouble again.

Who is IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr., is a YouTuber and streamer with a channel that has 10.5 million social media followers.

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He is from Cincinnati, Ohio. Since he started streaming himself playing games, he has gotten a lot of attention. Since then, he has taken on a number of challenges and worked with other gamers on some of them.

He is also very active on other platforms like Instagram, where he has more than two million followers. He also makes videos for TikTok, which entertains his followers.

Why Everyone Thought He Was Dead After Being Shot?

The same video made the rumors about IShowSpeed being killed start to spread online. In a video that was uploaded to his YouTube channel.

The video shows the YouTuber being handcuffed while a group of police officers stands around him or her. But it’s hard to tell if the video is real or not.

As the video goes on, the police tell the man with the camera to stop filming. As the story goes on, we can see that the camera is now facing down.

After this, there is a sound that many people think sounds like a gunshot. The YouTuber, on the other hand, is doing fine.

The Youtuber is Alive and Well…

IShowSpeed hasn’t talked about what happened yet, but another YouTuber, Adin Ross, came forward to say that the streamer was doing well and was back home.

At the same time, Adin said that he had also been swatted, but he didn’t tell the whole story. He wrote: “I got swatted last night, very very scary. I’m okay. I love you guys. Also, the speed got swatted as well, we just got off the phone he’s okay! Sick world we live in man.”

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