Monterey Park Mass Shooting… Kills 9 During Lunar New Year Festival

Sgt. Bob Boese of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told the Associated Press Sunday morning that a mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, on Saturday night killed at least nine people and hurt many more. People were getting together to celebrate the Lunar New Year when the shooting happened.

Photos and videos on the app Citizen, which lets people report crimes in their area, show that there was a lot of police in the 120 block of West Garvey Avenue in Monterey Park, a city in Los Angeles County.

Several police cars were seen blocking an open area between a bank and a Chinese grocery store called TS Emporium. Saturday night, W Garvey Avenue was full of places to eat, shop, and have fun.

Listened to the news lately? Here are some more shootings that have been reported:

The Monterey Park Fire Department told Fox News Digital that there was a mass shooting, but they couldn’t say for sure how many people were hurt. Monterey police haven’t said anything about the shooting yet, but they said there will be a news conference at 7 a.m. PST.

A Citizen user said that the shooting also hurt 16 people. The same thing was said by a Twitter account that listens to the local police scanner: 16 people were hurt. Officials in the area have not confirmed these numbers.

Boese said that a shooter is a man, but he didn’t say anything else that would help identify him. Saturday night, many people gathered in the city to celebrate the Lunar New Year and the “Year of the Rabbit.”

According to the Monterey Park city government website, the Lunar New Year festival features “vendors offering unique gifts and specialty items, food booths with various types of delectable items, amusement rides, and lots of live entertainment.”

The festival began Saturday morning and had “different kinds of entertainment,” according to its website. And: “A carnival fun zone will be featured in parking lots at the corner of Garvey and Lincoln Avenues.”

It also said that in the past, Lunar New Year events in Monterey Park had crowds of over 100,000 people per day from all over Southern California.

Final Lines

Nine people were killed and many more were injured at a Lunar New Year celebration in California. The Monterey Park Fire Department reported a shooting but did not know how many people were injured… In the comments, please share your thoughts on the rising frequency of mass shootings.

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