Where to Watch Love Island UK Season 9?

To tide you over until the return of the show’s summer flagship later this year, Love Island is back this winter with a brand-new season full of drama, romance, and vacation vibes. Of course, even before its January return, winter Love Island gained notice for several alterations to the game — particularly, keeping competitors offline while they’re taking part in the program.

Participating “Islanders” would be requested to “suspend handles and accounts on their social media platforms for the length of their participation on the program,” ITV said in a statement. Everyone who knows them has been asked to refrain from blogging on their behalf while their favorite contenders are in the Villa. However, you may still get to know the roster of participants before the program.

Where to Watch Love Island UK Season 9
Where to Watch Love Island UK Season 9

How to Watch Love Island UK Season 9?

You can watch Love Island: UK on Hulu in the United States, albeit Season 9 won’t arrive until a bit later. If past years offer any indication, Hulu will start removing episodes around two weeks after the UK season premieres. It follows that the first episode will be released on January 30, and subsequent episodes will be released daily.

Hulu’s on-demand subscriptions start at $7.99 a month (or $14.99 a month to exclude ads), and these are all you need to watch Love Island UK. That’s after taking advantage of Hulu’s extremely generous free trial. You may save money each month by bundling Hulu and Disney+ for just $9.99.

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How to Watch Love Island Uk From Anywhere?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a UK citizen living or working abroad; you’ll be able to watch Love Island UK just as if you were at home. While ITVX is only accessible from UK-based IP addresses, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can mask your true location and allow you to access geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world.

Those living in the United States who are British nationals may watch ITVX just like they do at home by subscribing to a VPN service, connecting to a server in the United Kingdom, and then watching the channel’s full catalog from abroad.

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Final Verdict

The new season of Love Island, the hit British reality program, is premiering this winter to keep you entertained until the return of the show’s summer flagship later this year. Even before its January return, the winter edition of Love Island made headlines for a number of rule changes, most notably the prohibition on contestants from using any electronic devices during filming.

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