Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney’s Relationship History: When They Met?

His staunchest ally. The relationship between Mark Ruffalo and his wife, Sunrise Coigney, dating back to the late 1990s, has only strengthened over time.

They crossed paths in 1998 while strolling around Los Angeles with a familiar acquaintance, who the Avengers actor thought could have had a thing for Coigney.

“I don’t think he wanted us to meet,” he recalled to Men’s Journal of meeting his wife in May 2013. “But I saw her and was like, ‘I’m going to marry that girl.’”

Ruffalo was a struggling actor living in a converted garage at the time of their first encounter, and he had neither a driver’s license nor a credit card. The native of Louisiana had confidence in her future partner’s abilities despite his lack of success.

“She was like, ‘I know you’re a really good actor,’ and I was like, ‘You haven’t really seen me act yet.’ And she was like, ‘I just know it, I can tell,’” he recalled in the 2013 interview.

The couple wed in 2000 after two years of dating. After a year of marriage, the actor from 13 Going on 30 received a brain tumor diagnosis that necessitated surgery. Coigney was expecting their first kid at the time.

“When these things happen, you sort of remember your religion a little bit,” Ruffalo opened up about his health scare to the Acoustic Neuroma Association in 2013. “I was praying and bargaining with God … I said, ‘Please, don’t take my face and don’t take my life because without my face I can’t really support my family, and [without] my life, I definitely can’t support my family.’”

The procedure was successful, and the couple gave birth to their son Keen in 2001. Bella and Odette, daughters of Ruffalo and Coigney, were added to the family in 2005 and 2007, respectively.

Ruffalo told Us Weekly that when his children grew older, they thought his career was “cool,” but that didn’t convert to parental responsibilities.

“They’re like, ‘You’re not that cool,’” the Spotlight actor said in 2015 “‘They’re like, ‘Big woop, dad. I want to see you angry.’ That’s what they say to me. ‘I’m going to get you angry.’”

Two decades after they wed, the She-Hulk star penned a touching tribute to his wife and mother of his three children. “To My Hero. Always holding it all together,” Ruffalo wrote via Instagram in May 2020. “A fierce advocate for her kids, always on point no matter how tough it gets. Happy Mother’s Day, Sunny. It isn’t easy being a Mom and one day a year isn’t close to enough to celebrate how much work it is and how grateful we should be. We love you, SunnyMom. Thank you for all you do. Happy Mother’s Day.”

When Ruffalo almost won a Golden Globe the following year for his performance in the miniseries I Know This Much is True, his family was by his side. The Marvel actor honored his family during his statement.

“[They] let me go off and bring these crazy people home and they have to live with [them] all these years,” Ruffalo gushed. “Thank you, guys.”

For a timeline of Ruffalo and Coigney’s relationship, scroll down:


While out on a stroll in Los Angeles, Ruffalo and Coigney unintentionally ran into each other. Following his encounter with the 100 Center Street actress, Ruffalo was confident he would “marry that girl.”

June 2000

They were married after two years of dating.

June 2001

They welcomed their first kid, son Keen, into the world a year after marriage.

Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney's Relationship History
Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney’s Relationship History

May 2005

Ruffalo and Coigney welcomed their daughter, Bella.

October 2007

The couple completed their family when they welcomed daughter Odette as their third child.

September 2014

While at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Now You See Me actor posted a charming selfie of him and his wife.

“Me and my Queen. #TIFF14,” he captioned the pic.


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January 2016

Ruffalo and his wife captured a nice photo of themselves while taking a short stroll in the snow.

“With the misses taking a stroll in a blizzard,” he penned.


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November 2017

He grabbed the opportunity to express his gratitude for his partner on the actor from Dark Water’s birthday.

“Thank you for such a great birthday, partner,” he wrote via Instagram. “You are my greatest gift. Love for life.”


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February 2019

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Ruffalo uploaded a photo of himself and the creator of Sunny’s Pop.

“My Sweet Valentine, @sunnyspop_retail 💕” he captioned the photo.


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February 2020

The two took a selfie in the car before hitting the red carpet at the Oscars.

“On our way 😊 #Oscars,” Ruffalo wrote.


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March 2021

Coigney and their three kids were by Ruffalo’s side as he accepted his prize from their living room as the Golden Globes went virtual. He thanked his family in his address for their love and support throughout his professional life.

“[They] let me go off and bring these crazy people home and they have to live with [them] all these years,” he gushed. “Thank you, guys.”.

September 2021

On his Instagram page, Ruffalo wrote a heartfelt ode to Coigney in honor of his wife’s birthday.

“Happy Birthday to you, my friend, partner, lover. I am so grateful for you,” he gushed. “ It’s been an honor to know you and be with you [through] the years of our lives, you grow more beautiful, remarkable, and exciting with every turning of our world. Happy, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”


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