Elder Scrolls 6 Will Be Affected by Avowed’s Newly Speculated 2024 Release?

A new rumor says that people could start playing Avowed as early as the second quarter of 2024. This means that, like Skyrim, the game will have been in development for six years before it comes out.

It also means that the game could come out a lot sooner than the much-anticipated Fable 4 and Elder Scrolls 6. With the release of Elden Ring, it’s clear that people still like role-playing games with big, open worlds full of things to find and places to go.

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, Avowed is said to have a world that is even bigger than Skyrim’s. With the release of Avowed in mind, it’s possible that it will affect other open-world role-playing games that are coming out around the same time.

Avowed’s Release and Possible Repercussions

Speculation about when Avowed will come out could mean that games with similar release dates will be pushed back. In the history of video games, there have been times when big studio releases completely overshadowed other games because they got so much attention.

Developers have taken this into account, making sure to avoid these dates and pick the best one to release their games. For example, independent studios like Nine Dot Studios were afraid that Elden Ring would completely overshadow Outward and stop people from playing it.

Some video games are just so good that the online gaming community can’t stop talking about them for weeks. Fable and The Elder Scrolls 6 are two games that could be affected by Avowed’s release date.

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All three games have the same style: they are all fantasy RPGs set in the Middle Ages with magic and monsters. Even though each game has its own style, having similar release dates may hurt the sales of each.

The company that made Fable 4, Playground Games, could fall into this trap if it is not careful. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed, many people think that Fable 4 will come out in 2024.

All of these RPGs are highly anticipated, so Fable 4 could be pushed back so that it doesn’t come out at the same time as Avowed and instead comes out at a better time.

The same thing could also happen with Avowed if Fable 4’s official release date comes out first. In the past, though, there have been instances of AAA titles sharing tight release dates. Rise of the Tomb Raider came out the same day as Fallout 4, which wasn’t a good sign.

Elder Scrolls 6 Affected by Avowed's Newly 2024 Release
Elder Scrolls 6 Affected by Avowed’s Newly 2024 Release

Elder Scrolls 6 is much less likely to be affected by an Avowed release date of 2024. Todd Howard has said that Elder Scrolls 6 won’t come out for years, which is a big reason why.

This could change, though, if Obsidian Entertainment plans to put out DLC for the game around the time that Elder Scrolls 6 comes out. Even then, this probably wouldn’t happen because Microsoft owns both Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda Studios.

The companies probably talk to each other in some way to make sure that their release dates don’t clash. It’s currently unclear whether Avowed’s release will have a favorable or negative impact on Microsoft’s other offerings.

At this time, all we have to go on are speculations and, possibly, screenshots taken within the actual game of Avowed. It’s even possible that other AAA games will get more attention than Avowed.

Avowed is a PC and Xbox Series X/S exclusive currently under development… Let us know if you think Avowed will be a boon or a bane for Microsoft’s other offerings when it finally hits the market.

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