What Are The Best Entertainment Options Available In New Jersey?

New Jersey and New York are so close and somehow so far

New Jersey’s famous neighbor New York might overshadow it when it comes to world fame, but it should not be written off. It has plenty of entertainment options to offer visitors. New Jersey has some of the finest coastlines that America’s Eastern Seaboard can offer. In addition, it is dripping in history.

Did you know that the Statue of Liberty is in New Jersey?

Ellis Island and Liberty island might be in New York’s territorial jurisdiction, but they are in New Jersey’s water.

New York is famed for its nightlife. Jersey City and Atlantic City can boast a fine night-time economy too. It is not a competition, and each state has its sense of self. It is worth remembering that Garden State has its fair share of entertainment options and fun activities. Those activities are sometimes more laid-back than those in the Big Apple.

Atlantic City

It is impossible to talk about entertainment options in New Jersey and not start with Atlantic City. The city is sometimes called the Vegas of the east coast. There is no denying that it does not have the variety of acts that Sin City offers. However, there’s still an endless list of things to occupy your time. Although Atlantic City is primarily famous for its brick-and-mortar casinos, there is a good selection of New Jersey online casinos on offer too. Moreover, you can take a stroll along the boardwalk, take your pick from some top clubs at night and enjoy the sea views and beaches during the day.

The sea, with its rollers, is hard to resist. You can do so safely along the Jersey shore in the summer months. The Atlantic City Beach Patrol Lifeguards will keep an eye out for you whether you are on a surfboard, bodyboard, or just taking a dip. Sea swimming is not something you can do in Vegas, so this is a special attraction of the area.

While the city is the epicenter for East Coast gambling, it also has plenty of other activities to engage visitors. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has the gaming tables and slot machines you would expect. However, it has so much more. They offer a fun event program, including a Jazz Festival, Club Nights, and even sushi rolling classes.

Jersey City

Jersey City sits on the banks of the Hudson River. You can get amazing views across Manhattan from the Jersey waterfront here. Jersey City has a superb selection of bars, restaurants, and grassy parks for picnic or outdoor activities. This is a place to indulge yourself with gastronomic delights. The Old Town and the pedestrianized Newark Avenue area are full of the best eateries.

It is the most diverse of cities, and this is reflected in the range of food on offer. You can eat yourself around the globe and back again. Alphabetically speaking, you can go from Africa and Argentina through France, Germany, and Poland to find yourself in Thailand and Vietnam by way of Mexico and Korea. You can try every world cuisine in this relatively small space.

There is an excellent choice of dining experiences, from street food stalls to some high-end establishments. If you are entertained by food, you have come to the right place.

Come for July 4th and Juneteenth

If music is your chosen passion, then Liberty State Park on July 4th and Juneteenth is a harmonious places to visit. The park is filled with temporary stages and hosts a wide selection of live music.

It gives a whole new spin to the words park life. As with many New Jersey places, you also get superb waterfront views. While in the park, visit Liberty Island and the Ellis Island museums. You can also take a stroll along the old riverside and see the historic train and ferry terminals.

Tuckerton Seaport Museum

If you enjoy nautical entertainment, make sure you do not miss out on a day at Tuckerton Seaport Museum. It is a living museum that brings to life the world of the bay men and women. Discover stories of the boat makers and clam collectors. This museum interprets the rich maritime history and heritage of New Jersey.

It is an immersive experience, and there are also scheduled activities to choose from. These include yoga classes on the dock or a chance to climb the lighthouse. For those who like to get on the water, there are plenty of ferry trips to keep you entertained.

Surf & Sip Brew Trail

The Surf and Sip brew trail combines a delightful combination of entertainment activities. You can try out paddle boarding and surfing while tasting a selection of delicious craft beers. This happens around Long Beach Island. The area has become home to a rising number of surfers, artisans, and craft breweries. There is a Surf and Sip Brew Trail map and app. It is not intended to be a pub crawl; quite the opposite, in fact.

This is an experience you can indulge in fully or dip in and out as you, please. The people behind it say it is a unique way to experience Jersey culture. As well as visiting craft breweries and taprooms, you can meet local producers and catch the surf museum as you make your way along the route.

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