Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained: What is the Key to Saving Hinata’s Life?

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained: In the opening “It is what it is” episode of “Tokyo Revengers” season 2 or “Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown,” Kazutora saves Takemichi from being shot dead like Chifuyu. Kazutora saves him, but he is not at all pleased with the current situation of the Tokyo Manji Gang because it has sided with Black Dragon and turned corrupt.

Takemichi learns more about the new timeline thanks to the conversation, but when he encounters Naoto, he is jailed for murder. Here’s everything you need to know about Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown,” the first episode of season 2. Spoilers follow.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Kisaki switches his attention to Takemichi and accuses him of betraying him after killing Chifuyu. Then he strikes Takemichi with a leg shot. Takemichi finds himself near a river with his leg broken when he later opens his eyes. Although it turns out that Kazutora has saved him, he admits that his true motivation was to save Chifuyu.

Kazutora expresses his disappointment that Toman has lost its way and reminds Takemichi of the new era of hoodlums they all once fantasized about in no uncertain terms. Unfortunately, Toman has been corrupted by money and is no longer what it once aspired to be. Prior to his passing, Chifuyu discussed changing Toman back to how it once was when Kazutora met him.

Unfortunately, he had been fighting alone the entire time and had no faith that Takemichi would be of any assistance. When Takemichi seeks to find out the causes of Toman’s corruption, Kazutora admits that Mikey is to blame for how things have developed. He is unable to return to normal because of the corrupting influences of the Black Dragon’s wealth and Kisaki’s savagery.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained

After a lengthy conversation during their trip, Kazutora pulls over and signals for Takemichi to exit the vehicle. He informs him that someone is standing by in the next alley. Takemichi appears joyful when he recognizes Naoto but becomes surprised when he is placed in custody and charged with murder. Later, Naoto meets with him in private to talk about what transpired.

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With each alteration Takemichi made in the past, he confesses that his timeline was drastically altered. Naoto is still a police officer, but Takemichi rose through the ranks at Toman. Unfortunately, the adjustments were insufficient to save Hinata, who was once again murdered by Atsushi Sendo on August 10. The search for evidence against Kisaki was then taken up by Naoto, Chifuyu, and Kazutora.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained
Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained

He then plays a few videos that Chifuyu covertly shot and kept hidden from Takemichi. In one of those, Takemichi commands Atsushi Sendo to murder a person without knowing who they are. All he knows is that Toman has found the individual annoying, hence he wants them to die.

In a different video, Takemichi can be seen cursing and smashing furniture as he regrets giving Atsushi the orders that allegedly caused Hinata to die. Those tapes were in Chifuyu’s hands, but he kept them a secret in order to protect Takemichi. Understandably upset by what he has learned, Takemichi stoops to his knees.

Naoto tries to console him as he sobs by saying that he is probably being used by others. Takemichi no longer wants to continue because the outcomes have typically been the same in the end. At that point, Naoto reminds him that it is only because of him that he is alive.

He contends that they were able to learn so many thanks to his efforts, and even though Hinata keeps dying in every timeline, at least they have advanced.

What is the Key to Saving Hinata’s Life?

Takemichi is eventually calmed down by Naoto, who then shares an intriguing perspective on their current predicament. He says that despite their best attempts, Kisaki always gets his way and Hinata keeps dying for some reason. Naoto is no longer of the opinion that this is merely a coincidence, which leaves only one conclusion.

It’s likely that Kisaki is fixated on Hinata and Takemichi. Given that Kisaki had hailed him as his hero before attempting to kill him, this makes logical sense. Naoto informs Takemichi that this is the last opportunity to go back in time because he is about to be transported to the detention facility.

Takemichi concurs, and after being sent into the past, he meets Hinata when they are bowling. He observes that Hakkai Shiba is actually playing next to him after his fourth straight stroke.

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