Stephen Colbert Criticized Don Lemon’s Hoodie Attire on CNN

Don Lemon took exception to Stephen Colbert’s jokes about how he dressed for work and responded by drawing parallels between himself and Zelensky, Obama, and Trayvon Martin.

The news anchor, who currently leads the morning show “CNN This Morning,” seemed irritated that the “Late Show” host went in on him on national TV Thursday night, making light of a hoodie-suit DL wore that morning on the broadcast.

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Colbert made a pointed joke about Don’s outfit, exclaiming, “As a wise man once said, ‘What the f*** is that?'”¬†¬†While Don was in the midst of an interview with a guest, he made fun of him and told him he had some explaining to do.

Stephen Colbert Criticized Don Lemon's Hoodie Attire on CNN
Stephen Colbert Criticized Don Lemon’s Hoodie Attire on CNN

It looks like Don wasn’t in the mood to chuckle at this. Instead, he responded with a severe tone, claiming that SC had revealed his real colors, and then launching into a lengthy monologue about the evolution of the customary dress code.

He claims that the epidemic has turned business casual on its head and that he was specifically instructed by his superiors at CNN to dress more casually on Thursday.

We’re having an intriguing conversation. Colbert’s comments seemed to be in fun, but Lemon appears to think there’s more to the story. Furthermore, DL might start wearing his hoodies again after this.

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