Did Michael Clarke Get Plastic Surgery Because of Skin Cancer?

The Australian cricketers occasionally take over the headlines for reasons that are unrelated to cricket, in addition to being in the news for all the ability and talents they have been showcasing on a cricket field for decades.

The most recent celebrity to grab attention is former Australian captain Michael Clarke, whose video has gone popular on social media for, to put it mildly, humiliating reasons.

The main talking points in the hazy footage include Clarke being seen shirtless, getting slapped by his girlfriend Jade Yarbrough, who accuses the latter of cheating, Clarke denying the accusations, being seen limping, etc.

Michael Clarke plastic surgery
Michael Clarke plastic surgery

It is important to note that Clarke’s relationship with Yarbrough just recently came to light when the two began going out together, a few years after the former star cricketer divorced former model Kylie Clarke.

The 41-year-old is now accused of cheating on his fiancée with his ex-partner, Pip Edwards, just a few months into what was meant to be a new beginning in terms of a romantic relationship.

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Michael Clarke’s Plastic Surgery

When the famous couple’s relationship appeared to be on the right track and a year before Clarke and Kyly’s separation, the former stated that he had undergone surgery to remove cancer from his face.

The following post refers to Clarke’s third surgery while playing baseball since receiving a skin cancer diagnosis in 2006. The Australian media reports that following his retirement from international cricket in 2015, the 41-year-old has been diagnosed with three distinct non-melanoma tumors.

Did Skin Cancer Cause Michael Clarke to Have Plastic Surgery?

Besides a few operations, Clarke has not had any plastic surgery while facing cancer. The captain of the World Cup-winning team has also been promoting awareness of skin cancer, which is brought on by exposure to UV rays from the sun.

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Last Lines

Did Michael Clarke undergo plastic surgery due to skin cancer? The short answer is no. Besides a few operations, Clarke has not received plastic surgery while battling cancer. What do you believe about him? Please leave a comment in the box provided below. Must Follow us on Leedaily.com for more latest updates.

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