Bodycam Footage Reveals Odell Beckham Jr. Remarking on a “Ugly” Flyer

Previously unseen police bodycam footage of Odell Beckham Jr.’s November drama at Miami International Airport has been published. During the roughly 45 minutes of footage, the Rams wide receiver can be heard calling the passenger “fat” and “ugly.”

Flight attendants are seen in the footage describing how the actor was unresponsive and without wearing pants when they ordered him to put on his seatbelt. Video of the incident from November 27 was released this week by the Miami-Dade Police.

It begins with cops boarding American Airlines Flight 1228 and walking up to the 30-year-old man’s first-class seat. People on the plane watch as the cops approach Beckham with interest. Is it possible for you to stand up, sir? Excuse me, but would you please get up?

Is everything all right?” the officer said. Beckham sits bolt awake, looks bewildered, and claimed he was “probably in a deep sleep” while the police officers explain their presence. After questioning Beckham, the police gave him the go light, but the flight attendants fought back, saying he wasn’t wearing pants (even though he was) and that he smelled like alcohol.

Bodycam Footage Reveals Odell Beckham Jr. Remarking on a "Ugly" Flyer
Bodycam Footage Reveals Odell Beckham Jr. Remarking on a “Ugly” Flyer

A female attendant asks the police, “Do you know how many times we’ve shaken him to put the seatbelt on?” Repeatedly, with various individuals. Flight attendant: “This is a five-hour flight, he shouldn’t be doing this,” adding that Beckham told one of them he had been out clubbing the night before.

He’s exhausted, the police said. The flight crew and the captain all wanted him off the plane as soon as possible, calling him “belligerent and non-compliant.” Beckham continues to stand firm even when the captain approaches him.

Passengers are forced to leave the plane as a result of his conduct, and the airport employees can be overheard discussing the famous football player. The question, “Can I obtain his signature?” is posed. Beckham begins to confront passengers and apologise as the decision to remove them from the plane is announced.

A passenger in first class starts an uprising by saying, “Just get off the plane,” and the rest of the passengers soon join in. Beckham retorts, “F*ck you,” to his critics. Beckham tells the police officer, “I’ve never had something like this happen to me before.” The following flight is offered to him, but he declines.

Police warn that they will have to disembark everyone on the plane before they can let you go. Beckham says, “That’s fine” in response. A fellow passenger, whom Beckham mocks by stating, “you can gaze at me all you want,” responds by telling him to “just get off the plane” as they disembark.

Beckham, getting in close, says, “There’s nothing you can ever say, ever. You represent all that is flawed in our planet. For your sake, I want you to look at me when the plane descends so that I can help you exit the aircraft. For you, in particular, I would never, ever leave the plane.

Maybe I would leave the plane with the rest of the passengers. None of that nonsense has any bearing on my life. When you get home in 40 minutes, I’ll be taking a private plane. You bet your fat arse on it. Get off the plane immediately. On your drive home, “enjoy the cheese board with your ugly ass.”

He then addresses the other travellers on board, saying, “Got life twisted up, I’m sorry. Really, all you had to do was wake me up. Later, when he is by himself on the plane, he can be heard saying: “Then a white dude then gon’ stare at me, talking about, ‘just get off the plane.'”

Bodycam Footage Reveals Odell Beckham Jr. Remarking on a "Ugly" Flyer
Bodycam Footage Reveals Odell Beckham Jr. Remarking on a “Ugly” Flyer

This proves my argument about not wanting to leave the f*cking plane, you b*tch. “This is so absurd it’s unbelievable.” He then makes a specific request of the police: “The white man, with the red shirt on, please not allow me to walk by him.” Just that, please. Later, law enforcement warns him, “Don’t slip on that brother.”

Eventually, the police comfort him, telling him it’s coming “from a place of love” to calm him down. The acclaim and cheers start as soon as he is brought off the plane and into the airport among the sea of waiting guests. No criminal charges were brought against Beckham.

A business class traveller named Carlos Gauna told The Daily Beast, “He was virtually the last passenger off the plane.” Eventually, everyone was permitted back on the plane, and we were able to take off. An “overzealous flight attendant,” according to Daniel Davillier, Beckham’s counsel.

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