DJ Mustard Divorce: Chanel McFarlane Discloses for the First Time

Chanel McFarlane (née Thierry), whose husband lasted less than two years, was hit with a divorce petition at the beginning of the month. The 19-year-old DJ and producer Dijon Isaiah McFarlane, better known as DJ Mustard, was supposedly her longtime boyfriend. Both had been engaged for two years before the 2020 wedding ceremony. Chanel recently opened out about her feelings about her ex-decision husband filing for divorce after their marriage ended badly.

Chanel McFarlane Says She’s Saddened by the End of her Relationship with DJ Mustard

The 30-year-old actress thanked her supporters for their support and spoke up about how she was feeling following the breakup in a statement posted to her Instagram account (@chaneldijon).

As she put it in her letter, “Thank you for the kind words, thoughts, and prayers. Anyone that followed me or knows me personally knows my family means the world to me.”

The Instagram sensation wrote,  “I’ve dedicated 12 loyal years and it is more than heartbreaking to see things end.”

As the new month began, The Blast was the first to report that DJ Mustard had filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Courts. Mustard has asked for shared custody of their three children with the former partner. The children’s ages are unknown.

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DJ Mustard Divorce

DJ Mustard Divorce

All of the couple’s assets and debts will be divided according to the terms of their prenuptial agreement, which will also set the parameters for any spousal support payments. On the other hand, Mustard has a much larger net worth with royalties than Chanel does, therefore child support will likely be based on the couple’s income split.

DJ nevertheless wanted his “jewelry and other personal effects” to be treated as his separate and personal property, along with his “earnings and accumulations…before marriage, during marriage, and from and after the date of separation.”

Sources indicate that Mustard gifted Chanel a half-million-dollar engagement ring before planning an extravagant wedding to which he invited celebrities such as Ella Mai, Joie Chavis, and Bow Wow. The record producer’s life changed drastically when he lost nearly 50 pounds around the time of their wedding.

He told his friends and family on his 30th birthday, stating he debated whether or not to update them on the big day but ultimately decided to because it was an honor to turn 30 as a “black successful guy” in the world.

Mustard made a proclamation: “Today, I’m celebrating 30 years of life! I made a promise to myself in January before lockdown that I was gonna focus more on my health, myself, get off of social media, and ignore all distractions that I didn’t need!”

Well, here I am today, 30 years old and 47 pounds down,” he announced.

At the same time, he explained that being overweight made it impossible to get dressed in the luxury ensembles he fancied. He said he’d like to be in peak physical condition so that he can keep up with his young son as he runs around the house.

The Le Rêve Hair Collection Founder Felt Honored To Be Married To The “10 Summers” Star Despite the brief duration of Chanel and Mustard’s union, marriage seemed to have suited them just perfectly based on the fascinating details of their wedding ceremony published by Bossip.

Their wedding day was picture perfect, with the L.A.-based social media icon wearing a breathtaking white dress with a high slit and her then-husband donning a brown suit with a white undershirt and a black bow tie.

DJ Mustard Divorce
DJ Mustard Divorce

The celebration, which was held in a picturesque backyard, reportedly had a small guest list due to the pandemic. Chanel’s close friend Joie Chavis posted an eye-catching photo to Instagram of Chanel during the wedding, dressed all in black and white and surrounded by candles.

Contrarily, a video posted on Instagram shows Mustard’s artist Ella Mai having the time of her life at a wedding party. The 30-year-old has already discussed how amazing Mustard’s unexpected proposal and their lengthy love story were.

She had known the record company executive since she was 16, and they eventually started dating some three years later. Chanel continued her gushing by saying how happy she was to start a new chapter in her life and how thankful she was to have the opportunity to spend the rest of her life with Mustard.

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