Lake Elsinore Shooting Kills Riverside Sheriff’s Deputy Darnell Calhoun, Suspect Captured

On Friday afternoon in Lake Elsinore, Deputy Darnell Calhoun of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department was shot and killed. The shooting happened around 4:30 p.m. in the 18500 block of Hilldale Lane, the police say.

Deputies were sent to the scene because of a report of domestic violence over a child custody dispute. The deputy was in bad shape and had to be rushed to Inland Valley Medical Center.

At about 6:45 p.m., it was said that the deputy was getting shots for the wounds he got when he was shot. He may have been shot in the leg and the middle.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said that 30-year-old deputy Calhoun had died at 7:55 p.m. After two years with the San Diego Police Department, Calhoun joined RSO in February 2022.

He leaves behind a wife who is pregnant. “There is not one person with one negative thing to say about him,” said Sheriff Chad Biancoย during a press conference.

“He was the most cheerful, the most positive, the most wholesome good man you can imagine. Now a father, a mother, a wife and us, are trying to figure out why.”

Sheriff Bianco says that Calhoun was the first deputy to get to the scene of the crime. Between the time he got there and the time a second deputy got there, there was a shooting, and when the second deputy got there, he found Calhoun lying in the street with multiple gunshot wounds. Bianco said that they didn’t know what happened before the suspect shot Calhoun.

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The suspect and the second deputy got into a shootout at that point. The suspect was also shot during the incident. He was taken to the same hospital and is said to be in critical condition. There was no more information about who the suspect was.

Outside the house where the shooting happened, there was a large group of police, including a Bearcat. Deputies said they were cleaning up the house and that the incident, which had been going on for a while, was over at about 6:15 p.m.

This is the second time in less than three weeks that an RSO deputy has been killed in a shooting. On December 29, Deputy Isaiah Cordero was killed in Jurupa Valley.

After the news of Calhoun’s death was made public, dozens of RSO deputies, California Highway Patrol officers, and Calhoun’s former colleagues from the San Diego Police Department went to the hospital.

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